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My sister always bullied me till this happened

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My sister bullied me till this Christmas party and things changed

My sister was right bully to me all my life it started when I was about 10 she was 12 ,she used to make me do everything for her and hit me call me names make fun of me in front of my friends, it got worse when Dad left when I was 13 and she had to look after me when mum was at work she would get her friends over and they would make me do everything for them call me names they called me little shit. I had to carry her school bag to school and back.
But it all changed Christmas 2018 when I was 14 she was 16 .
Let me explain what she like Shebis 5ft 4 size 10 36c boobs long black hair And she good at school, sports you name it.
I’m 5ft3 slightly fat normal no good at anything except carrying out her orders.
Well that year at Christmas it was at a neighbours party everyone was there from the street including me and my mum lots of food and soft drinks and alcohol, I was drinking coke but Mandy my sister and her friends were drinking vodka and energy drink and getting drunk my mother was not impressed and told her to stop drinking, but she didn’t and about 1 in the morning she was hammered.
Mum told me take her home and stay with her As mum was enjoying herself and would be home when it finished usually party’s lasted till breakfast. I complained but she said just do it so I found my sister asleep on a chair I lifted her and woke her and helped her home, she was out of it as we left the house to walk the couple of houses to ours i opened the door she had dropped to the floor outside I struggled to lift in doing her top came up and it was above her bra fuck I had never seen a bra on a girl as I struggled her in, when you go through our door the stairs are in front and I dragged her up and Into her room pushing her on her bed her top was still up showing her black bra as she lay on her back I got my phone out and took some photos and a video to maybe wank to later,.
I looked at her and shook her to tell her get undressed but she was gone so left her and went to my room looking at her photos I gotva hard on I was going to have a wank when I had a thought I could look at her tits if I lifted her bra.
I stripped my clothes off to my boxers and my cock all 6 inches of it was hard as I went into her room phone in hand, she hadn’t moved as I set the phone on video and put it on her dresser videoing me taking off her bra I struggled they had clips at the back but I undone it and her tits were out I felt them she just muttered then I felt again and kissed them they were so soft her body was so soft as I kissed her belly and I looked at her shorts I had to see what’s under them I undone the button and zip and pulled down she had black matching panties which h came down as I pulled he rshorts off her feet she had a black square of pubes and below was I didn’t know what it was.
I opened her legs and saw lips her pussy lips I knew you fingered them so I put a finger on them and it was wet and my finger went inside so warm and wet bit it stopped at something but my cock was now rock hard as I fingered her, she was moving her body as I did this and making a moan sound, I was loving this and all on video then I thought of all the times she had hit me made me feel small and said to myself fuck her.
I wasn’t stupid I knew my cock went in the hole and I had to move it in and out I climed on top of her and was trying get my cock in her pussy not easy then I felt me head go in i heard her mutter no no ,and her pussy gripped it but as I pushed it stopped on something so I went back out a bit and in but the same so I tried harder and it went pop and I wa full in .,it was a amazing feeling I looked at my phone still videoing as I went in and out off her I could feel my cum getting ready as I pushed it it shot up into her And I pumped it all in as I pulled out I saw my cum drip put with some blood I rushed to get a towel and cleaned it she still just lay and was muttering no she looked beautiful lyinging on the bed.
My cock was hard again being a horny 14 year old and I went to fuck her again and I cum up her again I rolled off proud of myself.
I got my phone took some photos of her naked I placed her hand on her pussy and took some photos also holding my cock and in her mouth .
I looked at the time only 2 and lots of time I must of fucked her at least 6 times had videos photos of her .
I struggled but put her clothes on her and covered her up .
I went to bed still horney wanked and slept in the morning I got up mum wa saying on the sofa snoring she was lovely too would love to fuck her as I looked up her dress at her panties and a view of her bra through the buttons, Iwent make myself some toast and sat at the table looking at the videos and photos, then I heard many come down walk in the dinning room slapped my head saying morning shit head I just took it as I had a great plan .
She got a coffee and sat at the table looking at her phone as it went ping she looked and her face went pale I had sent a photo enormously of her on her bed naked saying good night .
She was shocked I could tell she looked at me I was looking down she said how did I get home intold her I brought her but left her on the sofa as I went to bed but you was talking to some one and I fell asleep .She took it all in as another message and photo i had said on message send one back in your bra I looked at her she looked in shock getting black mailed I went up my room a message came through saying no chance whoever you are, I messaged back showing a photo of her with a cock (mine) in her mouth then a photo of her pussy with cum dripping out all mine .
She messaged back who are you I sent back ypu will find out send photos or these get sent to your family and friends. PING I got a photo I knew it was now as her blouse was open and she had on a white bra with hearts on .
I messaged back your mine now and I noticed your horrible to your brother from now on be nice as I will ask him starting from now .
She replied what you mean I replied be nice very nice feel his cock for him .
She replied fuck off but I sent back a photo of her fingering herself and I put go see him and pretend your a bit drunk and feel his cock .
She replied why you doing this I done nothing to you I replied but you are horrible to him do it I can see in your house I put camera up (lol) I hadn’t I waited a while and I heard him walking she knocked on my door didn’t usually what I said she walked in I was sitting on end of bed she sat down next to me looking at me she said can I ask if you have a girl friend no I said no one like me because you make me look stupid , sorry she said do you want me to show you what girls do as I nodded she rubbed my cock through my shorts don’t tell anyone e she said As her hand went down the top of my shorts grabbing my cock she wanked it a couple of times and let go there shebsaid girls do that and keep going till you cum ,don’t stop I said no that’s enough
For now as she got up and left my Room.
I went down stairs mum was still asleep snoring her buttons had come undone on her dress her bra was full in show and my cock was hard I needed to cum so I text again .”good girl but you stopped I saw you didn’t make him cum” go finish him .
I heard her door open and my bedroom door But I was down stairs as I heard her come down I was sitting opposite mum looking at her bra as she walked in and said do you want me to do again as if I would say no .she kneeled in front of me pulled my shorts down and wanked me in front of mum as it took me minutes to cum i reached forward to feel her tits She pushed my hand away saying if you want feel tits feel mum’s she is still pissed ,then she got up and went upstairs .

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    Terrible execution, but great subject matter. Goldenbiguy on kik or wickr to discuss more. Love a sis or daughter like this

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    kinda hot

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Unreadable! Learn to spell or use a spell checker, every smart device has one, even phones. Learn to use grammar and punctuation better, they do still teach these in school. Story concept is good

  • Reply Faggot ID:23suytkm1

    Holy fuck this is the worst story I’ve ever read. Please learn English before you try to write a story.

    • Nick ID:3n9wao7bqri

      Good story wish u could make one a story like the with a mom in law and son in law

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