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Simone Part 12 – Apple Pie

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She looked up at me as I entered the bedroom and asked in a quiet and child-like voice “Are you going to hurt me master?” I used one single word:”Yes”

Lena lay naked on the bed, as I had commanded. She looked up at me as I entered the bedroom and asked in a quiet and child-like voice “Are you going to hurt me master?” I used one single word: “Yes” and walked over to the bed.

She lay on her back, staring up at me. She was so fucking pretty and her unblemished skin and near perfect body was a feast for my eyes. As I have already said her breasts were a little larger than my preferred size, but nonetheless, they were firm and round, with beautiful nipples that just begged to be licked, sucked and bitten. Her areolas were on the brown side rather than pink, something I prefer. They were neither too large nor too small, just the right proportion to Lena’s overall tit-size. Smaller areolas are ok, but if they are too big, they make breasts seem out of proportion and quite ugly in my opinion. Lena’s breasts might have been on the larger side of my preferences, but the proportions were perfect.

My eyes wandered further, and feasted upon her flat teenage stomach, well defined without too much muscle but just a slight rise of her abs, probably resulting from the fitness room she had set up in the back room. Her skin, tight across that fine stomach, was almost without blemish. She had just one mole slightly left of her sweet little belly button, which in turn, was almond shaped from top to bottom and not too deep. Just perfect to dip my tongue into.

Going further my gaze finally came to her almost perfect little pussy. I say almost perfect because it was shaven too clean for my liking, with just that tiny tuft of red pubes above her slit. I like a little more hair above the cunts I fuck. I like it to be enough to grab and hold onto when I am taking some bitch from behind, whether in her cunt or in her ass. I like to pull on it until I know it hurts her. I also find it aesthetically more pleasing, and, although I have no issues with young fresh meat like Lena, I am not a paedophile. I do not enjoy the thought of fucking kids. It might sound strange for a rapist to claim to have morals, but if a hole is not sixteen or over, I do not enter it. I find naked pussy feels like child pussy.

My gaze stretched further to take in Lena’s perfect hips, wide enough to make her a woman, but slender enough to remind me she was still a teenager. I studied her slender well-formed legs and noticed for the first time that she had tiny feet with long slender toes. My eyes moved back to her hands for reference, where I noted the same form; small with slender beautiful fingers. Fingers that looked beautiful wrapped around a hard cock. Jesus, this perfect fuck-body was now my property.

I stared down in awe at my beautiful seventeen-year-old fuck toy. My erect cock hovered over her and was pulsating in time to my thumping heart. She was stunning, and she was mine. Lena noticed my twitching cock and started to raise a hand to touch it, but I told her to stop.

“No!” I said, “Don’t touch it. Not yet. Touch yourself. I want to see how you play with your pussy little girl. Show me how you use your fingers on that beautiful little cunt.”
“Please don’t make me do that.” She begged. “I’m so shy about you watching me do that right in front of you. Please. Wouldn’t you like me to suck your cock instead, master?”
“Lena, Start wanking your cunt right now fuck-bitch or I will do it for you with a fucking scrubbing brush. Spread your cunt and finger your clit; and I want to watch.” I said this with enough threat for her to get the message that I was seriously capable of hurting her if she failed to follow my exact commands. “Yes master.” She whispered.

Her right hand lowered to her twat, and using her thumb and middle finger to spread her outer cunt lips, she started to rub her little bud with her index finger as I watched on. My cock felt like it was about to explode and a drop of pre-cum formed on the swollen end, threatening to drip off onto Lena’s tight, flat stomach. Wiping it off with my index finger, I put that finger to Lena’s pretty lips, which parted to accept my gift. She closed her eyes and sucked the slimy substance from my finger, her mouth warm and moist to the touch. I grasped my cock and began to squeeze as much pre-cum out of it as I could, removing my finger from her mouth and giving Lena a clear command whilst doing so.

“Stick out your tongue.” I said, and she obeyed without opening her eyes. I put a knee onto the bed and leaned over to wipe the tip of my cock across her protruding tongue. She immediately started to lap at my glans and dip into my tiny hole in anticipation of the pre-cum dripping from my raging cock. It took all of my willpower and discipline not to simply ram my shaft into her throat right there and then and start face fucking her, but I had other plans. Her throat would have to wait.

