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Ellen Waites

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There was this ladder behind the gym, but it had this cage thingy over the bottom of it, so you couldn’t get up there.

Then, I caught a bunch of 6 graders climbing up. One of the boys brought a wrench, sticking out of his pocket, but then he picked a girl up on his shoulders. That made her tall enough to reach the top, and climb up, but they just stood there watching her.

She was wearing a skirt, and it was pretty long for school, but when she put a leg up to the next rung, it pulled tight

“What’s the wrench for?” I grabbed it out of his pocket before he turned around, and swung it around by the socket like a noise maker. It made a neat ringing noise all the way around.

“Give it back!” He grabbed at it, but I dodged out of the way. I’m little so I’m really good at tag, and dodgeball. Even though most boys run fast enough to catch me, if I’m quick, they can’t touch me.

I giggled, “Tell me, what do you want it for?” Then, all 3 surrounded me, and I held it in both hands, as tight as I could. One of them grabbed it in the middle, and tried yanking it out, but the other 2 had to pull my arms apart.

The girl jumped down off the ladder. “Guys, if she wants to see it so bad, why don’t we show her?” She took my hand, “Come on,” she led me back to the ladder, but I had to stand up on her shoulders to climb up.

“Don’t look at my butt,” I tried holding my dress down in the back, but then I couldn’t climb up.

“Just keep climbing.” The boy with the wrench bent over, so she could hold her skirt up, and sit on his shoulders. So, I climbed up, it was really high, but I didn’t get scared.

Then, Rachel climbed up, and held out her hand. I tried pulling her up, but she just shook it. “I’m Rachael.”

“Oh,” I let go with 1 hand, and shook it with the other. “I thought you wanted help up. I’m Ellen.”

“Like Ellen Degeneres?”

I shrugged, “She’s okay,” even though she’s gay, “She’s really funny, and dorky.” Not real pretty though. Probably why she’s gay for women, but that doesn’t explain Portia de Rossi. She’s really very pretty, and they got married, so I guess Ellen was the boy? She sure dresses like a boy.

Oh yeah, the boy with the wrench had to hold his hands together for the other boys. They stepped up, and climbed up the ladder, but that left Rachael’s boyfriend on the ground. I thought maybe the wrench was for the cage, it had a lock on one side, but a big hinge on the other side. Too bad the bolts were way too big, so he brought the wrong size wrench.

I thought he was leaving, once he gave everyone help up. (Except me, Rachael helped me up) but then he ran, jumped, and kicked the ladder cage. He just barely caught it, but by then the other 2 boys were up on the roof with us.

“Oh, I’m Ellen.” I held my hands out, for both of them to shake. “How do you do?”

“How do you do?” They both laughed.

“Like Helen Bohnam Carter?”

“No, EL EN.” 2 Ls. “No H, no A either. I think she’s actually HelenA Bohnam Carter.”

“From Fight Club?”

“I think, maybe she was in that too. Is that a Tim Burton movie? She does a lot of those with Jonny Depp, but not Pirates of the Carribean. She hasn’t done one of those yet, but she was the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland?”

I was so busy talking to the boys about movie stars, I forgot all about Rachel, and Russel. Until they dropped a metal grate with a loud crash, and Russel waved them over. “Guys, come on!”

It turns out the wrench was to unbolt the grate over a heater vent, and Rachel went first, but Russel followed her, and the other 2 pushed my shoulders. “Ladies first.”

I forgot all about them looking at my butt, and I know you can’t wait to get on with the sexy stuff, but I wasn’t even thinking about that. It was all a big adventure for me, well first there was the mystery of the wrench, and what he had it for, but then I giggled.

“It’s like Laura Croft.”

“Sh!” Russel stopped, and looked back, so I bumped head first into his butt. ‘quiet.’


“Besides,” one of the boys behind me said “It’s Lara Croft.”

“Oh yeah.” I shook my head, but I think that was Mike, because then Eric said she’s got a great ass. Meaning Lara Croft, she’s got big boobs too, but I guess if you ever played the game, you mostly get to see her back, and her hair swinging around. Oh yeah, and her Barettas on her his when she’s not shooting. It’s not really a shootemup game, but she carries them anyway, just in case.

