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Holly and Bambi become interracial sex slaves

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Holly and Bambi are blonde, beautiful and college cheerleaders. Holly wanted BBC and Bambi went along.

Holly and Bambi were the epitome of the perfect girls every parent dream of: absolutely gorgeous blondes with gorgeous bodies and considered the ‘sweet girl next door’. These were the girls guys craved and other girls were jealous of. Both were cheerleaders in college, 19YO and while they fucked many white football players, they stayed away from the black players so their reputation wouldn’t be tainted. However, Holly fantasized being naughty and being used by a black dominant. Every night she masturbated at the fantasy.
Holly was the leader and Bambi obediently followed. One evening Holly told Bambi that she wanted to go to an all black bar at the other side of town, known for being loose with the rules. Bambi was a little scared, but Holly insisted and told Bambi not to tell anyone so their reputation isn’t tarnished.
Holly told Bambi she really wanted sex and that the two should dress slutty. Bambi giggled but agreed. So, they both wore short pleated skirts, black seamed nylons stay ups, and a tight buttoned up knit blouses. Holly told Bambi to not wear underwear. “We’re trying to get laid quickly, all that underwear will just get in the way.”
Off Holly and Bambi went in her BMW being from a wealthy family. Walking in the bar, Holly decided to show off and twirled which inadvertently flashed her pussy. Holly and Bambi giggled. Both sat down for drinks and immediately had a dozen guys surrounding them. Two guys bought them shots of Vodka that they drank quickly and the guys pulled them up and said “let’s dance baby.”
They danced for a bit, the guys grabbing the girls asses, sliding their hands up their skirts and showing everyone their bare asses. Holly and Bambi were too drunk to even mind. Besides they were there to get laid.
One of the guys (Jerome) laid out a dare to the two girls, “I’m going to put a twenty on the table, who ever grabs the twenty first, gets laid by us two guys, the other girl gets sloppy seconds. The two girls being very drunk giggled and agreed. Jerome laid the twenty down and Holly being the dominant, pushed Bambi aside and grabbed the twenty. Bambi said “Sorry babe, but I need a good fuck tonight.”
Jerome put a collar on Holly with a leash and said “OK baby, come with me for your fucking.” Holly said “Oh My God! this is so kinky” and asked “aren’t we going to a car?” and Jerome said “no baby, not enough room, I’ll fuck you in the pool room in the back.”
Holly stood up and Jerome said “baby you’re not going to be needing these anymore” and ripped off her blouse and skirt. Holly almost fell in humiliation with her knees wobbling standing stark naked in front of the whole bar. Bambi just laughed and said “well I guess you’ll get your wish Holly, you little slut.”
Holly followed Jerome, staggering because of the alcohol. Once in the pool room, the players stopped and stood aside as Jerome cuffed Holly behind her back, picked her up and laid her on the pool table. Holly was scared yet giggling as she was totally helpless and drunk.
To Bambi’s shock and horror, she was also collared by the other guy, Dwayne. Dwayne stripped Bambi’s clothes off, cuffed her hands behind her back and led her to the pool room. Bambi protested but to no avail. She was terrified being naked in front of all these horny guys. Bambi kept shouting, “I don’t want to be fucked, please!” Bambi was led to in front of Holly’s pussy and pushed down to her knees. Looking upward, Bambi secretly salivated at the thought of eating Holly’s pussy. She fantasized about this for years.
Jerome then put a funnel gag over Holly’s mouth, then said “I need a good pee before I will fuck you, you little white trash slut.” Holly’s eyes were wide as saucers as Jerome slowly poured bourbon down her mouth causing her to have to drink it. Half the bottled was poured down her mouth. Bambi could only watch in horror. Then Jerome stood on the pool table, whipped out his cock and proceeded to pee in the funnel, making Holly drink his pee, some splashed on her tits and hair. Then Jerome washed this down with more bourbon.