It amazed and excited me that I had full control over this young girl lying on the bed licking at my throbbing cock whilst playing with her own cunt and clit. I could do whatever I wanted to her and have her do anything I wanted to me. No act was too terrible, painful, or disgusting; she would take anything I told her to take and do anything I told her to do. I had never so completely controlled another human being, as I knew I now controlled Lena. Lena my seventeen-year-old obedient fuck-toy.

“Grow more cunt hair.” I said as I stared at her. “Not too much. Just a little triangle above your slit, I like a little more down there than you have right now. Make sure you keep it tidy though, or I will pull it out with fucking pliers. Do you understand?”

“Yes daddy.” She responded in a low sexy voice, and as she spoke, I pulled my cock away from her face and leaned over the bed to kiss her full on the mouth.

The kiss took her by surprise, and she actually squeezed her lips together. She was not used to any kind of tenderness from me, so I guess she thought I was going to bite her or something, but once she realised I was simply kissing her, her lips softened and she responded by kissing me back. As we kissed, I put my right ass-cheek onto the bed to sit beside her prone body. My right hand found her left hip and I began to stroke up over her waist and onwards over her stomach to her beautiful tits, whilst continuing to kiss her gently, probing her slightly open mouth with my tongue. As my fingertips found her erect nipple, she gasped and I used the parting of her lips to insert my tongue even deeper into her mouth. She willingly snaked her tongue with mine and we became engulfed in a deep kiss.

Lena tasted wonderful. Many men fail to realise that beyond the usual taste of food, drink or toothpaste, a female has a natural taste to her. Her own personal taste that lives in her wet places. In her mouth, in her cunt, even in her tears, and up to a point, in her ass, if her ass is clean of course. Let me give you some free advice; If you tongue-kiss some bitch and it tastes foul, do not go down on her. Stay well away from that mingy cunt with your tongue because you will not enjoy it. Fuck the stinky bitch in her ass and leave. However, if she tastes good and sweet from her mouth, if her mouth juices are toffee-caramel flavoured like Lena’s, then her cunt will taste the same. Any nice taste in her mouth will be in her cunt for you to enjoy.

Now whilst most good-tasting girls taste of watermelon and a few of strawberry, Lena tasted of toffee-caramel. Shit, I even once kissed a girl at a party who tasted like fucking apple pie, so be ready for surprises. You never really know what you will get until you taste it. Let the flavour into your mind and into your soul. Get the undertones beyond the vodka or beer, beyond the last cigarette. It is like a wine or whiskey tasting; you need to get her juices all over the different areas and taste buds in your mouth in order to pinpoint her special taste. Breathe her in and breathe her out. Let your imagination run and it will tell you what you taste. Oh, and read the lyrics and listen to the song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles. If you have ever wondered what that song is about, now you know.

I had only just met the girl I was kissing that night at the party, the one who tasted of apple pie. We hit it off damn quickly. She was very pretty with jet-black skin and raven dreadlocks. She was also a little drunk. We had introduced ourselves and gone through some of the usual small talk shit, and then I had simply leaned over and started kissing her. She let it happen and kissed me back. We were sitting on a sofa in a lounge full of drunk or getting-drunk people and I stuck my tongue into her open mouth and began to taste her wonderful juices. She responded positively, and though her body language was a little stiff at first, she started to relax into it as the kiss lingered on. However, once I recognised what I tasted, I started laughing into her mouth mid kiss. She pulled away, not angry, but a little bothered.

“What the fuck dude?” she complained as she pulled away from me. “What’s so funny?”
“I love apple pie.” I said as if that would explain everything. I too was a little drunk.
“You calling me apple pie? Because I have to tell you, I have not been eating any and I sure don’t look like one either.”
“No, you taste like apple pie,” I responded, “but in a really, really good way.” I quickly added. “Your juices remind me of it, I can taste it. Not like you have been eating it, but in you. In your juices. Just for the record, I love apple pie, so I also love kissing you. I also know that when we finally go find a nice quiet place so I can get my tongue deep into your glorious pussy, it will taste of apple pie, too. And trust me, once I start eating apple pie, I just can’t stop.”

