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Amy Tale/s – Reina Luna

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This is Amy Tale/s number 169, and it is the last tale chronicling four years of my life.

This is Amy Tale/s number 169, and it is the last tale chronicling four years of my life. I did cut a few stories for this number, and may submit them as Amy Encounter/s, because they were primarily sexual in nature as opposed to story-line narratives.

Luna changed the dynamics of my relationships, and I lost some lovers like, Michelle, Sarah, Heather, Beatrice, Britney, and Chris until Luna graduated. I almost lost Sophia, Jim, and Kelly, but they gave in and allowed Luna to be a part of our love making, even though she was a minor. Luna was not a part-time lover like Janet. Luna basically took over Ken’s last guest room and moved in, but she slept with me and Ken. Luna took care of me and my body diligently, she even cooked and cleaned for me at times (which was great at Jim’s). Luna did not love me for games, but she loved me above them sacrificially.

As a brief forecast, Luna still lives with me, and is currently in her first year of college. She works part-time and shortly after she moved in we helped her get a car, and a phone. Her car expense is primarily gas, insurance, and service, because we bought it through Max who gave us a deal. Luna has a stable life now, and she is very happy.

Shortly after mine and Luna’s first night together, I gave Miranda the new ring I was keeping, and I got the one she had been wearing back. I took Luna, Paige, and Lisa to the jeweler and had mine and Miranda’s first rings resized for Paige and Lisa and had the year they were Maria’s girlfriends inscribed inside. I bought two more gold rings and had them engraved and inscribed inside and sized for me and Luna.

I picked up the rings a week later, and Paige and Lisa’s still had the engraving “Maria’s Junior Miss” subtlety on the outside (as well as Miranda’s), and their year inscribed inside and fitted for their right ring fingers. Mine and Luna’s had next year (Luna’s junior year) inscribed on the inside and Luna’s also read, “Reina Luna” inside, and mine read, “Queen Amy” inside. The outside of my ring had the artfully crafted engraving, “Luna’s True Love.” The outside of Luna’s ring read, “Amy’s Junior Mistress.” Both our rings were sized for our left ring fingers.

Luna was the true successor in our games of royalty involving my Duchess Janet, my Princess Paige, and me. Luna was the Princesa that became the new Queen, by a game of conquest to end games. I fell in love with Luna, and she loved me more than just sex. Luna changed me, and she received from me more than just sex in return. Luna’s mom didn’t care where Luna was or who she was with. I loved Luna as a spouse, we were more or less married. Janet was jealous, but she bowed the knee to Luna after she saw how Luna conquered me. Me and Janet still play games with each other, but we do not ambush or play with the relationships of others anymore. This was a hard pill to swallow for Janet, and I think she still plays those games without my knowledge. She gets off on it too much.

Luna also made me quit having affairs with married people behind the spouses back, which included the ones named above, but also Aunt Bethany, Patricia, Natalie, Katrina, and Harold. Luna allowed me to tease Harold, but she would not let him do anything to me unless Irene was a part of it (and that was not going to happen). I would just use Courtney or Janet for Harold, so it was no big deal. I did not allow Harold to fuck me because I enjoyed it anyway, I just wanted him to be a happy handyman. Marriage meant something to Luna, and she was not going to allow me to tempt people to violate their marriage over lust. It ruined Luna’s family, and she convinced me that it ultimately ruined my life too. Luna was my carnal redemption, but I was far from purified, just not defiling others against their spouses anymore.

Luna didn’t date anyone from school, and she didn’t sleep with them if they were not already part of what I had started. Luna was only a part of my polygamous relationships as my monogamous lover above all others. Luna was in it for me, to appease my lust, and to keep me honest with her. Luna was very mature for her age, and she did not go along with the high school crowd to parties or out on dates. Paige, Lisa, and Miranda eventually got to the place they hung out more with kids their own age. Luna would rather curl up next to me on a Friday night and watch a movie.

I don’t want to leave without any sex in this posting. So, I am going to provide a glimpse into what an Amy Encounter/s will look like should I choose to post more in the future. These are still true stories, but they will be more focused on the sexual encounters as opposed to story-line narrative. The first one is called, Amy Encounter/s – Long Walks on the Trail.

