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Raki the hot dirty wife part -1 introducing Raki to hot wife

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My name is RAKI my age is 25 . I got married when I was 20. I am married with Rahul . He is a accountent in a office. I have 2 kids . I am a indian village girl . I am not that much fair looking. I have thick hair till my shoulders. I am little chubby in nature. I have little fat side belly and little out front stomach . My stomach can be easily noticable when I wear tight tshirt or churidar . When I wear saree my sad belly can be easily seen . I have little hair on my arms and legs. My arms pit is little more hairy so I have to trim my arm pit every month . My arm pit will be always sweaty every time . And when ever I wear dress and go out side I can see my dress getting wet due to my armpit sweat and area around my armpit become so wet due to my sweat and become transparent and sticky till my boobs . And if I am wearing sleeveless dress i can see my sweat from my armpit flowing down through my arms. My boobs always bulge out and little big as I am little chubby. But I have sexy hot good looking body . Then my ass is also little big round ass . When I wear jeans my ass shape can be easily seen . I had seen many people look at my ass . I feel little shy and proud at that moment. My pussy is also hairy which I shave every month .
I was a nice village girl till my marriage. I had not any boyfriend or lover during my studies . As I am village girl I was afraid to have relationship like that . But I like to look at boys and imagin having sex with them . When I was in school I always imagine about my male friends in Scholl and do fingering. I was very nice till my marriage. After my marriage . Our first night was on houseboat . That night only i understand that my husband is a cuckhold. That he made his friends to celebrate first night with me . While my husband wait out side the room . His friends fucked me whole night in house boat in middle of water. I could not say anything . When we got in to the boat ⛵ itself for our marriage first night there were many friends atleast 10 people. Then my husband told me that he had promised his friends that he will give his wife to them in first night to have sex for whole night. Then my husband rahul told them to take me to wedding first night room and fuck me . I was shocked to hear that and I was not knowing what to do . Soon they took to me to wedding first night room in houseboat and removed my red saree and my thali chain and put me to bed onlly wearing bra and my petticoat . Soon then removed my petticoat my pull its thread and pull it out from my body. They tear my bra and panties . Very soon they removed all my clothes from my body . My husband was standing out side the room and was seeing all this and he was laughing . He said them to enjoy my body and my husband Rahul closed the room door and went leaving me naked to get fucked with his friends whole night . They inserted all my whole with their dick . My mouth pussy ass were filled with their dick and my boobs and my entire body was in other people hands. I could not even remember how many times each person fucked me in my marriage first night . For 2 days I and my husband and friends were in that house boat and they fucked me for 2 days . And I was made to sleep with his friends for 2 days. But I start to loving it from that moment of getting fucked and tasting dick and cum if diffrent people infront of my husband . Getting fucked infront Of my husband made me more horny every time. Sex slut bitch inside me was born in my marriage first night when my husband rahul made me get fucked with his friends in houseboat in wedding first night room . I spent 2 day completely with them while my husband wait outside the room . I was very good village girl till that time till my marriage first night. From that night onward i turned in to a hot wife for a cuckhold husband. From that onwards I start to fuck many people and sleep and spent time with different people . Till my life now. I got fucked and sleeped with many people more than i sleep with my husband . Every night my husband come home with any one of his friend and ask me to sleep with him and my husband enjoy the view of him fucking me madly and I am getting more and more horny . And he filling my pussy with his cum . I still don’t know that my 2 kids belong to my husband or his friends or any strangers who I get from public place . I always like to make people cum inside me and I will remove condom from their dick if they wear it and ask them to fuck me without condom and ask them to cum inside me. It’s my and husband fantasy that making me preganant and carry some other person baby in my stomach . So I always ask people to cum inside me every time. Which make me and my husband more horny . So till now I don’t know that my kids belong to my husband or others. I like to believe that our kids belong to streat local stranger person which I fucked random. Every day we try different hot wife experiments .
One day I ordered food from restaurant and when he arrived at gate i went there only wearing bra and panties. And I purposefully talked with him some time. I could see he admiring my body. As I was standing infront of him only on bra and panties and I was also little wet as I put some water on my body as told me husband to seduce him . He was looking at my boobs and my belly. I could see his eyes tention on seeing water droplets flowing through my body.
We had tried this hot wife experiments in different places. One time we were in cinima theater and I was sitting in a Conor with my husband . There was a nice boy sitting beside me in cinima theater. With the intention of teasing him . I removed my pants . That day I was wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans. I purposefully removed my jeans and wide my legs and start to do put finger inside my black panties and start to rub my pussy. My husband Rahul was sitting beside me and he understood that I am trying to seduce and tese that boy near me. He asked me to wide my legs more and rub her pussy. The boy was getting horny and tensed that I can see his boner and he was sweating due to tention. I slowly took his hands inside my pussy and start to rub my pussy. He was very small may be onlly 19 year old. To make him more comfortable I kissed him on cheek and asked him to fuck me in cinima theater . Then I asked my husband to exchange the seat with him . So that he will be sitting in coner and he can fuck me easily with out getting notice by anyone . So my husband exchange seat with him . When sat in coner seat i knees infront of him and pulled down his jeans and took out his dick and start to suck it . My husband covered me with a bag so that no person will see me and what I am doing. Then I sat on his lap and put his dick inside me and start to have sex with him . He fucked me for 20 min and finally he cummed inside. I loved his dick. I wanted to call him to our house for one night sex. But he was only 19 year old. So did not come with us .
Like this i used to have sex with many peoples. I can’t even count how many dicks have fucked my holes . Most of the time my husband will be infront or out side the room when other people fuck me .

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