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I miss the “70’s” 2

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I finally broke Carmen in. She doesn’t realize she was being broke in. She will be devastated when she figures it out.

I didn’t realize how much time went by. I was called upstairs to go over the rest of what I needed to know. I told him I spent the hole time cleaning her up and I really want to fuck her. He said she has had no training at all, if I like he will let me be the one to break her in and teach her. No one else will touch her until I am finished.  I found out that there are a lot of important clients and we had a lot of protection as well as being backed by people you don’t double cross. They keep us supplied with plenty of girls.

It was starting to get late and I had to head home, but I couldn’t wait to come back.  The next couple of days I was kept very busy, Since it was Friday and Saturday.  I kept Carmen out of sight during that weekend.  I felt like a hotel maid. I was changing so many sheets,  It was fun to make sure the girls washed up well.  I would even get to fill my hands up with soap and rub them down real good.  I worked non-stop all weekend. I heard of blue balls and now I know that it is real and it hurts.
Monday when I came back the head guy gave me some money,  He said it’s payday and I earned it.  He also said sooner or later my parents are going to know where I’m always at.  I don’t really think so they keep very busy.  Anyway this way I can tell them that I am doing odd jobs and making some money.  So, they don’t wonder too much.  I am just happy to get to play with the girls.  I don’t even think about girls my age now, I just want these sweet young things.

I then went to Carmen and made sure she ate and tham had her follow me around while I made sure everything was clean and stocked. She was still carrying her little baby doll around with her. Once I was done I washed her up and dressed her nice and sexy, Then I took her up stairs to the red room. It was mostly red with some pind, while, and a little black.  It looked like it was decorated for Valentine’s day.  I Then took her doll and I started to kiss it on the forehead, and cheeks. I then kissed Carmen the same way. I then gabe the doll a quick kiss on the mouth and Then I gave Carmen a quick kiss on the mouth and she kissed back.  OK I thought she thinks it is like a game so this will work well.  I said kiss and then did it for longer, and Carmen did as well. We had our lips together for a good minute.  She was really a good kisser.

I then started kissing and licking the chest area of her doll. Carmen blushed and put her hands over her chest. She seemed embarrassed.  I did it again and made the dolly act like she enjoyed it.  Carmen then slowly put her arms down to her sides and she undid her shirt buttons and kept her eyes on the ground.  I slowly kissed her from her lips, down her neck and to her chest. I then started to kiss her nipples and I started tickling them with the tip of my tongue.

She was so very embarrassed, but I could tell she liked it.  I just started suckling her breast like I was a little baby, then I noticed that she had tears rolling down her cheeks. So, I stopped and started to leave my head away from her chest.  She then held on to my head with both her hands and she pulled my back to her chest. I started going back to sucking on them.  She began to let out some very soft and quiet moans as she pulled me tighter into her.  After a while  she put her lips to mine and she started kissing me and slipped her tongue into my mouth in nothing flat.

After making out for about another 10 minutes I took her dolly and lifted the dolly skirt and started licking between the dollys legs. Then I stopped and looked up at Carmen.  She was just staring at me with eyes that looked like a deer caught in the headlights.  She was frozen and didn’t move or even try to say anything.  She just kept looking at me.  I put my hand on her thigh and started to pull her shorts down.

Carmen pulled away and closed her legs tight, almost going into a fetal position.  I looked away like I was sad and started to get up off of the bed. She then grabbed my wrist and pulled it to her. She positioned herself on the bed and started pulling down her shorts.  As she did this the tears started flowing down her face rapidly and I could hear her crying under her breath as she was trying to breathe.  She was so mixed up wanting and yet not wanting to do this.  I started french kissing her again to relax her and make her feel better. I know she really liked kissing.

She then spread her legs apart and pushed my head down between her thighs.  I started to kiss her pussy lips which was easy to see that they had become swollen.  I kissed around her pussy then I started to lick around and in between the lips.  Her pussy lips were bald and smooth as could be. Her breathing started getting very heavy as she started moaning louder and louder.  My mind was becoming dizzy as I tasted the sweet nectar that was flowing from her little tight sweet love canal.
Over the next hour bodies twisted and rolled over each other and before I knew it we were both in a 69 position  and we were both enjoying it very much.  I remember when I first saw her, I just wanted to spank that sweet ass red and fuck her hard and rough as she begged me not to.  This is not working out the way I wanted, but I didn’t care.   I was enjoying this more than anything I have ever experienced in my life.  While she was sucking on my cock I couldn’t help it, I ejaculataed a large wad of cum into her mouth. She started gagging and coughing it up, but she had so much trouble she had to finally swallow it.  She then grabbed hold of me and wanted to just keep kissing more. She kept pushing my hand between her legs.

I never had to pretend to fuck her dolly,  She was hot and I turned on all her desires. She wanted me and she wanted me bad.  She might have been happy with any man willing to please her.  That is hard to say.  I was between her legs and she was guiding my cock into her pussy and the next thing I knew I was thrusting my hips into her.  She was crying and screaming for me to stop. She did know a few words of English, like NO, Stop, Don’t, It hurts, Pain, and Please.  I just couldn’t stop. It felt so good and so tight. I had to keep going and the more she wanted to stop, the more turned on I got and the more I wanted to continue.  I broke through her hymen and I  was able to see some of the blood on my cock, but I just wanted to keep going.   It felt so good and as much as  it may have hurt her she still had an Orgam like I never saw the other girls do. She actually wrapped her legs around me and was thrusting her hips into me as I was thrusting mine into hers.   I filled her womb with all of the cum I had. I must have ejaculated at least 3 loads into her and maybe 4.  After I was done I kept my cock in her just hoping to get hard again and do it more. but I stayed soffit and after a few minutes I finally pulled out of her. we just hugged and I spooned her for a while then I took her back down to her mattress and I had to go home then.

The next week we got two new girls in and Carmen hated them.

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4oic

    Oh yeah 70s and 80s were the best.The best music, great parties, no dam cell phones or internet.People were real not fake like today.not stupid like the kids today, just read all the unrealistic bull shit stories on here, it speaks for itself.

  • Reply Daddylover ID:1clmulxulbx3

    I love stories like this! More please!!!