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Letting my wife go in the party

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I was young and ambitious so when I had a chance to be invited to a party of big league, I was ready to do anything to be a part of them.

Hi, I’m Adam, 28yr, 6’2″, Assistant to the campaign manager of our political party. I had a degree in law and social science. But here I was just a rookie making sure everything goes well. I was a loyal party member and devoted my time and energy to making sure my boss was happy with me. Because if he was, he would ensure to take care of me when our party wins.

3 months into this particular campaign and I was gaining his trust and confidence in me. I think this was the reason I was invited to the exclusive party fundraiser on Saturday. I was very excited as I would have a chance to meet some really influential people. I was also happy because I get to take my beloved wife of 2 years, Eleanor.

Eleanor and I have been together for like 5 years. And fell in love immediately, and have been going steady since. She is a beautiful white girl, from an Irish background. She is 23 yrs old, 5’8″, and is in finance. She had this beautiful red hair and small freckles. Not too much, just enough to make her extra sexy. She had 36DD breast, her whole family is gifted in this department. She has a slim waist and above-average ass. Not bad yeah?

So when she came to know that she is going to be a part of his amazing party, she started shopping immediately. Soon it was the night of the event and we got ready for the same.

We reached the venue. It was on a Chateau in Hamptons. It was so far away from the city and other houses, that we were not able to see any lights around apart from our place. I came out of the car door and helped my wife to dismount the vehicle. Her long white legs came out first. She was wearing golden heels, 6 inches long. Then she emerged from the car. She was wearing an off-shoulder, dress with a high slit till her pelvis. It was a red gown. She was wearing a golden neckless to compliment her huge cleavage. Her red hair and dress did garner a lot of attention. we walked in calmly, though inside we were both very excited to be there.

I met with my boss and introduced him to my wife. he did the same. My boss is a 55-year-old, bald man and his wife is a 51-year-old white, fat woman. She immediately disliked Eleanor, for her youth and beauty. But we all stuck together and smiled, politics right. Slowly the evening went along and my boss introduced me to a lot of party members and company heads. During all this, I somehow lost my wife.

I held my drink tight as I looked left and right to find my beloved wife. There she was. Who was next to her? It Mr. O’shea, the mayor? She was standing next to a pillar in the hall and the mayor was towering over her and chatting her up. She was just smiling and looking around. Looking for me I guess. I nudged my way through the crowd and inserted myself into their conversation.

“Ahh.. Mayor Sir, I see you have met my Wife, Eleanor. And.. By the way, I’m Adam. Timothy’s Assistant.”

The Mayor didn’t extend his hand, just looked at me up and down with his drink in hand and turned and left. I was not sure what was wrong, but ok. My wife thanked me and laughed and told me how creepy these men are here. As I laughed, I saw the mayor going to my boss and whispering something to him. They looked at us and Timothy nodded to him.

Soon the crowd was getting thin and Eleanor also wanted to go home. So I went to my boss and his wife and bid my farewell.

“Hey, Adam, wait. We cannot leave just now. I… I have arranged a meeting for us with the mayor and some other top party people. I’m sure you would like to be there. You want them to remember don’t you.”
“Oh yeah.. sure.. I understand. Let me get Eleanor a cab and I will be right back.”
“Hey, no let her stay. You won’t find a cab here anyway. Moreover, it should like 30-40min max. She can wait… can’t you Eleanor?”
“Yeah…Sure.. I mean if it is important for Adam, I will wait.”
“Great, here have some more wine and I will see where are they now.”

We looked at each other happily and chugged the wine. Mrs. Jones (Timothy’s wife) came out first and called Eleanor.
“Came Eleanor, let’s get a little comfortable, by the time the men have their chat.”

Eleanor left with Mrs. Jones and drank a little more and waited for Timothy. It was a huge place especially with so less people around right now. It was 1 am and I was waiting for Timothy for like 10 mins. Eleanor also hadn’t come back yet. So I gulped my drink and started to look for her.

This place was like a maze. It had so made corridors and doors. Suddenly I reached the other part of the building and saw some men around in the atrium-type location of that part of the building. Timothy was one of the members. I jogged to him and asked him about the meeting.