Amy Encounter/s – Long Walks on the Trail

It was the middle of summer 10am on a Saturday. I wanted to walk the one-mile workout trail on the other side of the rec center at Ken’s apartment complex. Luna wanted to go with me, and after one lap, we were so hot sweat was running down our faces. Luna had a small backpack on, and I asked her when we left why, and she said her water was in there. I was carrying a bottle. About halfway on the second lap, Luna pulled me onto a racoon trail, and I said, what are you doing? Luna said, follow me.

We walked for over 10 minutes and then there was a small grass area near a chain link fence. Luna removed a picnic blanket from her backpack and spread it out, and she removed my shirt. I said, I am very sweaty. Luna said, I know, me too. She pealed the rest of my clothes off (and hers) and she was kissing me, and our bodies were sliding against each other from the sweat. Luna laid me down and pulled my arms over my head and she slid up and down my wet body, and then she kissed beneath my upper arms.

Luna kissed down to my armpits, and took her time smelling me, and kissing, and licking my armpit sweat. Luna said, you smell bitch, I love your stink baby. I rolled Luna and pulled her arms up and kissed her pits, and I said, um, your odor is strong too. We rolled each other back and forth until we settled on sucking and licking each other’s armpits together. Our wrestling only made us sweat more. Luna pushed me flat on my back and spun herself in our sweat on our stomachs, and she pulled me up on my side. Luna licked the sweat between my thighs, and I did the same for hers.

Luna locked my slippery thigh under her arm, and I did the same with hers, and we were spread wide and on our sides. Luna licked the sweat out of my ass crack, and I had to sample hers too, and our pussies had a mixture of sweat and cunt juice. We dove in and sucked and licked and no matter what we rubbed against the other, it just slid around from our perspiration. We were drenched from head to toe from the heat and our elevated physical movements, and we orgasmed. We wanted to sweat more, and we were wrestling to kiss each other with fervor.

We were overcome and wanted more from the heat, from the sweat on our bodies, and you could wring the water out of our hair. I pinned Luna on her back, and I said, I believe this is the hottest sex I have ever had. Luna rolled me over and water was running off her forehead in a stream onto my face, and she said, I know, I love it. Luna spun around in a 69 on top of me, and her ass was so wet it was running down her crack. I ate the shit out of it, and we orgasmed together once more.

We settled down and was kissing softly, and I said, I cannot put my clothes on, I am soaked. Luna walks over to the chain link fence, and at one of the posts, the fence was cut. Luna lifted the fence and we passed naked underneath to a city water reservoir. I said, I am not getting in there. Luna jumped in, and coaxed me in too, and we swam around and kissed each other. It was a bitch to get out, but someone had left a rope you could pull up with, and we returned to our belongings, and dried with the towel Luna brought, and we dressed.

We returned to the apartment and I asked, how did you find that place? Luna said, well, I walked around a lot before moving in with you, and I just walked through the woods from the reservoir and found the walking trail. I saw some boys recently swimming in the reservoir, and I went back and figured out how they got in. I thought it would be neat to fuck you outside when it was hot and get really sweaty, then sneak into the reservoir and swim.

I hope to share more of my sexual encounters, especially some of them I omitted in Amy Tale/s because I was trying to create a chronicle. I have one from my first year of marriage, and several involving Reo and Yuri (the Japanese lesbian couple), but I don’t know if I will write them. To be honest, writing just about the sex act is not as thrilling to me as the story.

Amy Tale/s was an undertaking to pen and post, so there may be more time in between the submissions of Amy Encounter/s, and they will be smaller submissions. I recently started work on a new fictional series with Max, Greg, and Marcus. I just need to get up the courage to let Max start posting it, because it is story heavy.

Thank you for reading Amy Tale/s to the end, and if you have any request for Amy Fantasy/s, please comment and let me know.

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    Really looked forward to reading them. Sad to see them go.

    • Maxdefault

      Thank you for reading them. I have a few more true Encounter/s I have written, and a few Fantasy/s. I am also working on another long fictional serious. I hope you like them too.