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I drug raped my cousin

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When I was 12yo my 15yo cousin rejected my advances, all I wanted to do was fuck him, but he said no. So I drugged and raped him instead.

Last year my cousin, Jeremy, stayed at our house for about a week because my auntie had to go away on a business trip, he was 15 and I was 12, I hadn’t seen him in a few years before he came to stay and he’d grown in to a really cute boy and even though he was family I was attracted to him.

After a couple of days of him staying over, I told him that I liked him but he thought it was just a stupid childish crush, I told him I wanted to fuck him and he thought I was joking, he told me he had a girlfriend and didn’t like me in that way, it hurt me to hear that but I was determined to have him.

I wanted him so bad my pussy ached and the night before his mom was due to pick him up and take him home, I knew that was my last chance to have him, but he wouldn’t sleep with me willingly, even after I came on to him, I flashed my naked pussy at him and he still said no.

That night I turned in to a perverted psychopathic nymphomaniac and I drugged his drink with enough sleeping powder to knock out an elephant, and then all I had to do was wait.

It was late and everyone was asleep, I picked up my mobile phone and I sneaked in to his bedroom and locked the door behind me once I was inside, I walked calmly over to the bed where he was sleeping, I was naked as the day I was born, I made a quick check that he was asleep, then I dragged off the bedsheets on to the floor, he was laying on the bed in his boxer shorts.

I climbed on to the foot of the bed, reached out, taking a tight grip on his boxers then in one swift motion I pulled them off, my mouth and my pussy began to salivate at the sight of his cock, it was big, I knew it would be.

I played with it with my hands, rubbing it in every way possible, I licked my tongue along the shaft and when it began to chub up I gobbled it all in to my mouth and tasted his meaty love rod, after a couple of minutes his cock hardened like a steal rod, fluids began to drip from my pussy on to the bed.

I straddled him and positioned my pussy at the end of his cock, then I pushed down with all my might, I was still a virgin, with one swift downward thrust, his cock tore through my virgin flaps like butter and I felt his hard cock enter my body, it felt like I’d been stabbed.

With his cock penetrated deep within me, I smiled and giggled with victory, finally I was having him, I continuously flicked my hips back and forth while simultaneously bouncing up and down, using my palms pressed on his chest for balance, and I rode his big cock with immense determination and pleasure, the mattress dipped, the bedframe creaked and the springs twanged as I fucked his unconscious brains out.

I picked up my phone and recorded a few seconds of video showing me riding his cock making sure to get us both in the frame.

I felt his cock swelling inside of me, then he lightly groaned and I felt his life giving seed explode from his cock and flood my baby pouch, I slowed myself down and stopped riding him so hard, then I pulled myself up and his cock flopped out of my pussy and rested at the bottom of his stomach like a slowly shrinking slug.

His seed was still seeping from his cock and forming a small puddle, so I lick it up, I even dipped my finger in to it and placed my finger to his lips so he could taste our cocktail of fluids, victory was mine.

I left his bedroom and went back to mine and went to sleep.

The next morning he’d packed his bags and his mom came to collect him, before we left we were having breakfast and I could tell he thought something was odd, especially with the devilish looks and grins I kept giving him.

About 15 minutes after they left the house, I sent him the video over messenger, “You were great xoxox” I said.

Strangely, he didn’t message me back and I haven’t heard from my cousin since he left.

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  • Reply Foxy

    If I was your cousin you definitely didn’t to drug me to make your dreams come true

    • Hs

      I bet she ugly, thats why he turned down the offer

  • Reply Anonimous

    I want to talk with you…

  • Reply PansexualCas

    Of course he didn’t message back. You raped him and you’re a sex offender

    • U go girl

      I wish I had a family member do that to me

  • Reply Mark87

    Nice story
    Talk to me if you want chat
    [email protected]

  • Reply jackyboy

    you are luky. if it was me, i would make you suffer for this.