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Screwed by my wife’s dog

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Frw years back we adopted a 110 pound boxer outburst mix.

I was down in the basement naked laying on the floor on a mat stroking my cock with our little mixed dog we had adopted eating my ass and my other dog licking the head of my cock. This activity most have seriously turned this massive beast on because runs over and stands over me panting heavily with this large red cock fulling extended from its sheath. I tried to push him back but he snarled and I could not get up. Thinking I had no choice I reached down and grabbed his red cock and began stroking it with my free hand. I continued t stroke mine as the other 2 kept licking. My wife’s dog began to buck his hips and pant louder as he picked up the pace and didn’t take long for him to start shooting out strands of cum. This landed all over me and the feeling of that hot cum brought me to climax as well. As my dog never wastes a drop and licks the tip of my cock as it shoots out.

Hey have 1 more of these to share as well. As I had 2 more adventures with this hound.

Part 2

The day after my old lady’s dog fucked my hand I went down in the basement for my nightly masturbation session.

This time I was on my knees stroking my cock while the little mixed dog feverishly was eating my ass. The big of a dog began circling with his hard rock cock sticking out. I stopped what I was doing and wrapped my lips around it. He seemed to enjoy this and thrust his hips a few times before waking behind me. He began trying to mount me and I could feel the tip of his cock trying to find my man pussy. I was kind of worried about the knot and what it might do. I tried to get away but it was too late. He wrapped his legs around me and he cock sunk all the way into me. This massive beast began fucking his new bitch with fast powerful strokes. I could feel the knot slamming against me but thankfully it did not work it self in. I was now more turned on then ever. I moaned out “oh fuck yes” and began stroking my cook again. As this dog got close to seeding his new bitches ass he started panting louder and fucked my harder. Soon I could feel his balls draining into me. As he kept pumping his cock in and out of more ass I could feel my balls tighten up and and my own load building up and my cock swelled to its fullest and as he got done filling me and dismounted me I had one of the hardest orgasms of my life and shot a stream of cum across the basement floor.

2 day’s we had him scheduled to be fixed and felt bad for the guy. I went down in the basement and removed my clothing and out some lube on my cock and ass. I got down on all fours with my cock still soft. The huge mutt walks in front of my as if beckoning for his bitch stroke his cock. I reached under him and began to rub the sheath. Soon that massive red dick poked out and I was jerking him off and soon his pulled away. He instantly moved in behind me and mounted me again. His cock found it way inside me and he screwed his bitch harder than the first time. I looked under me and watched my soft cock swinging with every thrust he gave me. Seeing it it got harder and harder into my hard cock was smacking against my stomach. I reached and wrapped my fist around it and was really enjoying the feel of that damn cock as I stroked my cock. Soon his balls once again drained an amazing amount of cum into my man pussy. There was so much I could feel running down my ass checks and legs. The knot this time made me very tender but I kept with it. Again once he dismounted me I began to cum all over he retuned the favor and licked the cum off my shaft.

After that he was fixed and he won’t fuck me anymore. Now and then when I stroke my cock and his cock comes out so I’ll stroke it until he’s happy.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

    A delightful story, except the dog getting his nuts cut off. How sad.

  • Reply Korvvo ID:judpjdla3ut

    Was he used to mounting your wife already?

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo0d2

      If he was used to mounting the wife, he would never have been fixed.

  • Reply Jonathan ID:3pt1k3esfic

    What kind of dog was he