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Amy Tale/s – Swivel Sex

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I am Maria, I saw Molly on your porch and called her over to help me in the sling, and she tripped and fell into my pussy, and her tongue got stuck.

This tale begins the next Friday after me and Janet fucked Molly and Janet gave Harold a blowjob. After work I went out with Ken to eat, and I came home and showered, and I drove to Jim’s to spend the night. I left Ken, Greg, and Clair with Sophia after I fooled around with them for a while. Sophia loves to watch Ken and Greg suck and fuck each other. The football team was playing another away game, so Jim was not there yet, and I had about an hour to kill alone before Jim got home from the game.

I bought a stool and a two motion sensor flood lights. The stool was for the swivel sex sling, so someone could sit and eat my pussy while I was in the sling. I walked onto the back utility room/porch, and I was naked. I rubbed my tits and looked at Harold’s window and there appeared to me nobody watching. When I enter this area, I turn the lights on, and it is easy to see me inside, but not so easy for me to see outside, but Harold’s widow is easy to see if their light is on. The sex sling is difficult to get into, and it is better if you have help. So, there was no way I was going to attempt it on my own, plus there was no point.

Molly’s back porch light comes on, and I see her head from her captain’s chair watching me. I motion to her to come over. I open the back door and Molly says, I cannot stay, my husband is home, but he works most Saturdays, so I could come back in the morning. I say, well, how about you eat my pussy real quick while I sit in the sling? Molly was nervous and scared as hell, but she helped me into the sling, and when I spread my legs, she sat on the stool and swung my ass into her face and ate my pussy. Molly’s not bad for a beginner, and she would probably fuck a dog with how horny she is, but the swing was awesome. The way the person eating you has total control of moving your body in and out holding your ass, like you were weightless, was a new thrill.

I was stabilizing myself with my hands in the straps, and it also has a bar over your head. I wanted to finger myself to help her, but that would have meant holding the bar with one hand, and I was afraid I would lose my grip. I was scared swinging around. Molly said, there is another strap under your ass. She moved it, and I could lay back. Fuck, this thing was awesome. I used my finger to help her, and I got off; and shaking in the swing was so much different than lying in a bed. My back door opens, and a man says, are you done Molly? Molly makes her 200lbs shoot up out of that stool like a rocket launch. Molly gasps, Dave! Dave is obviously her husband, and apparently, he watched her get me off before opening the door, so Dave has a voyeur side too.

Molly is all, this is not as bad as it seems, don’t be mad, I’m sorry, it will never happen again, and so on. I am naked in the sling, and I say, hi Dave, I am Maria, I saw Molly on your porch and called her over to help me in the sling, and she tripped and fell into my pussy, and her tongue got stuck. Molly was beside herself, and Dave laughed. I said, is this a problem? Dave said, yes, it is a problem (and he appeared serious). I said, well, what if you stuck your dick in my pussy too, would that help? I want to try that part out in my swing too? Dave was staring at my hot body, hairy trim pussy, beautiful supple tits, and trying to decide if he wanted to call my hand or not.

Dave pulled his shorts down reveling his 7” pecker, which was circumcised and rock hard, and the swing was at the right height, and he swung my ass and pussy into his dick and got off in 5 minutes. I have to say, the swing even made a 7” pecker feel better, buy one for yourself to use with your average cock man. Dave’s excitement settled, and his dick was still in me, and I said, can you pick me up out of this thing. Dave picked me up and I said, wait before you sit me down, sit me on my flip flops. He holds my naked hot body, and I am sure he has not held a girl like this in a long fucking time, because only 10lbs separate him from his wife. Dave gently sets me on my flip flops, and I tickle his balls and say, nice balls. I lean in and whisper, but Jim has a bigger cock.

Jim comes in the front door and makes his way to the utility room and says, holy fucking shit, damn Amy, are you going to fuck the whole neighborhood, damn, you are like a bitch in heat. Jim says, damn (about 100 times) Dave, I am sorry, what did she do? Dave says, it was no problem, I was looking for Molly and she was talking to Maria or Amy, I guess. I say, Maria is fine. Dave says, anyway, she is a bit of an exhibitionist, I have to hand it to you Jim, she is mighty fine. Jim says, well, I don’t want you upset. I notice Dave shaves his head because he is balding, and he is very tan, and his arms are tan, but I see white under his sleeves, so it is a farmer’s tan. Dave must work outside. I say, what do you do for a living Dave? Dave says, I build houses as a subcontractor. Let me put some brevity on this conversation.

There are big construction companies that bid to build houses, even developments, many of them subcontract the work to crews who actually build the houses. Dave has his own construction crew. I had never paid it much attention, but there is a big fenced in lot on the other side of their house with a bunch of equipment in it. That is Dave’s equipment. Dave has a beer gut (its tight and does not bulge) but he is working man fit, and he is about 6’ tall and stout with real world strength, not show muscle. We talk for about 30 minutes with Dave staring at my naked body. Jim’s back porch/utility room is about 15’ by 30’, with the washer and dryer on one side, and a bunch of Jim’s junk cluttering the other side.

