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Me and daddy

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A friend told ne about seeing her brothers cock and that lead to me and Mt daddy forming a special bond

My name is stella . My mum left me and my dad when I was one . Dad said it was because she just couldn’t handle being a mum and wanted out . So it’s been me and my dad ever since . I turned 18 3 months ago . My dad is like my dad and best friend all mixed into one . I can talk to him about anything. Well things sorted of changed for us after my 13th birthday . It was my 13th birthday party and one of my best friends was telling us how she accidentally walked in on her older brother in the bathroom and he was fully naked and she saw his cock . For the next week it was in my mind . I was always that type of girl wanting to know everything so bow it was in my head I wanted and needed to see a cock . Thing was I didn’t know how till it came to me . Friday nights was my dads drinking night . Very often he would drink alittle to much and pass out . Well Friday night came and he started drinking . I waited till I thought he was passed out . I went to him and tapped his shoulder and he didn’t seem to stir . I went and started to unbutton his trousers . I was thinking if I can see anyone’s it can be my dads . I knew it was wrong but I just needed to . I pulled down his pants slowly . Then as I started to pull down his jocks he stired alittle but never woke up . His trousers and jocks fully down i got to see his cock . It wasn’t really hard but I was thinking to myself wow it’s so long and thick. He would of had about a 8 inch cock and we’ll yes thick . I looked at for a minute and couldn’t help myself as I put my hand around it and started to feel it . After only lime 30 seconds of me holding it he stired and said ” What is going on ? ” . I was so between scared and embarrassed I ran to my room crying . Only like a minute passed till he was in my room and asked what happened . I explained I just was wanting to see what a cock looked like and how one felt . He had only came in with his jocks on and waked over and sat on the bed beside me . He started tells me that’s its OK and he understands that I was just curious as most girls are at my age . I was then shocked as he asked if I wanted to see it and feel it again and I couldn’t help but say yes . He took of his jocks then told me to put my hand on it . So I did . It felt weird but I wanted to . He told me to move my hand up and down . So I started moving my hand up and down his cock . In no time I could feel and see it getting harder . Soon my dad was moaning to the movements of my hand . His cock getting harder and harder . I start seeing the vains popping out through the skin of his cock . I move my hand alittle faster . He asks if I want to see him cum . I say yes . I so wanted to see what it was like to see a man cum . He is groaning so loud as my hand works his hard cock . Soon he tells me he is going to cum . I slow my hands movements and watch as his sticky white cum starts flowing from his cock . Soon as he is finished he asked if I had fun . I tell him it was fun and I’m glad his was the first cock I got to see and touch . He smiles as he picks up his jocks and tells me he is going to clean up and head to bed as he walks out of my room . The next few days were just like normal . It was like nothing even happened . In my head i couldn’t stop thinking of seeing his cock . In a way I knew we should never have but I was so glad he let me . Well it was three nights later . I had been in my room for like a hour . My dad knocked and I said ” come in ” . He came in and sat next to me on my bed . He looks at me in my pj top and shorts . He says as I got to see and feel his cock can get to see my body . I was so nervous . I could feel my tummy turn into knots but I couldn’t stop . I got up off the bed and slowly unbuttoned my pj top then took it off . He was getting his first look at my little teen titts . They were just off being a A cup . My little pink nipples started hardening . He gets up and starts feeling my titts . Telling me how nice and soft they were and that were just the perfect size . Then after a few minutes of him massaging my titts and rubbing my nipples he says ” Now your shorts ” . So I slowly slide them off followed by my panties . Now he was getting to see my teen pussy . There was hardly any traces of hair on it . He put his hand at my little clit and rubbed it . I couldn’t help but moan out as he did . He asked if I liked it and I said yes daddy . He kept going for a few minutes and I couldn’t stop moaning . I could feel a dampness growing in my pussy . Soon he stopped and I jumped as his finger started to run along my slit them parting it and it touched my tight hole . He rubbed it saying how soft and tight I was . He didn’t do that long before he stopped . He said I could dress again and said what a beautiful daughter he had . I couldn’t believe we just did all that but in a way I was glad we did . Again a few days passed with nothing and things going like normal . I was sort of wishing for more and I didn’t have to wait long . A few nights later he walks into my room naked . He asks me if I’ve ever heard of a blow Job or deep throat . I had sort of heard of it but told him I wasn’t sure . He told me I would such on his cock and as it got harder he would push it down my throat and he would cum in my throat and I would swallow it all . I won’t lie I was so scared . He asked if I wanted to . I said I would try . I don’t know why I was wanting all this but I was so much and with my dad . He tells me to