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The Classroom (Cont 1)

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The church and further adventures with Kenny

Back home things seemed a little different I asked Kenny can you feel it
He said only that i seem to have an urge to go back there same here so I gues thats what we do
W went to bed but even that was different Kenny took control it was nice but strange and I gave myself to him. In the morning everything was normal and the week went by until Saturday and we turned up for Evensong it wasn’t long before the parishioners had gone and we were in the empty church. The Father appered in his multi coloured cassocK walking around lighting the alter candles and preparing the cloth

Shall we undress and oil?
We complied and were soon naked and glistening
Shall we complete an exchage who will volentere?
Kenny stepped forward I wish to double exchange with you Father
My My Kenny that is wonderful of you my thanks
Will you require the shackles my dear boy?
Please Father I wish to feel restrained
We fixed the wrist bands and rings stretching his arms and legs to the limit exposing his rosebud
The father kneels over him and gently enters him I watch with horror but amazement as one of the 10 inches then two then three and at last the whole length is deep in his bowel Kenny is moaning in esctasy until the Father with a Jerk of his body allows his sperm to flow however not stopping the Father fucks for a little while as withdrawing his length
Exchanging positions the Father takes the prone position and Kenny altough smaller enters him and one can tell by the Fathers moans he is satisfied with Kennys sperm
So we are together naked and oiled as I step forward to complete the Fathers exchanged I ask for the shackles and when prepared the Father enters my bud impossibly it expands to take his mushroom shaped head then allows the shaft to enter I moan with delight as he pushes deep then begins to fuck my body jerks and trembles I find my buttocks rising to meet him feeling his masive scrotum against them
Soon he is finished and I can feel his juice just as when I took it in my cunt
Our church adventure ended in a particluar way weeks after we called at the church asking after the Father we were told theyhad never heard of the person we described and no they hadn’t had an Evensong for months

I hadn’t had real cock for months since the Father whoever the hell he was Kenny was about 7″ and an experienced lover but at 14 I don’t think he’s going to get much bigger and I wa craving
Fuck crawling Kenny called it
He was doing fine even offered me to watch his conquests one day I gave in
It’s an oldy mom he said excitedly
So the evening arrived and the lady arrived I thought he had been teasing me she was well made up and coffured fashionably dressed but she must have been 70 if a day She held out her hand Kate I’m pleased to meet you Kenny has told me all about you
This should be fun
Kenny and I thought if we used your bedroom and you would be comfortable in that armchair in the corner? dumbfounded I nodded in agreement
We went into the bedroom she went behind the sceen to prepare
and came our with a corset suspender spandex holding sheer silk stockings her bra a half cup I just took one look and my hand went up my skirt
Meanwhile Kenny had undressed and I could see he was at his peak
We’ll do missionary first Mom and that was he did he had her sceaming in minutes
they turned on there side then cowgirl and all the time she was screaming obscenities and he was responding He managed to pant now i’m going to fuck her old asshole and he slipped out and in as I have taught him
Now she did scream
Big Vibe Top Drawer Mom
In her cunt!!!
I did slow at first then caught up with the excitement deeper and deeper faster and faster
Now tell my mom how old you really are!!
I’m 70
No your not your an old hag all this time she is takeig the vibe and his stiff cock
I’m 75
No your an old hag and if you don’t tell the truth I’ll never fuck you again
oh no i love you fucking me Kenny only you does it nice Im 80
Good girl and we withdraw
Isn’t she wonderful mom we play that how old game all the time
Now show mom the real you
Are yo sure
Yes mom will love you
She went not behind the screen but into the ensuite
Then behind the screen she came out
devoid of make up and her hair down
My pants were soaking aftter watchig their fuck
Her wrinkled breasts hung to her waist
her wrinkled belly above a swollen mound of cunt she lifted her leg to display her drooping labia
I know i shouldn’t have but I held my arms out she came to me and I kissed her feeling one breast with one hand and one fingering her cunt then sucking at a breast and sliding down to part her legs and suck at her cunt Apart from the Father I have never felt like this
Can she stay Kenny
Of course Mom I’ll take my room
So we climbed in the bed
She was gone in the morning
I came down to breakfast
There you are mom just think of everything you have done for me
That was wonderful Kenny were on earth did you get her
aha thats a secret
I pestered him and he said don’t hold up much it’s an old folks home she does some cleaning for pocket money The old girls are easy pickings
What if I did some volentary work
Well I kow the Manager I could ask him he would need to see you