With that sentence, I gently grasped the back of her head and pulled her back towards me. I returned my tongue to her mouth before she could speak and her whole body language had changed. She was like a snake now, slithering and grinding into the couch and I just knew she was pumping cunt-juices. We kissed for only a few moments longer before she silently stood, and taking my hand, walked me out of the room to get out coats.

We went back to her place and I spent hours eating a whole load of apple pie before sticking my dick into it and filling it with cream. She had a nice tight cunt that produced more juice than any man could possibly eat and she was extremely enthusiastic about me eating her out and then fucking her. Once I had emptied my balls into her cunt, I rolled onto my back and we talked for a few minutes. As we talked, she played with my limp cock, clearly trying to tease it back to life. Without further words, I placed my hand onto the back of her head and pushed her face down towards my crotch, where she opened her mouth and sucked my floppy dick into her mouth.

She started with an amazing twirling motion, her tongue wrapping around my cock behind the glans and then rolling over them to the tip. Once at the tip she flicked her tongue at my hole and wanked the shaft with her hand. It was no wonder that I was once again standing to attention very quickly. She grinned up at me and started to slide up the bed, clearly intending to mount me.

“No,” I said, “Keep sucking.”
“Ok, honey,” she replied as she returned her face to my cock. “One good deed deserves another. But you make sure to keep some of that cream for later.”
“Oh, I will” I responded. “Trust me; I am not finished with you yet.” I was not.

Her mouth engulfed my now rock hard cock, and she started to bob her head up and down, taking just the tip into the back of her throat. She was a good cocksucker, but clearly not into deep throat. I decided that she would have to learn. However, for now I was content in her using her mouth and tongue on my prick, which she did for a few minutes before popping it out of her mouth and going down to my balls. I love having my balls licked and let out a slight groan.

“You like that, honey?” she asked and returned her tongue to my sack. I grunted “yes” as she sucked first my left ball and then my right into her mouth one at a time. She slurped and licked for a while, but resisted my attempt to push her head deeper to rim me, simply mumbling “mm, not that Honey.” into my sack before returning her mouth to my cock to continue blowing me.

As her mouth covered my cock and I felt the tip touch the back of her throat, I decided to push my luck a little further by giving her a good throat fucking. Taking her head in both hands, I thrust my hips up into her face, feeling my cock plop past her tongue and enter her throat. I made very short but gentle thrusts into her throat, which convulsed around my prick. I wanted to fuck her throat harder, but did not want to scare her just yet, so I took it easy, slowly bringing myself to climax. She was clearly in some distress, but still thought we were having a romantic encounter that she did not want to spoil, stupid bitch. So, she endured my cock in her windpipe and actually let me get balls deep into her throat where I eventually creamed, cumming directly into her stomach, shooting my spunk wave after wave whilst holding her head in place so she had no choice but to take and swallow every drop. Once spent, I released her head and let her come up for air. She coughed and spluttered, telling me to go gentler next time.

“Jesus, bro. You sure like a bit of rough don’t you.” She said as she wiped tears from her cheeks. “You gotta go gentle with that crap honey; I thought you were going to choke me with that thing so deep in my throat. Do you do that to all the girls?” She asked with a slight smile.
“Yes.” I said. “I do.” If she only knew the truth I thought.
“Well you need to go easy next time, ok?” She continued. “I don’t mind a little bit of rough and if you take it easy, I can even get you deep baby, but you gotta let me be in control. You gotta let me decide how deep, ok? Now how long does that beautiful fella of yours need before he can give mama some more cream for her apple pie?”
“Not long.” I responded. “Get me a beer.”
“Please.” She retorted, clearly objecting to my commanding tone. I smiled at her and said “please” in a sarcastic voice, thinking, “If only you knew bitch.”

We drank beer for a while and she smoked a cigarette in bed, which I fucking hated. “She better not try to kiss me again”, I thought, or I will bite her fucking tongue out. Instead, she asked me stupid, banal, and irritating questions, the most of which, I do not even remember. I lied to them all, especially when she asked me my name, and finally shut her up by pushing her face back down to my cock.