So, it took a while to crawl quietly over to the first vent. Honestly, I heard all kinds of bangs, and thumps the whole way, but it was too echoey to tell what made them. I was thinking maybe Basketball, because it was a gym, but then Russel crawled over the vent, and Mike bumped my butt with his head. He didn’t say sorry or anything, but it turns out that today was Gymnastics practice.

It was really high, and I knew in my head that the grate was strong enough to hold me, if Russel could crawl over it. Finally, Mike pushed my butt, but he didn’t squeeze it or anything. He just whispered get a move-on quietly, so I held my breath, and nodded.

It wasn’t like the top of the ladder, or even climbing up it, because I had a ladder to hold onto, but I was brave enough to climb over, and look back. Eric pushed Mike over, even though it was tight in there, with both their shoulders together, and I never noticed how broad they were, looking down at me, but their faces lit up from the lights, and the gymnastics girls practicing there routines…

Oh. There wasn’t any treasure waiting at the end of this little adventure. I shook my head, and crawled on, but I could have kicked myself for not thinking about it sooner. TBPH, it wasn’t really on my radar, because most of the boys in 3rd grade didn’t really talk to girls, or even hang out looking at us, and talking about which one was the prettiest.

Some of the girls were starting to do that, and I mean just starting to talk about boys, but most of those were in 4th grade, so at least 9, or 10 year olds. Still flat chested, and with no hips, so maybe that’s why they didn’t get much attention from the boys. Most boys like older girls, at least most of the boys that go to my school, but you know what?

There’s full grown men, that like little girls, they’re called pedophiles, and if you think about it, they weren’t always full grown men. I bet at least some of them started early, but of course another thing is “Yeah, she’s so hot.”

I couldn’t tell whether it was mike or Eric that said that, but then Eric squeezed past to follow me. You know, Gymnasts, Skaters, Runners, and swimmers. Athletic girls like that, they have more muscle then fat? Oh yeah, Ballet Dancers too. So, if you ever seen Black Swan, it’s pretty easy to see Natalie Portman, and Mila Kunis as ballerinas.

Is it Mila, or Milla with 2 Ls? Another piece of the puzzle that I didn’t know was that the boy’s room, and the girl’s room were across the gym from each other. That’s why we had to climb up over the boy’s room, then across the gym in the heater duct to get to the girl’s room. I didn’t know that, because I never took P.E.

Besides that, P.E. was closed the last couple years, for Social Distancing, even when the school opened back up, but I guess I watched a lot of movies, and TV shows, since we’re stuck at home for months on end, and I have brothers, but they’re not like into incest, or anything. Which is another reason why sex wasn’t even on my radar yet, but I guess I knew boys.

Well, not really, I mean I don’t know them really, but my brothers told me to stay away from them, and I heard them talking about each other’s sisters, because they were older, and had bras to take off in their rooms, but they didn’t know about the peephole, or the webcam they set up to look through the peephole.

Perverts, now I was stuck in a metal box with a couple of perverts, Rachael, and Russel, who I was starting to figure out were boyfriend, and girlfriend, but I forgot all about that conversation with the introductions. You like Ellen Degeneres? Not like that, but you like Helena Bohnam Carter?

Yeah, because she’s skinny, and pretty flat chested, but also really creepy, and scary looking. Funny how Eric, and Mike aren’t even creepy looking at all. Yeah, they broke into the heating vents to watch the gymnastics girls changing, and showering in the locker room, but we got to the end way before they finished practice.

There was a round pipe, sideways, so it went one way, and the other with another vent at the end of the T. 2 more vents, one on either side, but the boys had to squeeze past me. Oh yeah, and we had to go down through this fan spinning, but that was just another use for the wrench handle.

Russel put his hand down in the center of the fan. Careful so he didn’t get it caught in the spinning blades, and cut his fingers off, but the fan slowed down, and eventually stopped. He just put the handle in between the fan blade, and a brace, so we could climb down. Russel, and Rachael stayed up there, with their legs hanging down to prove it was safe.

The other two climbed down, and crawled out either side, even though it was much tighter in there, but they lay down, so they could look through the little grates. The one in the middle must have been right over the door, but lucky they had 3 of them, and I wondered how they heated up the air in here in the first place?

