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I molested my niece but I don’t regret it

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My names Joan and I’m 21 years old I live in a studio apartment with a big space, I have a fit body with a faint and I’m trans and pansexual.

I got top surgery for my b cup boobs but I haven’t got bottom surgery so I’m left with my 6inch cock I don’t mind it part of me wants to keep it and the other half wants it gone.

Back to my description, I have black wavy hair that’s kinda in a mullet style, and like I said I have a studio apartment with a big ass space so I’m the go-to aunt when babysitting nieces and nephews.

Last weekend I babysat my niece Roxanne but we’ll call her Roxy.

She’s 10 and a sweet little girl. But we played a game that she called a bouncy bounce.

She sat right on my crouch and I leaned back on my couch while her tiny hands gripped my knees as she kept grinding and bouncing on me.

I felt disgusted as I got hard she giggled innocently and I grabbed her small hips controlling her to grind slower.

Her heart picked up I felt her little pussy heartbeat on my clothes cock.

I took her to my room and asked her if she wanted to play doctor she said yes and I told her she has to kiss and lick where my body hurts.

She agreed and I got us naked she was happy to be naked her little pussy was wet I noticed I sniffed and licked her panties.

She proceeded to ask where it hurts as I laid down my vein-hard cock against my stomach twitched.

Her cute little voice made me wanna spill my hot seed all over her cute face.

I pointed to my cock and watched her kiss and lick it.

I moaned and she got bored and played with my cock sitting on my stomach I pulled her little cum and pussy to me as she giggled and squirmed I spread her cheeks and listened to her moans and whimpers.

I ate her ass and pussy before sitting her up I pressed my tip at her entrance

My bare cock pushed inside of her I took it slow and she didn’t feel the pain she moaned and screamed how it tingled for 2 hours she managed to cum squirt and piss herself and in the end my creamy cock rubbed against
Her flat chest and pigtails.

I got her cleaned up and made sure her pussy was red and she went home promising to keep it a secret so we could play more.

I babysit her tonight and I plan on taking her little ass but it might cause pain so I might list have her give me a nice rim job

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  • Reply Sus town

    Bro come on really not cool

  • Reply Modikmike

    Hi nice story do u have any pics or vids of u 2 ?

    • Psiberzerker

      Please don’t solicit childporn in the comments. That’s how sites like this get shut down.

    • bruh

      dude half of these stories are fake asf don’t worry just think of it realistically no way 7 inches can’t push or physically go.isnide a child private I mean come on she’s 10 no way anything cN be pushed in there and the child would just not be affected it would hurt like hell trust me and it was be red and sore possibly a rash and you can just tell this story is fake asf so don’t worry bro

    • bruh

      don’t try to get pics of cd retard the site will be shut down