“Hey Boss, what’s up? How long do you think it will take to get that meeting?”
“Yeah, Adam, the thing is I have already arranged to make sure these guys have a positive take of you.”
“Wait what? They haven’t even met me yet.”
“Do not panic. See these people just want the thing that they want. If you get them that, they are happy and they will remember you for your service. You know what I mean.”
“Actually, no.. I do not understand what is going on. And what is going on in that room?”
“Adam.. Adam wait.. Listen,”

I pushed my way through the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The mayor was sitting on the bed sucking on my wife’s tits. She was standing there all naked.
“Eleanor” I shouted.

“Adam, it’s for us.” She said.

“Adam, let it happen. It’s for everyone’s good.” Timothy said.
“You know how these guys are. They want what they want.”
“See your wife is a wise woman, she is making way for you.”
“Let him in, and see that everything is ok” Mayor shouted from inside. Timothy pushed me inside and make me sit near the chair next to the door. He too sat next to me. Now I noticed two more people already inside drinking and jerking off. The chief of police and the DA. Wao, I was so screwed if I pulled my wife out of this. So I decided to just sit there calmly.

The mayor was a 63 yr old man but knew his way around a woman’s body. He threw her on the bed with her back on the sheets, and pulled her close to the edge of the bed. On his knees, he started to eat my wife’s pussy out. She had a small strip of red pussy hair. She was clinging to the bed sheet with her eyes closed, it seemed the mayor was doing a good job.

The police chief, Duncan decided to join the party and climbed the bed and shoved his dick inside my wife’s mouth. She welcomed the new player. Duncan was a 6’3″ black man with a huge dick. like 9 inches. All hard, veiny and girthy. I’m sure if she fucks her, this would be the biggest dick inside her ever. He was mauling her huge white boobs with his hands while he violated her mouth with his dick.

The mayor rose up and spits on his hard white dick. He lifts Eleanor’s legs in the air and started to fuck her pussy. Duncan leans forward and holds the legs apart with his hands, still fucking her mouth, allowing the mayor to have better access to the pink pussy.

After 15mins, Mayor got tired and sat down. Duncan jumped down and flipped Eleanor on her belly. The DA jumped on the bed, and laid on his back with his dick inside her mouth. She sucked on the dick while, Duncan, spread open her ass cheeks and was ramming her pussy hard.

“Red cheeks pussy is always so sweet to fuck” he said. He continued for a while.

They looked at each other and gestured something. Duncan pulled his dick out. Eleanor was still sucking on the DA’s dick. He was now holding her hair in a knot and making her give him deep throat. She was gagging. Then with another gesture, the DA shoved his dick inside her and held it tight with his both hands over her head. That’s when Duncan spits on his dick and shoved his dick deep in her asshole in one quick stroke.
She wanted to scream but she didn’t have enough air to breathe. Her eyes widened. But they didn’t stop and kept her choking her again and again. She gasped for air for a second. Then again in her position. She wanted the dick out of her ass, but Duncan didn’t stop. I could see a hint of blood on his dick and wanted to get up when Timothy held my hand. I saw he was jerking off to my wife getting fucked.

The DA wanted to fuck my wife so he got down from the bed and took her over from Duncan. He made her stand up and bent to her waist with her hands on the bed. He spread her legs a little further and slapped her ass cheeks. Then he started to fuck her pussy.

“Duncan, I think you made her cum with all that ass fucking. She is sooo wet.”

Duncan laughed sitting next to me and jerking off as Mayor was placing his dick inside Eleanor’s mouth.
A while later “Hey, can you guys help and hold her legs up while I fuck her.”

Timothy seemed like he knew what was requested. He went to the other side of DA and gestured for me to lift the other leg in the air. So we both raised her legs up as if she was superman flying. Her hands were resting on the bed, while Timothy and myself spread her legs apart for the DA’s pleasure. We basically pulled Eleanor’s whole body back into DA’s dick while he stood there. These powerful men. Are so lazy.

Seeing this Duncan rose up and lifted Eleanor completely from the bed and held her by her armpit and started to fuck her throat. Cannot lie it was a beautiful position. My wife is air spread out and getting spit roasted. The mayor was below her and sucking on her tities, like a hungry puppy.

