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Mercury – 001 (Dr. Nayfel)

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May the 4th be with you! Please give this series time to develop before you get sexually frustrated. I promise it has plenty of kinky shit later.

Episode 1 – DR. NAYFEL

Make out point? Not quite, as a male researcher and young female technician enter a secured area while they are at work. The intent? The researcher has convinced the female technician to cheat on her husband, and these two adulterers have found the most private area in the facility for a quicky. Their carnal weakness has been exploited by an unseen guest, as they kiss and remove enough clothes to enjoy their late-night perfidy.

“You sure no one can see us in here,” asks the woman?

“I am sure; and there are no cameras, and I am the only researcher working tonight that has access to this area,” replies the researcher.

She lays back on a table and raises her knees slowly, and she spreads her sexy legs. The man stumbles in, and he begins to fuck her tight hairy pussy with his 7” cock. Their uninvited guest has stealthily taken position behind the nutted professor, as he cums in two minutes, lost in the lust of fucking a hot brunette half his age.

The invisible guest is an android, and it forms a visible large penis in its genital region, and he plunges it into the male researcher’s ass, penetrating him and the female as blood pours from their bodies, and they scream. The android’s arm appears, and it punches through the back of the man into the female, killing them both. The android’s nanite-fluidic polymers reconstitute removing the blood and his cloaked veneer. He assumes his helmeted armor-clad black battle form, and in this visible configuration, his features are consistent with a human male.

The android removes the eye of the researcher, and he uses it on the bio-metric locks and opens the heavy security doors. In walks a dark clad hellion, and he towers above a computer console and begins to pilfer the data. He remarks to the android:

“Glad to see your AI interface is making use of all the sexual reference material in your data core. Jam the doors open, and release the bots, then return to the ship. Eliminate any opposition forces on your way. Once they realize I am stealing the data, their security will be alerted.”

The android’s creator (and master) is brilliant in his own right. The theft of this discovery could easily be perverted to serve his purposes. Swelling his fall from grace through his scheme to ultimately strike back at those who exiled him. The theft of this formula could be modified to alter creature life, augmenting his mechanical forces. An alarm sounds! It is automatically relayed to the authorities.

“It’s the Bovine Research Center,” replies a militia dispatch sergeant from a Texas Union Security Force space station.

Presently, technology is the right hand of the dominant Earth states. Corporations within governments control resources and development of new discoveries, to advance and regulate the areas they possess. The Bovine Research Center in San Antonio has developed a formula that increases the size of cattle with one side effect, it also increases intelligence. This secret was well guarded in an attempt to correct the procedure. Makes no difference to the hellion Doctor Nayfel; in its present composition, it will serve his malicious purposes well.

“Dispatch a squad to investigate and have one of the orbiters launch additional patrols to watch for traffic trying to leave the vicinity,” orders a TUSF captain.

The majority of the profitable governments use some form of personal Powered Armor Defense, for their security forces (as far as their technology allows). Apparently, the security staff at the Bovine Research Center uses PADing as well. The first militia squad arrives at the institute:

“They are ripped to shreds, right through their PADs, what could have done this,” exclaims one of the squad members, after coming across the first of the facility’s murdered security staff?

“Stay on point, we’re here for the intruder, move inside,” orders a TUSF sergeant.

As they move through the facility they come to the area of disturbance. They look though the open doors that had previously been secured (no doubt perceived to be impenetrable). They view the back of Dr. Nayfel at the terminal. The usual commands are shouted at him, but the squad’s attention is so focused on the Doctor, that they are unaware of his bots encircling their feet. The bots attack and shred the squad to pieces. Screams are heard over the communication’s net. Doctor Nayfel escapes.

Doctor Nayfel is the son of Dr. Peter Franklin, who was a brilliant scientist that contributed greatly to the advancement of a spiritual/paranormal colony underground on Mercury and a handful of other planets collectively called the United Mercury Theocracy. The Mercury colonies made vast private advancements in technology. The present state of Mercury’s colonies is unknown to those who dwell on Earth. Dr. Franklin named his son Peter Victor Franklin Jr., his middle name after Dr. Franklin’s mentor.

After Dr. Peter Franklin’s death, his son (Victor) coveted more power, and viewed the scientific knowledge that he possessed as a means to be personally exploited, instead of contributing to the greater good of the Mercury colonies. Without the knowledge of the Mercurian Council of Elders, Dr. Victor Franklin began trading technology to agents on Earth. His plot was discovered by a Ṛddhi triumvirate, and they approached the council with the revelation.

