Author: Paula

The new neighbors

Well I had new neighbors move in the house next to mine. They were older married couple in there 60’s. Well I was very open to them about when we met. After a couple of weeks... # # #

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Crossdresser for daddy

Yes I am a crossdresser full time since I was very young and this is fantasy story I really didn’t have a dad or know him. Well it started when I was young I was completely hairless... # # # #

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Yoga fun

I was dressing as Paula full time during this time I had a wonderful female friend we shopped almost everything together. We have been doing yoga over a year together. One day she came... # #

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Getting dressed for friends

I was having a guy party at my house one night. Well I the guys that showed up knew about me being a crossdresser and completely smooth and hairless permanently except for my eyebrows... # # #

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Crossdresser and Best friend part 2

Well the rest of the day we kissed an made out. I sucked him and he licked my glued down boi virgia and gurly boi pussi hole. So this went on for a few days. We even got up the nerve... # # #

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Crossdresser an best friend

I lived in a rural area with my single mother school was mostly home schooling. Well form the time I can remember I was always feminine as long as I can remember I had my ears pierced... # # #

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