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Shower Closet

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My brother started puberty before me, but he went to the doctor, and found out it’s uncommon, but not normal. #Gynecomastia #Intersex

So, he had to wear a special bra that made his chest look flat up under his shirts, and I read the pamphlet on Gynecomastia. Did you know that up to 1-in-3 boys experience a little breast development in puberty?

Then, my nipples started swelling, and feeling really hard. All the time, so my tops rubbed them raw if I didn’t wear the right clothes, and I borrowed Nolan’s bra until mom took me to get my own. It was really loose, but I tied a knot in the back so it didn’t rub them inside.

Then, we had a talk. Me and Nolan about breast growth, and how much it sucks. The growing pains at least, but they weren’t rubbing raw any more. I asked him about growing them as a boy, but “They stopped growing.” He shrugged, “They didn’t go away, but.” He rubbed his chest, squished flat by his new bra (I got one of his old ones.) He laughed, “They’re still fun to play with.”

The other thing that happened was the shower in our bathroom started leaking. I could always hear him in there through the wall in the back of my closet, but then water started soaking through. I was supposed to tell dad to fix it, because mom kept bugging him about the cement falling out between the tiles, but he complained about how expensive that would be.

So, she just swept it up off the floor, and closed the door, but that’s clear plastic all around. There’s a lock on the bathroom door, so nobody walks in on you showering, but if we had to go, we could always use the one in mom, and dad’s room. So, I picked the drywall out, careful not to push the tiles in from the outside, and that gave me a little peephole to watch him in there.

I heard him moaning in the shower, sometimes. So, I guessed that’s when he played with them, but the first time he just washed his body, and got out. He scrubbed his pubes first, to get them nice and sudzy, then rubbed them all over his body. Oh yeah, and he’s got a boy body, he’s a teenager now, so he’s even getting shoulders, but no hips.

Except for his vestigial breasts, of course. They never got real big, so they were easy to squish flat, and they didn’t even sag a little. I can’t tell whether mine are bigger now, or they just look bigger on my petite body, but it’s been a couple years. So, I figured out how to feel myself up, and get turned on, but he didn’t even get hard at all.

The suds dripped down, off the hanging tip of his flaccid penis. Like cum, of course. Even though it’s usually turgid when he cums, it goes soft then. So, it might drip if there was any left inside, that didn’t shoot out under pressure. Finally, he got out, and dried off, but I just let my clothes hang over the peephole, and went back to bed.

Everything was on lockdown again, so it was like summer year round, but if I had computer classes with the teachers, I don’t remember. I’m glad I get to skip middle school, except for a couple months there, when I got to find out what he was talking about. That’s when he started growing breasts, so he was scared someone might see them, and make fun of them. Good thing they don’t have gym class, or sports, or even a locker room for someone to see his bra while changing.

It took a long time to figure out what works, for me. I mean, other than feeling my boobies to get turned on, after that I really had to explore my whole sexual area to find what feels the best. Not too hard, especially around the tip of my clitoris, which was way too sensitive to touch directly. I kinda did my own research, when it cums to sex education, since I was learning everything by computer, and the school still had an Abstinence Only policy.

That’s how I found out that the tip is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. The real clitoris stretches out, and all the way up the front of my pelvis. Where I’m getting pubes, but I trimmed those neatly so they didn’t curl out the sides of my underwear, and tickle my legs when I walked.

Nolan didn’t shave anything, not even his lip which was starting to get a little stubbly too. So, I wondered what that would feel like, rubbing me while he licked in my vaginal opening, to get it even wetter. I checked it again, but it hadn’t started leaking out, and spit just makes it feel gross. I mean, when I tried sucking my fingers, that made them wet at first, but then it started drying up, and making everything sticky, so I got turned off.

Yeah, I could lick my fingers to freshen it up, but it was too late, so I went back to rubbing my clit root through my pubes, until it started leaking out. Then, I just rubbed it faster, and harder so the tiny point swelled like an erection (It has a tiny little bit of erectile tissue too) and slipped dryly in the soft warm swollen tissues in the top of my sexual cleft, until finally I got my first orgasm!

The last thing that flashed through my head was Nolan cumming. It was only a matter of time before he washed his tits, and got a boner playing with them. So, he leaned back in the corner, and beat off so it sprayed out all over his body to run down his panting abs, and heaving chest, so he could stand up, and turn around. Wash it off, and turn the water off, but I got lucky with the shower head.

It pointed straight at the wall, across from the wet wall, so it soaked out the cement between the tiles first, and then through the wall behind it, when it started coming out. Whoever installed it in the first place did a shoddy job. They just hung up the metal mesh, and shot calk in between the big tiles, about the size of dollar bills, instead of doing it right.