“You need to get me hard again if you want my cream.” I stated and she willingly took my soft prick into her mouth, but pushed my hands from her head, clearly concerned about my intentions. Again, I thought, “If only you knew bitch.”

However, she genuinely was an extremely talented cocksucker. She cupped my balls in one hand and wanked my shaft with the other, whilst flicking her tongue across my glans, up and down my shaft and then engulfing my cock in her mouth, and I grew into her face. She continued sucking until my cock was completely hard again. Then she started to slide up the bed, clearly intending to cowboy me; once again, she was trying to mount me, and once again, I stopped her.

“No, turn over.” I said, and encouraged her onto her stomach. “I want to see that beautiful apple pie from behind.” I lied. She complied, rolling onto her belly and parting her legs to reveal not only her cunt, but also a tiny dark butthole that had clearly never had a cock in it. That was about to change, she just did not yet know it.

I slid my middle finger into her cunt, and then added my index finger into her slit as I got between her legs. As I started to rub her, she groaned and pushed back onto my fingers. I pushed first those two, then adding my ring finger, three fingers, deep into her swollen pussy and started to finger-fuck her. She writhed under my hand, and her juices flowed. She was clearly in the mood for more. I pulled my fingers out of her cunt. They were coated with my own spunk and her juices. I moved my body up the bed behind her and placed the tip of my cock just inside her cunt, which sent her over the edge.

“Oh yeah, baby. Give me that cock. Please. Push it in. Don’t tease me honey, fuck me as hard as you can. Mama wants that cream baby.” Her whispered words clearly showing how horny she was. She was as horny as fuck, and I pushed my cock deep into her sopping wet cunt, sliding in until my balls hit home. She let out a deep groan and I started to fuck her, pulling almost all the way out and then hammering back in up to my balls. She pushed back to meet every thrust and encouraged me to go harder and deeper.

“That’s it honey, fuck me hard. Don’t be shy, go deeper. Hammer my black ass with that horny white cock baby. Give it to me.”

Now I knew exactly what she meant with ‘Hammer my black ass’, do not get me wrong; but I decided to take her literally. After all, she had just told me to hammer her ass. How could I possibly refuse? However, for the time being, I continued to fuck hard and deep into her cunt because I needed to be clever about how I went about this. To start, I reached round her face, and pushed my spunk-covered fingers into her mouth. She took them willingly and sucked them clean, but my intention was a different one. As I removed my fingers, I clamped my hand across her mouth and let my full weight down onto her back. I do not know what she thought I was doing, she did not resist at all. She simply lay there squirming back onto my cock as I continued to fuck her cunt and held my hand tight over her mouth. She was breathing heavily through her nose and I could tell she was extremely close to coming. This was perfect; she would not know what hit her until it was too late.

I kept my rhythm, as it was clearly good for her. She was getting more and more agitated, squirming and bucking back onto my cock as I impaled her cunt, balls deep. It was important that I did not hit my own high point, as that would spoil my plan to fuck this bitch up, so I let my mind wander to bizarre things like shopping or work. It worked, and my rhythmic pummelling finally got her over the edge and she started to squirt juices over my cock and groan into my hand, deep in the throes of her orgasm, which I was about to spoil.

In a single movement of pulling back and out of her pussy whilst rolling slightly to one side, I grasped my raging cock in my other hand and guided it back to her tiny butthole with the precision of trained sniper. I gave no mercy or thought for the pain I caused her as I forced the fat bulbous head of my swollen prick past her sphincter with one brutal thrust of my hips. She screamed near to silently into the palm of my hand. She reached behind her towards her ass with both her hands, desperately trying to reach my cock to pull it out of her stretched virgin butthole. She kicked and bucked, arching her back to try to topple me, throw me off, but the full weight of my body pinned her to the bed. She had nowhere to go and no way to prevent what I was about to do to her. I had had enough apple pie; it was time for plum cake and cherry busting. I was going to rape her ass. I was going to rape it brutally.

I rolled back to my original position, and straightening up, thrust with the full force of my hips and the full weight of my body, impaling her ass balls deep with my full seventeen centimetres. My cock was coated and smeared with a mixture of my own spunk and her cunt-juices, so well lubricated I could hit home with a single push. As my balls hit her cunt, I listened to that glorious guttural scream that I love so much when forcing my cock into a virgin ass. It excited me even more, as did that familiar feeling of her every muscle pushing and pulsating around my cock, trying to push my swollen cock out of her anal cavity, but in doing so heightening my pleasure.