Soon we got tired and placed her on the bed. With Duncan below and Eleanor on top of him in cowgirl style, with his dick up her pussy. Mayor placed his dick inside her ass. While DA showed his dick inside her mouth. The three with rummaging my wife’s assets. Her whole skin was in red hand prints due to the mauling of these elderly men. They fucked her for a few more mins before everyone started to cum inside her orifice. They threw her like a rag doll once they were done. She lay there tired on the bed with her eyes closed.

Mayor gestured to tag along as they walked to the attached private office next to the bedroom. There was an intern sitting there. Woke up when they opened the door. Without waiting for anyone to speak she just went on her knees and started to suck on men one by one cleaning them off.

“Listen, son, you did well today. Timothy has told me a lot about you. We will keep you in mind when the time comes. Stay in touch.”
They all patted my shoulder as I turned around to leave. The doors shut behind me. When I lifted my head, standing in the bedroom again, I saw Timothy was on top of Eleanor fucking her missionary style.

“Boss, what are you doing ?”
“Hey, Adam, let me finish off. I did make sure you get a chance with them, didn’t I. I think I too deserve her. It won’t take much time. Give me a minute.” He said in between his breaths.

I stood there holding the bedpost and he fucked my wife’s pussy holding her big boobs for support. His tummy was resting on her belly, it was hard even to see his dick. Anyways he finished in a minute as he promised.

Eleanor stood up and wiped her holes with a wet wipe in her purse. She just put on her dress and kept her underwear in her purse. She looked at me and kissed my lips and said. “I love you and I will fuck anyone to make sure you move ahead in life.”

“With this attitude, Adam, you will reach new heights in your career,” Timothy said, pulling himself in his pants.

I walked with Eleanor in my arms as she placed her head on my shoulder. She was exhausted.

It was 2:30pm when we left the chateau. It was just our car’s headlight and the moonlight showing us the way away from that place.

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  • Reply smarter than you ID:2zicts608m

    These type of stories are so pointless and stupid. You were violated along with your wife. These “powerful men” won’t do anything for you, and so what if they did – they come and go with the votes and have no real power. Your marriage is just a piece of meaningless paper. You treat a dog better than your wife it would seem

  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

    Excellent story.
    The words ” I will fuck anyone ” are right here with the top most wonderful words some husbands love to here.

  • Reply PubPlayer ID:srbjo7fv9a

    “I love you and will fuck anyone …” Brilliant story. Good job, Thank you!

  • Reply PervUncle ID:pwu4hgy6ii

    Make her have those old men’s babies… breed her like a bitch she is.

    • Janette Stein ID:h09jr6uekt5

      My husband has gone up the promotion ladder at work. It’s all due to my efforts. I’ve fucked the chairman and directors
      He is very appreciated and buys anything I ask for
      [email protected]

    • Manipulative slut ID:4bn00en3fia

      Janette, i have also used the body and good looks my creator has given me to manipulate horny men into giving me what i want. Including school principals and teachers when i was young, dads business associates, CEOs etc

  • Reply BlackBull23 ID:1fto8yxrqi

    Wife of my dreams.

  • Reply Joe Biden ID:1fto8yxrqi

    umm.. made me cum so hard.. Well written.

  • Reply Husband ID:1ardd6ti8j

    My son was arrested for speeding and dui just before he started university. The police commisioner was black and wanted to use my son to set an example. During the first night in prison my son was beaten. We went to the mayor. Was told to come see him the next day. There was a function going on so we had to dress formally. Long story …the mayor and his brother wanted to fuck my wife in exchange for releasing my son and scrapping charges.
    When they were done they let the 3 blac bodyguards use her. Luckily they were all on small size. That was the first time she was made to take cum in her mouth and cock up her ass. Was emotionally challenging for us both but a huge turnon at the same time

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  • Reply sDrefe ID:uas


  • Reply Want More ID:99wekc4z

    Great story, can’t wait for part 2. Everyman needs a wife like this.

    • Sammy ID:1rou39xh

      Wow that’s a hard one my ex would always drive her sister home after she was drinking one night when I pulled up to the house and walked past her car I couldn’t help but see they were both in the back seat

    • Sammy ID:1rou39xh

      Our kids were out of town playing softball for the weekend and when I got home and opened the garage door my ex wife’s car was parked in the garage when I opened the kitchen door I heard my neighbor talking to her saying that she should take it all in