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Taskmaster Jr.

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I got off the bus first, and ran to get a pair of undies out of my drawer.

Then, when Darren got home, I snuck up behind him. He got his books out, and when he sat up, I held them over his nose.

“Do these smell like pussy?” I giggled.

“No,” he pushed them away. “They smell like Tide.”

“Woolite, actually.” I sniffed them, “They’re handwash only.”

“What are you sniffing panties for, anyway?” He narrowed his eyes, so I came around to the side of the table.

“I’m glad you asked,” I got out my phone, and showed him the chat.

[Get a boy to cum in your panties.
First one wins, your time starts now.]

“Well, what do you win?”

“Oh, the winner gets to be Taskmaster next.” I switched back to Xvideos. “Here.” I set down my phone, and left him alone, with my panties, and a video of LuxuryBlonde. [75 ALL CUM PANTIES IN 2020] if you want to watch it.

Then, I heard him take them in the bathroom, but he came back after a few minutes. “Here.’ He just dropped them on the bed.

“Wait, where’s my phone?”

“In the bathroom,” he started pulling the door.

“Well, bring it back, quick!” I kicked my shoes off, and pulled them up to my knees, then I stood up, when he got back. “I need a picture to prove I won.” I flipped the phone over, so it wouldn’t be up-side down, but he did it wrong. He shot it in the back of my underwear, so it looked like I got assfucked, then farted. [Send]

“What kinds of Tasks,” He shook his head, “Like that British show, Taskmaster?”

“Yeah, uh huh?” I was busy typing. [I win, now get a boy to cum in a rubber. First one wins, your time starts now.]

“You want me to go get you a rubber?”

“You think you could beat off in one again, quickly?”

“I don’t know, how quickly? You’re not having sex, are you?”

“No, not yet, why?”

“Because I can see where this is headded.” I giggled. “If you’re already getting your friends to make their brothers.”

“Oh, it doesn’t have to be your brother.” I switched back to chat. “See? It just says a boy, it wouldn’t be fair to the girls that don’t have brothers.”

“Yeah, but. Okay, you know, that can lead to incest, and stuff?”

“It’s not incest,” I shook my head, “You have to have sex, for it to be incest.”

“So, you’re still a virgin, too?”

I snickered, “Virgin.”

“So what? You say that like it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, you just said incest like it’s a bad thing.”

“Well, it is. Wait, you’re not getting into incest.”

“No, why? You’re the one that brought it up in the first place.”

“Yeah, because you’re my little sister.”

“I’m not that little.”

“Well, you’re too young to have sex.”

My phone buzzed [Ur On!]

[Yeah, I can totally get you a used rubber.]

[Everyone bring their’s tomorrow.]

My phone blew up, so fast, I couldn’t keep up with who said what. So, I went out to knock on my brother’s room. “Now what?”

“Can you get me a rubber?”

“You know where they are.”

“Well, if I go get you one, will you?”

He interrupted, “Well, what do I get out of it?”

“How about dirty pussy pictures.”

“I don’t want to see your pussy, dirty, or not.”

“Well, what about Candice’s?” I scrolled up, and I tried to click on her name, but the group chat must’ve jumped when somebody else sent a message.

He opened the door. “Candace Marin?”

“Yeah, hang on a sec.” [Can U do me a favor?]

[Yeah what?] He came around to look over my shoulder.

[Can you send me a picture of your pus] “Huh, better yet, make her show me her bra.” <<< [Bra?]

[Sure, which one?]

[Whichever one you have on right now.] I heard his zipper going down slowly behind me.

[You want me to take it off first?]

[No, not yet…] Then, he came around in front of me, fishing around, and pulled his soft dick out, right in front of me. “Huh, send her a dick pic.”

“Okay, hold still.” It was already starting to get chubby, so I waited for my phone to buzz, and switched to text. “Look.” I held it up, but he took it, and went off to mom, and dad’s room. He locked the door, but then I heard him pull out dad’s bedside drawer. Then, heavy breathing. “Yeah.” I had to listen closely, but then I heard the wrapper crackling, and closed my eyes. Imagining him getting hard, and holding the phone up in 1 hand.

The hat in the other, then rolling it down. Slowly, his fingers gripping it tight to slip the lubed tube up and down his boner, until I could hear fapping. I know, it’s not big enough to stay on tight. I bet, he’s not any bigger than his friend, Anty. (His name’s Antony, but he doesn’t mind us calling him Anty) The first boy I ever saw beating off, and he used a rubber.

On quarantine, he didn’t sext me. He sexted one of my friends, but we all share everything. Our dick pics, our favorite stories, and the hottest videos. Like that cumpilation of guys beating off in some lady’s underwear, outside. Mostly, it’s even hotter outside, I bet. In the bedroom, or the bathroom, you might as well just screw him, but imagine somebody walking by, and seeing him with his dick in your underwear. Clamped between your legs, and sliding up and down your wet pussy, rubbing right on your clit.

“Uh huh! HuhHhHhH!” I just held my knees together, turned around, and slid down the door. Panting, and gasping until I fell back.

“Your friend, Janice won.” He handed me my phone, and stepped around me. I checked the chat, but sure enough. He held the rubber down, so it stretched out, and his wad ran down to stick to his ball hairs. When he snapped the picture.

“Huh!” He shut the door, so I got up, and knocked. “What did you do with the rubber?”

“I threw it out.” He turned on the water in the bathtub. So, I went back in mom, and dad’s room. Then, I took it in my room, and poured it in the crotch of my panties. So, it looked like I got double dicked, and then it leaked out while I was wearing them.

Then, my phone buzzed.

[Jani: Now, get a boy to cum on your face mask, while you’re wearing it.
First one wins, your time starts now…]

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