I still had my jacket on from this morning, but I had to crawl back to the big fan, or underneath the big fan to take it off. Russel, and Rachel were making out up there, and she had her skirt all the way up her legs, spread wide open, with one knee over Russel’s, and her hand in his pants. couldn’t see her underwear from down there, but she pulled his waistband out, and his zipper went down all by itself.

So, the head of his penis stuck out, and then her fingers wrapped around it, pushing his underwear down even further, until she crossed her legs, and scooted over.

“Do you mind?”

“Sorry,” I just finished taking my jacket off, and turned around. She shook her head, and bent over to pop it in her mouth, stroke it in one hand, and tickle his balls out with the other, making wet sucking noises, before I got down, and crawled back to see what the boys were up to.

No good, I couldn’t see with their legs in the way, but then the door slammed open right under me, and the girls came in. Laughing, and mostly talking about their moves. Encouraging each other, and giving constructive criticism for support, but also taking off their clothes to get in the shower, and change.

Sure, enough, I heard heavy breathing, and fapping noises on either side of me, but I didn’t feel trapped between them again. They both beat off, one after another, but while I was waiting to crawl back. I thought about maybe taking gymnastics? I don’t know if I’m too young to start, I never realy looked into it, but now that I think about it.

Lara Croft definitely took gymnastics, Nat Romanov, Yelena, and all the other Black Widows probably. Had some kind of gymnastics, and acrobatics training in The Red Room, in fact just about every superhero lady I can think of, besides Scarlet Witch, and she doesn’t have to do any fancy moves, when she can just wiggle her fingers, and warp reality.

Wonder Woman, and Cheetah too. Um… Well, I don’t want to fight crime, and besides they don’t really have supervillians to fight in real life either, but it’s still really cool. Awesome the things they can do with just a couple bars, or even a spring-floor. They can go on to the Olympics, or maybe just Cheerleading like Eliza Dushku.

Oh yeah, Buffy, and Faith do flips, and stuff too. Also, you know some guys like the sort of girls with tight toned athletic bodies, no tits, but really firm muscular looking butts, and Mike’s a butt man. Well, he’s really just an older boy, but I bet he wants to be a buttman when he grows up, and he ran face first into my butt. He even touched me when he pushed me along, so he could look down the vent, but he didn’t even look.

When I climbed up the later, I told him not to, and tried to hold my dress to cover it, but he wasn’t even looking. I wonder what exercises they do to get their butts to look that good, and is that Lindsey? I didn’t know she’s in Gymnastics class, honestly I don’t know her at all, but she’s in my Math class, so maybe I can ask her about it, and if she puts in the good word, I might even get to take it next.


She looked around, the end of the lockers, but most of the girls were already in the showers, and the other girl took her hand. Naked, they snuck back down the lockers, and went in one of the toilet stalls on the end.

“See?” Eric rolled over, and I saw his balls, but he covered his penis up in his fist, and grinned. “I told you they’re lesbian lovers.”

I shook my head, but I couldn’t take my eyes off, his hairy little balls, sticking out of the fly in his underpants. “Not you, him.”

“SH!” Mike shushed back, but then I heard the door slam open, and the girls tried to cover each other up, and ran to get towels. Lindsey squealed. “I think the boys are back up in the vents!”

“Really?” The other girls ran out, naked, barefoot, and wet from the showers. Some of them still had suds in their hair, but they just stuck their heads around the corners.

“THBT!” One girl got up, on a bench in between the lockers, and bent over shaking her butt. “Thbpbpbpt!” Blowing her tongue out in a farty noise, but Mike’s leg shook, and he kicked the side of the vent.

“Uh, fuck, huh!” I giggled, and covered my mouth, too late. Lindsey’s girlfriend pointed up, right at me, and leaned over to flip her hair back. It was dry, and crinkly from letting her braids out, but come to think of it. She always wore her hair in braids. Not every day, but maybe on the days she had Gymnastics practice?

Then, another girl got up on the bench, and dis a handstand. So, the mooner could hold her legs out. Spread wide open to show off her pussy. Wow, those gymnastics girls, well. I guess if you liked showing off, gymnastics is a great way to get attention. I’m sore other girls like that get into dancing, or whatever. I’m sure most of them are like me, and get into it to learn how to do flips, and stuff.