I waited, enjoyed and relished those muscles massaging my cock, but less than I would have liked to, because the bitch just would not stop fighting. She was squirming like an eel and kicking with her legs, still screaming into my hand. It was time to give her good reason to scream. I pulled my cock slowly out of her ass until just the tip remained firmly behind her sphincter muscles locking around the underside of my glans. I managed to find her kicking legs with mine, and hook mine into them to force them onto the bed and pin them there. Her arms were still free, with her hands slapping pointlessly at my thighs and buttocks, but she was otherwise helpless. I started my assault.

I was ruthless and brutal; pumping as hard and as fast as I possibly could into her ass. I did not stop or pause. I jack-hammered in and out of her anus, pushing until my balls hit her cunt and pulling until my glans almost popped out. She began sweating like an athlete in a race; rivulets ran down her back between her shoulder blades and soaked my chest. From stroke to stroke, she went from full-fight to half-hearted resistance and finally passive victim. Her screams grew less and less and finally turned into pathetic sobs and whimpering. Her tears ran over the back of my hand, which remained clamped over her mouth. I did not slow or ease up as I fucked her in the ass.

I felt and showed no mercy. Every thrust into her guts was with maximum force and speed, with the intention or ripping her ass apart and causing pain. Her whimpers and tears did not disturb me they excited me further. Her sobs encouraged my cock to swell even larger and to drive even deeper into her bowels. I sodomized her with a fury and a heat I had seldom felt. Such was the force of my thrusts that I pushed her centimetre for centimetre up the bed until her face and my hand hit the headboard, and yet I continued. Thrust after thrust brought me nearer and nearer to that glorious moment when I would empty my balls into her torn ass, and then it came, and I sank my teeth into her right shoulder, actually drawing blood and leaving a bit-mark that would probably stay with her for life.

The orgasm started at the base of my spine. It rippled through my belly and up my back. Every muscle in my body tensed to steel and my vision became blurry. A wave of heat ran over me, and as I embedded the full length of my cock into her ass, I sent gush after gush of seed deep into her guts, biting into the soft flesh of her shoulder until I finally collapsed spent and done onto her back. I let go of her mouth, but she did not scream. She simply continued to sob into the bedsheets, my cock still deep in her butthole.

I lay on her back for what seemed like two or three minutes, and neither of us spoke, nor did she move or stir. She sobbed softly and I could feel her chest rising and falling as she breathed. Every now and then, an uncontrolled spasm shook her and she took in tiny sharp gulps of air. I knew I had hurt her very, very much, and even the thought of that made my cock twitch inside her ravaged butthole. I had just shot my load having one of the most intense orgasms of my life and yet I had not completely softened.

Finally getting to my knees, I let my prick plop out of her butthole. I looked at my handwork. Her sphincter was gaping between beautiful ass-cheeks, and I could see the pink of her inner bowels smeared with the white of my spunk. There was blood, too. Her ring was red raw and covered in tiny cuts that spotted with droplets of blood and mixed with the other fluids we had both expelled. There were smears of blood and spunk on my cock, too, along with the brown tell tale signs of shit, that I would make her eat.

My balls ached from cumming so hard and so many times, and yet my prick had again hardened completely at the sight of my destruction, and now it stood fully erect just centimetres from her gaping asshole and cunt. I knew I was still not done with this bitch, but neither of those torn spunk-filled fuck-holes appealed to me, and so, getting from between her knees, I roughly took hold of her hips and flipped her onto her back. Her face, stained with tears and smeared with run makeup, was puffy from crying. She looked at me the way a dying animal looks at the wolf or lion. She did not speak, she did not move, she simply sobbed and another spasm shook her chest in tiny little gulps of air.

I also did not speak. I stood up from the bed and grabbed her by the hair. With brutal cruelty, I turned her around by pulling on her hair until she lay across the bed from side to side. With one more pull on her black dreadlocks, I pulled her head off the bed until it hung over the edge. “Open your mouth, bitch” I said.