get on my knees so I do . He walks forward . His cock was basically level with my mouth . He tells me put put my mouth over his cock so I do . Then he tells me to start moving my mouth . So I start moving my tiny mouth up and down his cock . Soon I can feel it getting harder . He asks me to start using my tongue . I let my tongue move around his cock as it’s moving in and out of my mouth . My mouth streaching as his cock grows . I can feel it already nearly at the end of my mouth . The feeling of my tongue is making him so hard so fast . He grabs my head and tells me to let him take control . He is holding head tight and still and moving all but the tip of his rock hard cock out of my mouth then pushing it back in . The feeling of it touching the back of my mouth hurts alittle but I let him keep going . He looks down at me and tells me he is going to push it into my throat . I’m scared but ready myself for it . As his cock passes into my throat for the first time I gag and cough . Tears flow from my eyes and down my cheeks . It hurt so bad . With every stroke I gag and droll starts flowing from the sides of my over streached mouth . He is moving faster in and out of my throat now . His cock is so big it feels like he is going to damage my throat . All you can hear is Mr gagging and coughing as his cock fucks my throat . My throat is hurting and burning . My mouth aches . He is starting to moan and speed up . I know what that means . I know he is about to cum . He tells me to get ready to taste daddy’s cum and to swallow it all . He pushes one last time deep into my throat and holds it there as he starts cumming . Stream after stream of his hot cum is shooting into my throat . I’m gagging as im trying to swallow it all . There is so much some if it coming up my throat and dripping from the sides of my streached mouth . The salty taste is hard to take and not throw up . My tummy feels funny as I swallow as much as I can of it . Soon he is done and pulls out . He looks at me and tells me how good I did and how proud of me he was . That made me feel like it was worth it . Over the next two weeks every couple of nights he would come in and get me to play with his cock and to suck on it and deep throat him . As the time went on I still gagged alot but it got easier . My mouth didn’t get as sore . I got use to the taste . I thought was going to be as far as we would go . I really had not even thought things could have gone this far . It had been nearly 3 weeks after I first deep throated his cock . He comes into my room . He tells me to strip and lay on the bed . I wasn’t really nervous about being naked in front of him anymore as he has seen me naked so much by now . I lay on the bed and he lifts my legs up so they are bent . His head goes between my legs . I jump as I feel his tongue touch my clit . His tongue starts running around my clit . I let out a large sigh as his tongue starts its job on my clit . In no time he has my clit growing in size . As it’s growing its getting more and more sensitive to his touch . I can’t help but start panting and moaning . He lifts his head up and says as I’ve gotten to make him cum so many times he is not going to stop till I orgasm and cum . Back down his head goes and he keeps at my clit . I can feel my juices starting to get more and more . He could tell by my moaning I wanted more . He starts running his tongue up and down my slit . That felt so amazing . The coarseness off his tongue against the soft slit of my pussy . My hips moving pushing against his mouth . Soon his tongue had parted my slit and was touching my tight hole . My juices now dripping from my pussy . My dad getting to taste his daughter . As his tongue pushed past my hole and into my pussy that’s all I took . I was screaming and having my first ever orgasm . It felt like shocks going through my pussy . I’d never felt something so amazing . He kept going through my orgasm . Then moving from inside my pussy to my clit . It only took like 5 minutes more till I felt the pressure build and I was coming . He buried his tongue deep inside my pussy as I cummed getting to taste it all . Soon as I finished he came and and started kissing me . Omg that could of given me another orgasm right there getting to taste my self as he was kissing me . Well the next 6 weeks really didn’t change that much . Well in a way they did . We started to often shower together . Washing each other’s bodies . Nearly every night we would sleep in my bed or his together . Most night it would be me giving him head of him eating me out till I cummed . I wanted more but was to scared to say . I was more leaving all the moves up to him . I so wanted my dad to fuck me and take my virginity . Well I didn’t have to wait that much longer . We were laying in bed and he asked me how I would feel about him fucking me . I told him instantly I had been wanting him to . He smiled at me then started kissing me . As he was kissing me his hand moved down and slide off his jocks . Then he got my right hand and placed it on his cock . He didn’t even have to say a word my hand started moving up and down . I wanted to get him hard so fast . I think it was the thought of getting to take my virginity that made him get hard really quick . Soon as he was hard he stopped kissing me . He layed me on the bed and took off my silk night shorts and my pink lace panties . He layed on top of my . I felt his cock running along my slit . My breathing deepened in anticipation of what was about to happen . He started to push his cock past my slit till it found my hole . I grunted as he started to push against my tight hole . I started to cry out in pain as he pushed harder and harder against my hole trying to force his large cock into me . He asked me if I wanted him to stop and I said no . I wanted this . I knew it was going to hurt me . He pulled back his cock and spitted on it . His saliva helped and after 3 more pushes against my hole I yelped as I felt the head of his cock enter me . He held it there for a second then another push . I gasped for air and cried out as I felt my hole streach open more taking more of his cock . It was hurting so much . He started to slowly thrust his hips . I could feel every single part of his cock going into me . Widening my tight hole . Then I felt it the head of his cock touched my hymen . He looked down at me and said