So that was arranged Kenny had told the Manager the truth that his pocket money had helped but his mom would liketo help in a volentaury way
I dresses as conservatly as possibly hoping I still looked attractive and was taked on straight away the Manager saying they neededb somebody for counselling and I would be ideal he gave me some files for me to peruse and to return in the morning
I immediatly saw Kennys lady Susan and decidedto visit her first
We had a good giggle when we recognised each other and had a cuddle and finger promissing to see each other later
She gave me the lowdown of the men and it was pretty dissaponting but than she could only go on if she had been approached
So I went to see him
I introduced myself and my position and asked if he had any problems? frustrations?
He asked if I was qualified I promised anything between us was strictly confidential
Well understadably he ws sexually and the lady he is most attracted to Susan doesn’t seem to want to know
Maybe you are approaching it wrong
Maybe Susan likes the foreward approach you know she may be as lonely as you
I put my hand on his thigh
He didn’t move
I mean what if she didn’t say anything or maybe did this
I put my hand on his zip
shall I lock the door dear
He was panting yes yes
I unzipped him and he had already stiffenned as I knelt and sucked him deeply
He was no real size but a good thickness and it wsnt long before I took a stream of his cum down my throat
There now I’m sure Susan would appreciate that
Susan and I met giggling when I told her I had set her a suck!!
There was one gentleman I thought a possibility mainly because he was relatively young
So I called on him usaul introductions and questions.
That day I was wearing a light summer dress a kind of chiffon see thro
no tights so basically apart from my bra that was it a no pantie day it was sweltering
He said that is a lovely dress my wife hd one just like it but its virtually see thro isnt it
and shows up panties
I smiled it can do
But your not wearing any
No I find them cumbersome i this weather
Can I see you know lift up the hem?
aha we used to play this at school how did it go you show me yours
I’ll show you mine?
So I’m game if you go first
He hesitated
Then unzipped he was only half hard but already about 8″
Good god man what have you been hiding I turned to lock the door turned back and lifted my hem to give him full view By this time he had riose to full erectiion and that must have been well over 9″
He was on his knees licking me like a dog i was parting my legs to let his tongue have access
Get your pants off!!
I pulled off my dress dropped onto his bed with open legs fuck it!!!
he virtually pounced on me his cock slamming into my cunt fucking me in a frenzy god he was pent up no matter how I was telling him to slow he hammered me until god knows what parrt of my innards it all went
Whe he had calmed down I promised him he could have a suck and a fucka week if he promised to slow down nice and easy
He agreed and apologised
Apart from Susan and I fucking well finger fucking and stuff and Mr big cock as we christened him i didn’t find anyone else and as Susan promised she could get me in for a weekly fuck I went to see the Managr to explain I couldn’t stay
It was summer and he said he was sorry as I was like a breath of fresh air around the place especially in those dresses
I thanked him they are ideal for the summer Then I had a cheeky thought Oh and I don’t wear anything under them allows for the air flow!!
He flushed and stammered nothing at all
Oh my bra but thats because I’mnot as young as I was not bad though
Promise to turn away
He did straight away I unzipped the back of my dress enough to get at my bra awkward as it was and popped it in my handbg
Turn around
There now I have nothing underneath
He just slupmed in his chair and thats every summer day?
apart from the bra yes you can see can’t you?
I knew I had a sag
well just a bit I suppose
Now before i go isn’t there anything else? all my papers sorted
he was still stuttering non everythings fine
I’ll just put my bra on then
This time I dropped my dress to my ankles and as slowly as I could fixed my bra before putting it back on
He couldn’t stand it any more and came round the desk I stopped him undress first! he pulled off his clothes one by one and stood naked his cock proud not large but thick i knelt down and took it between my lips he held my head and fucked gently it was seconds before I felt the spurt down my throat
I pushed him off and sat on the edge of the desk hold them open he did pulling them out and up to expose a soaking wet cunt
another spurt and he was finished I dressed and left him to than his good luck

At home I recounted my adventures to Kenny

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