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Real Cousins Part2

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Becky was pressing the envelope between a girls in heat.

Part 2

Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes ,hours. Becky lied back on her parents bed her tits heaved in the glow of the bathroom light. She pulled me on top of her and her breasts flattened against my chest, I could feel her pebble sized nipples poking into my flesh as she opened her mouth to French kiss me. She probed her tongue inside my mouth and our tongue tangled together. Pulling my arm towards her now spread legs my hand brushed against her warm and wet crease of her panties. She moan a little as my hand brushed against it and she slid out from under me to free her hands and slide off her wet under garment. She was raging hot and pull my hand back to where it was previously, this time I could feel her wetness on my hand. She sighed when our bare flesh touched and moved slightly allowing my hand to semi cup her hair and spew covered slit. She whispered in my ear “take me like you did my little sister”.

Becky’s legs were now wide apart and slightly bent at he knees, I began to rub lightly at the outer folds of her clitty, It was as if an electric shock hit her and her hips lunged off the bed to meet my hand. “OOOOh ” was all I heard and i slowly stroked my fingers across her blood blossoming lips. Her ass cleared the bed numerous times during my petting of her hair covered lips. I decided that it was almost time to give her more, I began to part her lips in order to rub her clitty better, I began to trace it with my index finger tip and could feel her clitty almost double in size. Now Becky’s ass was wiggling back and forth across the bed sheet. She moaned louder, “oh yessss” as I flicked across it’s mass. She again kissed me and this time I lowered my head to address her titties, I took the right nipple into my mouth and lightly tonged it back and forth. She stiffened as I worked on both her clitty and tits. She keep pace with her ass this was something that Gail did also, grinding into the mattress seemed to be the squirming norm… After a minute of rubbing I though it was time to really get down to business with her. I traced downwards from her lips and clitty and found her steamy, wet opening. Her pussy was drooling hot lather from it dripping downwards across her ass and probably soaking the bed sheet. I hesitated a second and slowly slid my middle finger into her opening, she was pretty tight so I assumed she’d never had a cock in there. Becky arched her back again , picking her tight ass cheeks off the bed to allow my finger entry. She shivered some as it entered her cunt, and she cooed “oh take it”. Soon her opening grew and she had most of my middle finger inside gently sliding inside of her cunt… “Oh my god your making me so fucking hot” she said almost in chorus with her hip movements. I tried to put my index finger in but she hadn’t quite opened up enough yet, although I could feel her hot ,wet moistness drooling onto my finger she wasn’t ready for two fingers yet. Becky flailed on my finger up ,down , sliding her ass side to side trying to get that thing that was teasing her women flesh inside her opening to fire. I kept it up slowly bringing my finger in and out her hole and it wasn’t long before, I began to feel it tighten up, her pussy was getting ready to explode a climax….. her hips jumped from the bed she arched and let out a muted cry as her hole let loose her love juice. My god what a volume of cum juice she released , the top sheet on the bed was soaked and so was most of my hand, at first I thought maybe she had let some pee out. She slowly came back to reality minutes later as we both just lay there…” Oh MY god I’m still quivering” she said. I just smile and said,” first time?” “No” she replied, “I masturbate some but never had a feeling like this before”. “No wonder Gail spent most of last summer with you guys”. At this time Becky and I started this sexual escapade, I never knew that my sister and Gail had been doing each other that summer also. I looked at the time on the alarm in the bedroom it said 11:15 and we had 45 minutes or so before her folks would be home , Becky wanted more and said she wanted to play with my cock like Gail had , but time was to short and i put my shirt on ,she took her parents bedsheets and threw then in the washer and went up stairs to change, I followed and watched as she bounds her naked ass up in front of me on the stairs seeing the trails of her climax juice across her butt crack and ass cheeks. In her room i saw those beautiful rosy aeriola and firm nipples of her tits, she was about a 34 c i would say. Her titties were taut and rose ceilingward as she started to put her bra on. She when into the upstairs bath to finish dressing with the dress she’d removed and a fresh pair of panties. Minutes later she came out as if she’d never been in the extasy of a heated sexual encounter with her cousin. We sat on the edge of her bed and waited for her folks to come home. She told me “your the first boy who’s ever touched me there, I’m glad it was you” and then she smiled. Soon her parents came home and my dad ,sister and i went home. I never washed my fingers and could smell Becky’s women juice on them when we got home.

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