After the investigation, the council realized that the revelation prevented vital technological secrets from being stolen. However, Victor Franklin did manage to trade the designs for their PADs (at the time), and he stole plans for an advanced core drilling device. Victor Franklin also murdered a Prelate, and he was unrepentant, and therefore seen as a grave threat to the harmony and sanctity of the Mercury colonies.

The Mercurians do not believe in the death penalty. So, the council decided to banish Victor Franklin. Furthermore, they did not wish to sully the great names after which he was named, and they branded him Nayfel, to which he arrogantly replied, “Doctor Nayfel.” He embraced their appellation because at heart, he despised his father and his father’s mentor.

The Mercurians are a benevolent society centered on Spiritualism and paranormal development. This was their first encounter with a truly evil individual within their populace. Only the Mercurians possess the technology to fold space. So, the council decided to banish Dr. Nayfel on a distant planet.

They could not risk incarcerating Dr. Nayfel in this solar system for concern those he had bartered with on Earth, might find a way to free him. As such, a Prelate was charged with the responsibility of transporting Dr. Nayfel to a planet the Mercurians had been using for farming, but they abandoned it in favor of Nabu (one of their other colonies). They exiled Dr. Nayfel on that planet, but evidently, he has found a way to escape.

Tonight, Dr. Nayfel has returned to his spacecraft, and he folds space to flee after the theft at the Bovine Research Center. It has been seven years since his escape from exile. Two of his androids have a surprise for him:

“Jamie Dawdens…excuse me…Doctor Dawdens; I have your formula, and now I have you,” brags Dr. Nayfel concerning Jamie’s abduction by the androids.

“Who are you,” she asks?

“I am your new master, you can call me Dr. Nayfel, you will serve me now instead of that research center.”

“I am not going to do anything for you,” states Dr. Dawdens.

“Oh, I think you will change your mind. I have some pretty good benefits for an emotionally detached scientist like yourself. You two, take Dr. Dawdens to a guest room, and pleasure her, DO NOT KILL HER,” says Dr. Nayfel to two of his androids.

Doctor Jamie Dawdens fulfills every trope of the nerdy science girl. Her long brunette hair is tied in a ponytail, and her seldom cut layered bangs and sides are falling over her glasses, which she uses more as a bobby pin than visual aid. Jamie is 45 years old, and 5’ 4” tall, and she is escorted into the guest quarters by the androids.

The armor-cladding mantas exterior of the androids’ transforms and removes revealing two 6’ tall white hunks. Each a Mr. Perfect in any girl’s dreams, with smooth chests and taut muscles that are well defined, and they feel like the real thing. Flawless slick ball sacks and flaccid circumcised cocks that are hanging thick and 8” soft. They each have an aesthetic hairy pubic area above their cocks, that is well groomed. Of course, the androids can manipulate certain areas, such as limbs, but each individual android has their own facial appearance, which cannot be personally altered.

Jamie is staring dumbfounded, as the androids approach her naked, and she gazes at those immaculate cocks swinging limp. One of the androids removes her glasses, and kisses her, and the technique is not only impeccable, but minute apparatuses within his mouth assures sound suction to enhance the experience.

The second android has positioned himself behind Jamie, and he removes her ponytail tie, and begins to undress her. Naked, Jamie is a sexy hot milf, and reveals her 32DD-25-33 slim hourglass fit figure, with lovely thighs, legs, feet, and toes. Jamie’s pussy has black hair, ungroomed; and if she barely has time for her head, her pussy is surely neglected (and not just from grooming). Her long skirt demands she shaves her legs for appearance’s sake, and she attends to her armpits as well.

The android behind Jamie starts fingering her pussy, as each of them rub one of her breasts. The android in front is carefully holding the back of Jamie’s neck as he continues to kiss her. They move Jamie to the bed, and both kiss all over her body, and it is better than any lips and tongue she has ever felt.

Jamie is so wet, one of the androids is evacuating the moisture seeping from her hairy pussy and running down her ass. He is using his mouth, as she lays on her back. He begins to eat her pussy, and his nanite-fluidic polymers ooze lubricant. As local nanites move within the liquid, they begin to vibrate on Jamie’s clit and nerve bundles. The android morphs his tongue to reach inside Jamie’s pussy, and he vibrates her “G” spot.