I asked Dave, is it possible to put a jacuzzi in here? Dave says, yes, and I know a guy who has one that he wants to sell. He says it is a nice deep jacuzzi with seats and strong adjustable jets for massaging. Dave found it ironic that I was interested in a jacuzzi, and he had told his friend he would keep an eye out for somebody wanting one. I said, could you install it, I mean, I can get Harold to help you, and Jim if needed. Dave said, hell yeah, I can install it, and I can just get some of my guys to help. He said he would have to stage some of the work and do it on the weekends, but no more than 3 weekends. Dave told me the price the guy was asking, and Dave said it was like new. I said, figure out everything you will need and then tell me a price.

I ended up spending about twenty thousand dollars (of Ken’s money, but he has plenty), but Dave removed the floor and sunk it down so that only about two feet was above the floor. He had to take out two windows and put them back to get the tub in. He put in a separate natural gas hot water heater (Jim has public service gas). The three sides against the walls and below the windows he built a wood bench cabinet around the tub to sit on, which I wanted, you know, so someone could eat my pussy. It turned out very nice.

As a bonus, since Dave was running new plumbing and drain lines, he built me a nice glass shower that three people could stand in. The best part was the shower head was overhead and the stall top was open. You could stand under the head, and the cone shot straight down on you, not from the side. It became my shower, because to use it meant everyone could see you taking a shower, and Jim was not going to wash for the neighbors to watch. I bought another douche/enema kit and one of Dave’s guys installed it. Of course, this is just a foreshadowed of what happens about a month from tonight.

I would wait a few days for Dave’s estimate on the tub and shower, and they went back to their house. Dave’s cum had run down my leg and dried, and I went to take a shower. The swing was on the washer/dryer part of the room, and I thought about using it again tonight with Jim. But it was getting late. Jim showered and he came to bed and I sucked his cock and swallowed his cum. I held him tight, and we kissed and I snuggled my back against him and went to sleep.

I had opened the curtains and blinds on the window before going to sleep, and around 9am I heard Harold moving his step stool around his flower rack. I got up naked and walked over to the window and stretched real good as he watched. I pointed to the back and met Harold at the back door. I said, good morning Harold, is all well at your house, how is Irene? Harold said, she is fine, she grumbles for sport. I said, come in I want to show something, and I show him the flood lights. I said, I could have used these last night, someone walked up and saw me in the utility room, and I didn’t know they were there.

Harold said, so you just want these on the ends of the back porch? I stepped outside naked, and I pointed can you put them there and there? Harold said, yes, no problem, I just have to run some conduit and wire. I look back and the neighbor behind us is in his yard. Shit, I am going to be infamous in this neighborhood as the hot blonde milf exhibitionist. Harold needs to buy some things and completes it on Sunday.

At 10am Beatrice shows up and she has gone three weeks without Jim’s cock. I am feeling ferocious, and I strip her and throw her short tight body with the 30G firm tits on the bed. I straddle her in a 69. I pin her arms down, and I lock her thick thighs under my arms and rock her ass forward rolling her up on her shoulders and spread her wide. I eat pussy and ass, and she is moaning like crazy. I am being physical, and I am sitting on her face, and she is buried in my pussy and eating me. She starts to orgasm, and I hold her open and continue intensely eating her pussy and I cause her to cascade orgasm until her strong thighs over power my arms and I roll off her.

I slid up against the headboard, and she is beside me breathing hard and she says, fuck Amy, that was intense. I reach over and grab her red hair and drag her ass into my pussy and say, shut the fuck up and eat my pussy. Beatrice starts eating me, and Jim is standing against the wall watching. I grab her by the hair of her head with both my hands, and she is squealing in pain as I use her head and mouth to masturbate my pussy. I say, you are not squealing enough bitch, Jim fuck her now, and make her feel it. Jim comes in from behind and I grind her head into my pussy using my hands pulling her hair. Jim pounds her with his thick 10” big black cock, and she gets loud with the grunting and moaning. She is trying to scream, but I have her mouth buried in my pussy.

I say, tighten those lips bitch, I don’t want to feel your teeth, and I started moving her head up and down fast on my pussy by her hair until I rub my clit into an orgasm. Jim cums in her pussy shortly after and she was howling. Beatrice is laying there trying to catch her breath and I say, did you like that, you cunt, and I slap the shit out of her ass, and with her red/tan complexion, it gets red instantly and you can count my fingers. I lay back flat on a pillow, and this bitch lays on me and kisses me. She says, oh god that felt good. Hell, I was abusing the bitch, and she liked it. I just wanted to hurt fuck her, because I felt kinky all of the sudden.

Beatrice says, please keep fucking me, I…I…I am in love with you. I’ll be god damn, I guess she is good for a hard fuck, and it is fun to abuse her, maybe I will keep fucking her. I say, well, then no matter who I have over here, I don’t want to hear anymore shit from you about you are scared they are going to tell. Beatrice says, okay, but I want to keep coming on Saturday mornings. I say, okay, but you have to walk around here naked. Beatrice says, okay, I will let Harold watch me if that is what you want. I say, and you will do what I want? Beatrice says, yes, within reason, I am not streaking down the road with you, I want to keep my job and marriage. We will see.

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