The gag was taken off and brought over to Bambi who struggled to stop it, but Dwayne yanked her hair back and tying her hair to her cuffed hands causing her to look up with her mouth open and the funnel gag inserted. Again, the rest of the bourbon was poured in Bambi’s mouth, then Dwyane peed into Bambi’s mouth. The funnel stayed in Bambi’s mouth with the funnel directly under Holly’s pussy.
Jerome then proceeded to fuck Holly. Holly was in ecstasy and started screaming in a high-pitched voice, with her heels digging into the pool table. The pain and pleasure of Jerome’s cock fucking her like a stallion, caused Holly to have a screaming orgasm and she squirted into Bambi’s mouth. With Holly groaning and spasming, Dwayne proceeded to fuck Holly as well. Holly was again in ecstasy and she squirted again, with her juices mixed with cum dripping into Bambi’s funneled mouth. Bambi was shocked but helpless to do anything as she finally realized what was meant by sloppy seconds.
The two girls were in shock and disbelief, but being disoriented from the alcohol were in no position to protest. A second funnel gag was put over Holly’s mouth and both Holly and Bambi were given another half bottle of bourbon. Both girls were dizzy, completely drunk and unable to talk. The funnel was removed from Holly and Holly looking up realized there was a lineup of over 10 guys. Each one fucked her hard. She was screaming in ecstasy and in pain, realizing she made a huge mistake.
Bambi was delirious with cum dripping into her funneled mouth, and bourbon washing it down. Bambi was so turned on by the events that even without being touched she started orgasming.
Seeing Bambi so turned on with Holly’s juices dripping, Dwayne took off the funnel gag, and shoved Bambi’s mouth into Holly’s pussy “eat her out bitch, get every ounce of cum out.” Bambi secretly craved Holly but never said anything. With her mouth and tongue deeply in Holly, Bambi eagerly sucked and licked Holly, drinking in her cum and juices.
“Holy shit guys” Dwayne shouted, “look at this lesbian bitch Bambi eating out her slutty whore friend Holly.” The lesbian slut doesn’t even need to be forced.” Bambi eagerly kept sucking, and licking Holly’s pussy as deeply as should could.
Even though Holly was passed out, her body was clearly orgasming with her body shaking and her back arching in response to Bambi’s tongue fucking.
Dwayne finally pulled Bambi away from Holly, Bambi’s face smeared with cum and juices begging to continue eating out Holly. Dwayne put the funnel gag back on and poured more bourbon in Holly. Holly finally passed out, falling on her back.
With both girls passed out, Jerome ordered the white trash sluts to be uncuffed and put into two separate trash cans. Jerome pulled out a permanent marker and wrote over Holly’s pussy ‘SPERM BANK – MAKE DEPOSITS HERE’. Dwayne wrote on Bambi’s forehead ‘CUM SLUT’.
The trash then was wheeled out to the curb and a sign was put up between the two girls ‘FREE KITTENS – TAKE ONE’. Jerome decided to keep the BMW as a gift from the two white trash sluts.
Later, a very large dominant black guy driving by took a look. Just seeing the two naked blonde babes gave him a huge boner. The black guy decided that Holly would make a good breeder as she is a sperm bank. He picked her up, put her in the trunk. Over the course of many years, Holly was used to breed over 10 black babies. Holly craved being used by her superior black master and any black man her Master choose to use her. In between breeding, Holly was used as a whore bringing a nice income to her Master.
A dominant black woman seeing Bambi decided she’d make a good slave. Standing Bambi up, wobbling while she walked, put Bambi in the trunk. Over the course of many years, Bambi was whored out to many lesbians that used her slutty mouth to masturbate on and used her butt hole to fuck with a strapon. Bambi realized quickly that she was a raving lesbian and craved pleasuring pussies. Bambi was a true lesbian submissive slut.
Both girls learned a valuable lesson – careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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  • Reply Carol ID:1ek2qenzra

    I need to go to this bar. I would love two big black cocks fucking me. I’m jealous

    • Len Thomas ID:vwxwkgzm

      This story is loosely based on Madison Brooks at the Tigerland Bar in Baton Rouge. I believe it was shut down as it was known for crime and allowing underage drinking.