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The Show Goes On

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Abby is turns into dog cock exhibitionist.

I was so nervous bringing another man into the relationship, but fuck it, our sex life was already something out of a magazine you buy at a cheap dirty porn store. Ever since I forced her to take some dog cock in the shed and she introduced me to my first shemale we’ve done nothing but talk about sex. How dirty could we make it, how rough could we make or how tabboo could it really get?

Through our adventures on the internet we had finally begun to network. We met another man who shared similar interests and agreed to join our bedroom. Abby was busy at work and I had the day off when we were chatting so she missed all the messages which meant I could surprise her. Mark was a regular dude, average height, more fit than I and lived close, lucky us. Dark hair, brown eyes and a cock probably 7 inches in length with some decent girth. So of course Abby was down, it was her fantasy to be taken by two men and get filled up.

I text Abby and told her I had a surprise for her and hurry home to Daddy. She replied anxiously and let me know whe she was on her way home. Mark hard arrived before her as planned and parked down the street to not give any clues as to what we had planned. As she pulled in, Mark went to the office and hid away while I remained in the living room in the dark drinking a whiskey and lime. Abby came in and gave me a kiss and asked what to do, I told her shower up and wait for instructions. I closed the door the bathroom while she was in there and invited Mark in.

He sat on the couch we recently moved in there and sipped on his drink. The room was not romantic, it was brightly lit with a camera now setup pointed at the yoga mat I had rolled out near the foot of the bed where I setup some of those soft wrist restraints around the leg of the bed. The yoga mat was to protect her knees and elbows while got used. Abby came out of the shower nude. Her big tits glistened still damp in the light. Her hair was wet and hung down her back. Her pussy was perfecty bald from the wax. She was startled for a second and asked “Josh who is this? What the fuck, you couldn’t warn me?”. I intoduced Mark and said just shup and kneel down. She obeyed and I restrained her wrists around post of the bed. I then pulled out my cock and put it in her mouth. She sucked obediently and didn’t notice Mark coming over. He knelt down behind her, smacked her ass hard casuing her to moan with with my cock in her mouth. It felt so good. He continued to bend down begin tonguing her asshole. Abby was moaning and sucking then all of sudden we both just stood up and left her kneeling there. I could see her pussy shining with her juices building up.

We opened the beedroom door and left and she asked “What are you guys doing? …. Hello?”. About 30 seconds later we returned with Xander, a beautiful chocolate lab only a few years old. She turned her head as she heard the foot steps and said “Oh fuck” in a breathy gasp barely understandable. She laid her head down and just waited as Mark commanded “essen”, the German word for eat. Xander walked up and sniffed and began licking. First her asshole, causing her to moan and quiver, then he went lower and began lapping up the pussy juices that had pooled up. Mark and I sat on the couch just watching. His tongue kept going and began flicking over her clit. I had told Mark, if it’s possible, don’t let him stop until she cums from licking. Xander kept licking and Abby’s legs began to shake and she began to rock her body. I knew it was coming. The pleasure was building and Abby’s breathing got harder. Her clit had Xander’s tongue going across it so methodical and fast she couldn’t take it. She came. She moaned out “Oh my God I’m cumming” and shook with orgasm as her pussy flexed and pusled in pleasure. When she couldn’t take it no more, Mark commanded Xander “montieren”, German for mount.

His cock was already erect and sticking out of his sheath. Another perfectly red cock about 5 inchest in length. I had to see it in Abby’s cunt. Xander mounted and began thrusting. It was wild and chaotic so I had Mark call him off real quick. I quickly lubed up Abby’s butt plug, pulled her hair back in a rough aggressive tug and slid it in as I whispered, “Be a good bitch and take his cock.” She replied with a simple “yes sir.” Mark commanded him again montieren and Xander went at it. His hard cock found her wet hole the first time. Abby moaned in pleasure “oh fuck.” Xander was panting as his paws wrapped around her back and kept thrusting. Both Mark and I were masturbating while we watched. Abby was moaning louder as Xander fucked her faster. His knot began to swell and before any of us knew what was about to happen, the know slammed inside of her. Abby cired out “ouch…fuck..fuck..fuck..don’t let him stop.” Xander panted heavier and then slowed.

I watched Abby’s face light up and I knew he was cumming inside of her. I kept stroking, Mark was stroking and Xander was cumming deep inside of Abby’s pussy. He stopped moving and Abby lied there just taking in all the dog cum. She was grinning ear to ear filled with dog cock and warm cum. A few minutes passed and Xander was called off. His cock slipped out of her pussy and cum gushed out. I had no idea a dog could cum that much. Cum dripped out while I took some photos. I put the phone down and knelt beside her body and jacked off while Mark did the same. I came quick. My cum shot out of my cock and up her back. A few good spurts of white cum and I was finished. I sat on the couch while Mark played. While he was stoking his hard cock, he pulled the plug out of Abby’s ass. Within a few seconds he began cumming. He sprayed his cum right on her ass. The first spurt hit her ass cheek and the second large shot went right on her tight pink asshole. A few more shots went up her cheeks and another on her hole as he finished. Mark wiped the last cum from his cock on her ass cheek and then left to get dressed and leave.

I went to Abby’s face, put my cock in her mouth with the last drop of cum on it for her suck off. I kissed her on the cheek and said “good girl.” I removed her restraints and let her go shower. By the time she was out of the shower and dressed, Mark was gone and I was downstairs with a drink. What a perfect ending to a rough Friday for Abby.

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    Fuck I wanna have that done to me but I’m only 15

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    When that knot gets seated it’s amazing.