” are you sure “? I was to busy breathing deep and crying out to say anything and just nodded . I felt him pull back a tiny bit then push with all his force . I cried out in so much pain as his cock ripped through my hymen taking my virginity . I’d finally lost my virginity . I layed there as he fucked me . Grunting as his Thrust after thrust till I could feel his ball slapping against me . His whole cock inside if me . Then he starts to quicken pace . It was still hurting but felt good at the same time . I was grunting and moaning at the same time . As his thrusts speeded up I started to move my hips with him . The feeling of his big cock burying into me so deep with every thrust . I could feel how streached my pussy was . I was thinking will it ever be so tight again . Soon he asks me if he can cum in me . I said ” Please cum in me daddy I want to feel it in me ” . In a way I was shocked with myself but I did want it . Soon his thrusts slowed down . I could feel his cock pulsing inside of me . Then he was cumming . His hot cum filling the depth of my pussy . He soon finished and pulled out . I layed there feeling his cum leaking from my pussy . Soon we went and showered and went to sleep . The next couple of days we didn’t do much as I was sore . Well like 2 weeks passed and then something new happened and I was in complete shock . As he was licking my pussy he stopper and pulled my so my legs were hanging over the bed . I didn’t think much of it as he just went back to licking my pussy . But then his hands gripped each of my ass cheeks and opened them wide . Then I twitched around as I felt his tongue touch my anus . I was shaking and twitching as his tongue moved around it . He stops and tells me it will be ok and to trust him so I do . He goes back and starts again . I can soon feel the tip of his tongue parting that super tight anus ring and enter my ass . He has to hold my ass tight as I jump as it does . It feels so weird . His tongue moving in and out of my anus . More and more going in . I start to moan at the feeling of his tongue inside my ass . Him working it in and out . He let’s go of my cheeks and one hand starts to rub my clit . In no time I’m cumming with his finger on my clit and his tongue in my ass . It was a new and weird feeling but I can’t say I didnt like it . The next night we were laying naked together in his bed . He suddenly grabbed me and put me like I was the night before . I knew his cock was hard . I knew what was about to happen and I was not going to stop him no matter how much it hurt . I knew one girl who had anal sex and she said it nearly killed her it hurt so much and she would never let a guy do it to her again but I didn’t care I wanted daddy to fuck my ass . He got behind me and I ft him rubbing his cock along the crack if my little ass . He asked if he could fuck my tight ass and I said ” yes daddy you can ” . He proceeded to rub the crack of my ass . I jumped as I felt the head of his cock touch my anus . I knew I was about to have his cock in my ass . Probably tearing it but I didn’t care . I felt the pressure on my anus ring build as he pushed against it more and more . Instincts took over and I tried to fight away as the head of his cock opened up my anus and forced its way inside . He held me so tight . I could feel my ring clenching around the head of his cock tight . My anus pulsing trying to push out the invasion but the head of his cock stayed in . He keeps on working his cock . I scream so loud as I feel another inch of his cock work in . The ring of my anus was on fire . My ass clenching so tight . He slaps my ass cheeks hard and that was enough for them to unclench for a second and he pushes and I yell out loud and can feel nearly all his cock go inside my ass . I could feel the searing pain of the ring of my anus tear . He starts fucking my ass so hard . I couldn’t stop crying and screaming . The pain like nothing I’d ever felt . The harder he went the more it felt like he was going to fuck into my tummy . I could feel my anus was no longer resisting . Then he slowed down . Making it that I could feel every inch of his cock going into my ass and back out . Soon I felt him push in hard and start cumming . It burned feeling that hot cum in my torn ass . I heard the pop sound as he pulled out . My ass convulsing pushing out his cum onto the bed . Well it’s been abit over 5 years now . We know sleep in the same bed every night . Every night do something sexual together but that will have to soon slow down as I’m pregnant . The last couple of Years we got into some other naughty stuff that was such a turn on . I don’t think I’ll ever want another guy . My dad is all I need . No one will ever feel as good aa he does . No one will ever make me cum like he does . The biggest turn on is when he gets me to squirt but even more when he is going down on me and me squriting while he is .


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