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Good boy Herbie

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Walking back to the bedroom after getting a middle of the night drink , a noise coming from the den catches my attention and I head In that direction to make sure my benefactor didn’t fall asleep in front of the tv again , when I start up the three stairs that lead into the den I hear my benefactor say ” it will feel good I promise” as I peek around the corner I’m shocked as I see my benefactor sitting beside his nephew both have their pants pulled down, as my benefactor strokes his nephew dick he says , “see don’t that feel good boy,” Herbie shakes his head yes I watch as my benefactor leans over spitting on the boys dick , the boy moans my benefactor says, ” you like that Herbie ?” I barley hear Herbies reply as he says ” yes ” my benefactor starts to get up and for a second I think I’ve been caught spying , but instead he gets into the floor in front of herbie bending down he licks the head of Herbies dick before sucking it into his mouth , I can’t seem to look away as his head moves up and down between his nephews legs , after a few minutes he pauses long enough to say ” you want to get off in uncles mouth boy?” Herbie shakes his head yes quickly , he sucks his dick back into his mouth and moves even faster , Herbie puts his hands on his uncle’s head and groans loudly as he gets off , when he’s done my benefactor stands up reaching down helping his nephew to his feet he says now you suck mine son , he pushes down on Herbies shoulders till the boy is in front of him on his knees , my benefactor says”open your mouth that’s it oh yes, suck it that’s it suck it good boy yes , he moves back and forth pushing his dick in and out of his nephews mouth , ” that’s it suck it oh fuck I’m gonna come boy suck suck hard oh he grabs his nephews head and shoves his dick down the boys throat as he gets off ,”your such a good boy herbie”

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  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20d

    Need more of this wonderful tale.

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    Google chat to send me cock pics.

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    Mine to my uncle did me and my older sister he would give me the first nut so he could last longer with my sister

  • Reply Jeff ID:1749tahr9

    Love it. Reminds me of my uncle and I when I was 11.