Maybe, Lindsey and that other girl got into it, because they like athletic little girls like them, and also to stay little, and athletic. Because they think that’s sexy, and you know what? They might be right, but “We got to go.” Eric nearly kicked me in the face, climbing out, but I could turn around, and crawl back.

“Before Karen calls the cops, or the principal.”

“Which one’s Karen?” I shook my head, but Russel, and Rachael were already gone.

“I don’t know, if that’s even her real name, but come on.” Mike picked me up, and helped me climb over to the vents back over the gym, I could see Rachael, and Russel way down there, waiting outside, by the grate.

“Yeah, that’s just a Karen thing to do.”

“Well, it’s not as if we’re supposed to be up here, peeping in on the girl’s locker room when they’re showering, and changing.”

“Yeah, well they like it. You saw how that one girl flashed her pussy right at us.”

“Yeah, and the other one mooned us, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for all of them. That’s not how consent works, you have to get permission from all of them, and I bet Lindsey doesn’t want boys to see her naked.”

“Which one’s Lindsey?”

“The Lesbian, the brunette.”

“The one with the long hair? I thought lesbians have boy cuts.”

I shook my head, “Just the butches, there’s lots of long haired girly lesbians too.”

“Yeah, like who?”

“Portia de Rossi?”

“Who’s that?”

“Yeah, she sounds Italian.”

“Well, she’s Australian, actually. Maybe she’s a Kiwi from Australia, I forget, but she married Ellen Degeneres for a while there.” They broke up, I don’t know why. “The point is, it’s none of your business, and it’s especially wrong for you to tell other guys, so they sneak in to see them making out naked, to prove it.”

I guess there was no good reason to keep quiet, now that the girls knew, and one of them got her phone out of her locker. I didn’t see which one, because I was too busy watching Lindsey, and her girlfriend whispering, but they put towels on.

I bet she heard me, and that’s what she told Lindsey. I’m going to have to ask her, but that means getting the guts to talk to her, and admit it was me up there, peeping on her, her girlfriend, and the whole gymnastics team.

Okay, it wasn’t sexual for me, at least it wasn’t to start, but then I saw stuff. Lots of stuff, I know I shouldn’t be getting involved with. I’m too young, but now it’s too late. When we got back out on the roof, I grabbed my arms, and rubbed them. Shivering, “I forgot my jacket,” I looked back, “And you forgot your wrench.”

“Never mind that, let’s just get out of here before the cops show up.”

“The principals’ll get here first,” Eric pointed out, and pulled up his hood. Then, he pulled it tight over his mask to look like a ninja, and then he crouched down to creep over to the top of the ladder.

I giggled, and looked around, but Mike was already gone. Oh well, he’s the butt guy, and I don’t think he really likes mine, or he would have taken the chance to do more when he was right behind me, but Eric.

Well, he’s a boy, a horny boy, and I’m not sure he finished before we go busted, and had to run. So, maybe he’s still got some sperm left in his balls. His hairy balls, but first I had to climb down.

“Eric, help me down.” He grabbed me under the armpits, and even grunted when I let go.

“You’re heavy.”

“Well,” I turned around, and pulled his arms up over my shoulders. “You’re big, and strong.” I pulled his mask down, and closed my eyes, puckering up, but he didn’t kiss me.

“We better go.”

“Well,” I ran after him when he let go. “You got a girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” he stopped running at the corner, and shook his head. “Why?” He looked back.

“Well, what she doesn’t know won’t her her, but I bet she wouldn’t like you looking at other girls, and playing with yourself like that.” I felt up his leg form behind, and his balls in his crotch, but I couldn’t feel his penis, if it was still hard, or not. “You want to find someplace private?” There it was, it wasn’t hard, but it was getting harder, so I kept rubbing it. “So we can finish what we started?”

“Yeah, I think I know just the place…”

Then, maybe tomorrow I can talk to Lindsey, and see if her girlfriend might like to do a threesome with me?

At this point, I’m just curious about sex in general, but since I know a real life lesbian, I might as well try that too…


Story Code Note:

I went for Abuse on the Voyeurism. Even though there were a couple Exhibitionists in the girl’s room, that’s still Abuse for the other victims. Also, Bisexual/Lesbian would have been spoilers more than trigger warnings.

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