So, that was sex for me, another year or 2 when I became a freshman in high school. I didn’t get to skip over that, but he was 17, and a Junior by then, and he got a boyfriend. I guess, I don’t know if it’s really gay or not. To hear them talk, in his room when nobody’s supposed to be listening. Kinda like the girl’s room at school, now that I think about it.

So anyways, they came over to hang out, and do there homework, but it turns out they had PE together. So, of course Danny saw Nolan topless when he was changing, and said they still kinda looked like breasts. Because they kinda are, and Nolan likes playing with them so much that he never did chest exercises to develop his pecs, flatten them out, and move the nipples back to the corners where they belong.

“Huh, they are.” He shrugged, and rubbed them through his top. “Kinda, or they were.”


“Teats.” He nodded, “I went through a phase in middle school, where I had to wear bras and stuff, it’s called Gynecomastia, and it’s a lot more common than you might think.”

“So, you don’t wear bras any more?” Daniel asked, seriously, and pretty maturely for a high school boy.

“Not all the time,” but he got one out of his closet. He moved his dresser in there, so I could watch him changing, if he didn’t close the doors all the way. Oh yeah, and we both have sliding doors, with a mirror on one side we can use when we’re getting dressed, but Nolan put it on faced away from Daniel.

Who was sitting on the bed, and already starting to breathe heavy. His cheeks were bright red, and even a little pretty, in a boyish kinda way. He’s not a pretty boy, but even handsome boys, with strong jaws, and no cheek bones to speak of look pretty when they blush like that.

“Uh, you mind if I use your restroom?” I moved back over to the wall with the original peephole. So, I could watch Danny go in through the shower door. He dropped his pants, but he got up on the corner of the sink. To hump it, and rub his balls on the cold porcelain, until it warmed up. He wasn’t that big, compared with Nolan, and no I don’t have the inches for you. I haven’t gotten a chance to measure it with my hands, which are 3 1/2 inches wide, so it would be at least 7″ if I could get both hands on it, with a little to spare.

It turns out that Nolan had too much Testosterone, especially when he first started puberty. Our father too, so he’s bald now from it breaking down to DHT, and a little Estrogen, which caused his areolae to stretch out into flat ovals, with prolapsed nipples on his fat chest. I’m sure my brother’s going to get a body like that when he’s older, unless he stays in shape.

Not Danny, though. He was a fairly normal boy, with a fairly average dick, but it was the first one I saw hard that wasn’t in my family. Or online, and I know that porn exists, but it’s so fake, I guess I got addicted to the real life abnormal sexual stuff on WebMD, and sites like that. If you look up Precocious Priapism, you can even see pictures of baby boys with erection that just won’t go away, when they’re still in diapers!

I’m not a pedophile, but if I got my hands on a baby boy like that, I know I wouldn’t be able to resist playing with it. Even though they can’t cum, but speaking of which. Danny sniffed really loud, and most of it went in the sink, so he could wash it down, but he missed a spot that got on the wall, and after he went back to Nolan’s room. I went in, and licked it up off the tile, next to the sink.

My first taste of semen, believe it or not. I know, I’m shy, and nerdy. I think about sex, and abnormal growth all the time, so I keep my mouth shut. I don’t really want anyone to know about how much of a freak I am, but I even get a dirty little thrill. Thinking about people in class, not just the teachers, but also the students, and what might be wrong with them. What abnormalities they might be hiding, while nobody has any idea where my ADD takes my dirty mind.

I just let it go, and surprise me all the time, which is why writing this, I’m all over the place. Sorry, but anyways after that. Nolan started dressing up so Danny could call him “Nora,” and beat off on his tits. He even shaved his chest so it wasn’t hairy, but he had to pluck the ones around his nipples, which were too rough to shave without cutting them with the razor. (That’s gotta hurt!)

Nolan beat off at the same time, and it was like a race to see who could cum on his body first, but there wasn’t any cock sucking, or butt fucking. They didn’t even kiss, so I’m not sure whether that’s gay, straight, transvestite, or maybe even a little transgender? I don’t know, it’s just weird, and freaky even for me. Which is why I like it so much.

I bet there isn’t even any doctors, or psychologists that heard of anything like that, because they would have done a study for me to find by now. I’m jealous, too bad there’s no condition where a girl grows a cock to play with, if she’s a real girl.

Guevedoces don’t count, because they’re actually boys that just look like girls until their balls drop. When they’re about 12, hence the name Guevedoces, which is Spanish for “Eggs at 12.”

It’s too late for that, I’m almost 15 now, so I got periods, and cramps instead. Oh well, maybe when I’m older I can go to Dominican Republic, and find a little girl like that to molest while she grows into a young man?

I know, it’s sick, but that’s what makes it such a sexy fantasy!

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