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A drive with my cousin (boyfriend)

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So After Getting to fucked my cosin for the first time , I became more obsessed and mad for him and started fantasizing him.

So After few days he came back coz his mom went to the town for a work and won’t return for a week and this was good chance for me.
So I bought some girls dresses of his age and wig and some kind of makeups.
So when he arrived I was so happy , I started loving him deeply now. So as soon as he came into my room, I locked the door and we kissed passionately and kiss his earlobes and neck. And we waited for my family to go out and once they went away , I dressed him up as a girl and put makeup and wig on him (learned from youtube) and he looked so cute and I told him that we are going for a date and I took out the car and went for a drive.
After a long drive , the Highway was looking clear with not much cars around and we started kissing as the car was on autopilot (tesla model 3) and I told him to undress and come sit on my cock and He undressed himself and me too I undid my trousers and I put some lubes on my cock and on his ass and he sat on my cock and it went deep inside and he was going up and down on my cock and going along with the song’s beats. And we kissed passionately and I licked his little nipples and pinch them and rub his stomach and all over his body with lube and began giving out loud moans and it excited me more again.
And we hugged while I started fucking him hard now and I felt more connected with him. And after few mins I came deep inside his ass and kissed him. And I told him to sit back on his seat and I started sucking his cock now and he told me that he wanted to pee now and I took his pee in my mouth and I drank it all and I started sucking it again and stroking it hard and I licked his dickhead and after few more rubbing he couldn’t hold it anymore and filled my mouth with his warm juicy cum and I drank it all again.
After that we kissed and got dressed up and headed back home and had more fun at night.
He told me that he love me very much now and I told him the same and we kissed again.
We enjoyed more sex at night making us both cum twice.

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  • Reply Bi 17

    You haven’t failed in making me enjoy myself, glad you’re taking care of your cousin he seems like he’s in good hands

    • Gesstabkdo

      Yeah …loved that you liked it.
      Do share your stories too