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Wife tricked into getting pregnant by black man

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My wife wanted to know what it would be like to be fucked by a black man

My wife was fooling around on me. Patricia was on birth control pills at the age of 42,she thought she could have sex and not get pregnant. So I talked to our doctor and told him that my wife wanted to have another baby. So he put her on fertility drugs to increase egg production and wake up her ovaries. She thought she was taking a new birth control pill but was on her way to getting pregnant. When we had sex I made sure that I don’t cum inside her. As weeks go by it will take 3 weeks to get birth control out of her system. We started watching porns with black guys fucking white milfs she was really getting built up inside with them black cocks. That Friday night, we got high,she took some Xanax s drinking bloody Mary’s, we started watching porns, she was really fucked up,she said that she wanted to big black cock, so I called over a friend, when John showed up, she was so excited. I told John that my wife needs a good fucking,, OK he replies and reached out and took my wife hand and pulled her up off the couch. He led her to our bedroom, he started to remove her clothes, started with her top then her bra, when her big 38dd fell out he started to get a hard, ad be got my wife undressed, he laid her down on the bed, spread her legs, stared at her smooth big,wet pussy. He got down between her legs and started to eat her pussy, it wasn’t long before her pussy was s wet hot messy hole wanting a big hard cock. John crawled up between her thighs and shoved his ,9’cock deep inside of my wife. Oh God, you feel so big ,oh God it feels so good, ad they fucked I could hear that she was about to cum,and so was John as my wife let out uhhhhh,uhhhhh and John started cumming I asked my wife can you feel him pumping his baby inside you Patricia Bueto and she mumbled yeah hey baby I said John just put a baby in you, John and my wife fucked, 3times leaving more sperm deep inside her womb as Patricia cums,her uterus opens up,and John pumped his sperm straight up her tubes. What a night 6 weeks later my wife missed her period, she went to the doctor and she was pregnant. She couldn’t figure out how she got pregnant, when she was on birth control. Twins when her twins were born and she saw they were black, I asked her,how does that black cock feel now Patricia Thomas Bueto, you got you some black sperm inside you remember when I asked you if you felt John pumping his baby in you. Remember when I said John just put a baby in you, remember now you will be a black man’s whore now Ms Bueto

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