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I’m 16 & a Sex addict

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Hi my name is semona I’m 16 and I’m from london I lost my virginity when I was 13 and ever since then I’ve been addicted to sex..

So basically when I was 13 my school teacher he’s 58 I won’t say his name used to flirt with me all the time he used to help me with my home work after class in break time I pretty much spent it with him and we started to get pretty close one day he came depressed to school and it hurt me to see him like that so After school I called him and said if I can come over to his house as I need help with the homework ( mind this isn’t allowed students can’t meet teachers after school) but ye so I went over to his place after he helped me with the homework I said we should watch a movie he agreed and we started watching a romantic movie now we are sitting on the same coach but we wasn’t really close I slowly got closer and made it look natural but I touched him with my ass and I started shuffling near his dick in a few seconds his dick was hard as a rock I think he got embarrassed and he moved back a little but then I put my hand inside and pulled his dick out he was surprised but he didn’t try stop me so I started to suck his dick he grabbed my head and started to thrust harder and harder it started to hurt as it was my first time but I loved it soo much when he cummed in my throat it tasted soo nice I swallowed it but he had a shocked face he told me not to tell anyone and that he could get into trouble and that’s how I lost my virginity at 13 to my 58yr old teacher.. my Snapchat username is Itsssemona if you guys wana talk or have any questions add me up..

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    Very hot , I want more

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    I’m from Brighton close to u

  • Reply Matt ID:pwthk9sk099

    Add me back? Speedyshadow45

  • Reply Abc ID:a9crihrci

    Any chance of that in English? Did you actually go to school at any time? Awful.

    • ian ID:2vqw7fs7499j

      shut up idiot

    • ^ ID:fx7itakqkl

      No. No. He’s right, english writing is a very important skill. There may be good vocabulary, but without proper punctuation and grammar the article makes too little sense (at least in the detail). Punctuation is meant to guide a reader to the implicit meanings conveyed by the author, and paragraph separation help the reader rest between the separated ideas of the author.