The last time I had face-fucked her, she had complained and said I should go gentle next time. I did not go gentle. In fact, I was even rougher. She tried to keep her lips clasped tightly shut at first, but a slap across her face and she opened them obediently. I forced my filthy cock deep into her throat in one simple thrust and began deep throating her, pushing balls-deep into her face before pulling almost completely out again. I used her throat in the same way I had used her cunt and the way I had used her ass. I smashed quickly and as deeply into her face-fuck-hole as I possibly could with no concern for her pain or wellbeing. From time to time, I would stop, deep in her throat preventing her from breathing so I could relish the convulsions in her chest and throat as she gagged for air, and as I abused her throat with my swollen cock, I told her what a fuck-whore she was.

“That’s it fuck-whore, clean that dick. Get the spunk, blood, cunt juice and shit of my cock and swallow it bitch.” I growled as I thrust into her face and squeeze her tits with my hands. The end of my cock was causing a popping feeling and sound in her throat with each trust, and my balls slapped into her forehead as I went to maximum depth. I increased my speed, which meant she got less chance to breath. Then, with cruel deliberation I took both her nipples between my fingers and began to crush and twist them painfully, which caused her to cry at the back of her throat. That was exactly what I wanted, her vocal chords vibrating around my swollen cock-head, bringing my excitement to the peak. Bringing me to my climax.

I felt that familiar heatwave starting at the base of my spine and I knew I was about to cum. However, instead of cumming in her throat, I pulled out at the last second and creamed all over her beautiful black face, rubbing my cock over her lips, cheeks and eyes. I pushed some of the white liquid between her lips, and forced my cock back into her mouth to clean it. The sight was incredible.

“Suck my fucking cock clean, bitch.” I hissed, and wanked some of the last drops of cum into her mouth. I was still not completely soft so I pushed a little deeper into her mouth and again ordered her to suck. As I gave the order, I slapped her left breast as hard as I could to give her a start and make her comply. The new pain worked and she immediately started suckling on my cock, massaging the last drops of juice out of it with her mouth, and then I opened my bladder. I was quite deep in her face when the first squirt of piss left my cock and went directly into her throat.

“You drink that piss, bitch.” I growled at her. “You swallow every single fucking drop or I will tear your fucking nipples off, do you understand?” As I said this, I brutally crushed and twisted her right nipple with my fingers, making my threat clear. However, there was no real way for her to reply to my question, because she had my cock deep in her mouth pissing directly into her throat. She was gulping as fast as she could and I controlled my bladder just enough to give her a chance to swallow my piss. Nonetheless, a few drops left the corners of her mouth and dripped to the floor.

When I had no more piss to give her, I stood away, pulling my cock away from her face and looked down at her as she wiped the spunk and piss from her face and chin with the heel of her hands. Then she surprised me, because despite her puffy, watering eyes and torn throat she managed to stare right at me with a defiant look and croak that I should now “get the fuck out and never come back.” I was already getting dressed. I let myself out.

Of course, she could have reported me. I had, after all anally and orally raped her. I had hurt her and torn her fuck-holes so wide open that she would not be able to use any of them for weeks if not months. I had slapped her, humiliated her, pissed in her mouth and used her for my own sadistic sexual gratification. However, we had also left the party together. She was clearly as horny as fuck, and that was obvious and clear for everyone to see. She had invited me into her home for sex. It would be her word against mine, and it would become a long and dirty process.

So, I never saw or heard from that beauty again, and I have not tasted a cunt like hers since- On the other hand, I have also not fucked or tongued another black woman since that night, so maybe the kind of apple pies I like are only made with brown sugar. Fuck, I need to test that theory soon. (*Author’s note: I might even tell you people about it one day.)

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  • Reply 6924cm

    Btw I suggest you to try to find her again. Her initial response was expected, you broke into limits and pleasures she did not know to have. I can assure you that after she healed normal sex stopped attracting her. I bet with you that nowadays she looks for that kind of dominant pleasure you gave her and I’m 100% certain that she would do anything to meet you again.

    • Cunt hater

      I want him to contine humiliating more.. I liked it

  • Reply 6924cm

    Dude your experiences are great. Love each one of them