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Adventures with Kitty; the Amy chapters pt 2

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Two weeks after my best friend Amy and I found the girlie mags I her parents room I was still fantasizing about the sexy naked women in those pics. The way their big nipples poked out and the look on their faces when they touched their lady bits made my little sugar pussy tingle like crazy! I loved humping my stuffies, my pillow, my hand, and really anything available while thinking about those big tits sliding between my bald puffy lips. But my greedy kitty wanted more. I was trying to get the courage to not only face Amy after she heard me cumming in her parents bathroom, but to also convince her to get the magazine’s out again.
I came up with a plan: I would go over there on the pretense that I had left my jacket! We would need to look all over- even in her parents room! I was halfway to her house and already my panties were wet
When I got there her little sister answered the door- she was about 2 years younger than us, and Amy and I were going into 3rd grade. She told me to come in, that Amy was in her room, and that her parents were out. My little clit was getting harder by the minute.
I found Amy in her room and half-heartedly gave the excuse of my lost jacket possibly being in her parents room but saw the gleam in her eye as she led me down the hall.
After shutting the door behind us she turns and tells me she found something else naughty and runs to her parents bed. Under it is a box of vhs tapes, no labels. We put one in the vcr and turn on the TV
Right in front of our eyes is a beautiful naked woman on her back with a mans head between her legs. She is playing with her big tits and moaning and we get to see his mouth kissing and licking her pussy.
My tiny cunt was so turned on I couldn’t help but to grab and squeeze my mound, trying not to freak Amy out.
She looked at me and said she wanted to touch herself but was scared because it made her feel like she had to pee. So I told her about how I hump things and it feels good but I don’t pee- just shake a little and get tight in my privates. I suggested she watch me if she was scared.
We each took a pillow and straddled it, and for a few minutes Amy watched me hump my 9 year old pussy on her mom’s bed pillow while watching a woman get tongue fucked on tv. I really started getting into it- the woman’s moans were so sexy- and then I heard a sweeter sound; the sound of a little girl realizing how nice it is to pet her kitty. Amy’s gaze was glued to the tv, her throat and cheeks bright red and breath quickening with her thrusts. Her little grunts and sighs made me hump faster- and when I looked over at her next she suddenly arched her back and clenched her fists. Eyes rolling back and a long soft moan escaping her lips I knew she had cum and it drove me over the edge. I bucked and clenched and had a lovely little girl orgasm with my clit jumping and sugar pussy clenching and letting go of nothing.
When I had recovered enough to look at Amy again I saw she had that surprised and embarrassed look on her face again. This time instead of running (I couldn’t have anyway) I asked her what was wrong. She raised up onto her knees off her dad’s pillow and said ,”I told you I was going to pee!”
Leaning over to get a better look I saw that she had indeed soaked the pillow- but it didn’t smell like pee…
I turned my head to tell her I didn’t think it was pee and was face to face with her princess parts, still glistening with that sugar pussy juice.

Praise and flattery will be rewarded with more filthy episodes
Thank you for reading- me and kitty hope it made you want to cum

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