The second android is kissing her mouth with perfection, and he moves to her breasts, and utilizes the nanites and the lubricant, and his mouth sucks and licks her breasts stimulating her nerves precisely. Jamie is soon overcome, and she orgasms in a verbal outcry like she has never known. The androids continue to kiss on her until she recovers her senses. One of them kneels beside her head and asks:

“Would you like to play with or suck my cock?”

Jamie takes hold of his 8” flaccid cock, and it feels so real. She opens her mouth and sucks his soft cock. The second android forms his cock into an erection, and he begins to fuck her hairy wet pussy. Jamie is grunting in pleasure having her pussy fucked, and the first android asks:

“Do you want me to make it harder, or do you prefer to suck a soft cock?”

“Uh, uh, uh, maybe, uh, a little harder, uh, uh,” replies Jamie.

“Do you want me to add an inch to my cock, or increase the diameter,” asks the android fucking Jamie’s pussy?

“Yes, uh, uh, yes, uh, add an inch, uh, make it, uh, uh, slightly thicker…oh my god, oh my god, fuck me faster. SHIT! Why is your cock vibrating, OH MY GOD, I AM GOING TO CUM,” cries Jamie, and she has another orgasm!

The androids asked if Jamie wanted more, and she said she needed to catch her breath. The two androids took Jamie to the shower and washed her, and groomed her pussy leaving a nice landing strip bushy patch above. The nanites removed the rest of her pubic hair. Jamie caressed and kissed them relentlessly, and she was prepared to marry them if needed. Jamie fell in love/lust with the best sex toy ever invented. They pleasured her several more times before she was so tired, she fell asleep. They held her and she slept soundly with them next to her.

The functionality of the androids’ nanite-fluidic polymers on their mantas exterior is based off Dr. Nayfel’s study of his greatest asset, Mialyn Mira Echo W.I.E.I. Ten. Presently, the androids can merely moderately mimic Mira’s abilities, in a much lower capacity. Mira Echo is Dr. Nayfel’s first subordinate. Mira did not assist the Doctor with his theft at the bovine institute. Doctor Nayfel sent Mira on a separate mission…

EPISODE CHARACTERS (Reoccurring Sexually):

Dr. Nayfel (AKA) Dr. Peter Victor Franklin, (INTRO) 32 yrs. old, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 11 in, (HAIR) Brown Medium Length Parted, (PUBIC) Trimmed Shaved Balls and Below, (PENIS) Avg. Thickness 8.5 in Length Circumcised, (BODY) Average, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (COMMENTS) Handsome

Dr. Jamie Dawdens (INTRO) 45 yrs. old, 32-24-33, Caucasian Human, 5 ft 4 in, (HAIR) Dark Brunette Long Straight, (CUP) 32DD Natural – Beautiful Pink Nipples, (PUBIC) Black Trimmed Landing Strip Bushy, (BODY) Light Tan Complexion Fit Soft Milf, (ORIENTATION) Bisexual, (PORN PERSONA) Alexis Fawx, (COMMENTS) Very Attractive Milf, Beautiful Pink Pussy Interior, Firm Round Ass, Nice Thighs, Legs, Sexy Feet and Toes that are so Scrumptious


The first five episodes (and Episode 7) of this series were based on a work Greg was writing because he is a sci-fi nut. Me and Max read it, and I used it as the structure for this series. Marcus provided military and some technical input to help make it sound more authentic.

This series has story that needs to develop. As such, there may be times when an Episode seems more like story than sex. I promise there are Episodes that are sexually centered and kinky with aliens. I was bored with just writing sex scenes, and I wanted to develop characters using sex to add to the action, not be the only action. So, Greg and Max talked me into using Greg’s sci-fi world of lasers, and I added lust.

I did not subscribe to the Porn Persona inclusion for my characters by my boyfriends at first because they are only remotely similar. I used my sex circle of friends for a lot of the characters, but then used porn actors for the rest at the behest of my friends. Now, when I write sex segments, sometimes it motivates me to watch the Porn Persona person first. It may be worth watching to help you visualize the characters too (or at least view their pictures). I wish we could find Porn Personas for every character, but sometimes our imagination is better than the real thing.

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Science Fiction? I wasn’t expecting that.

    • Maxdefault

      Well, it provided me a lot of latitude with sexual fantasies if you can get through the first 10-15 episodes which set up the series. There is still story in the rest, but the sex parts increase as the story line develops.

    • Psiberzerker

      Yeah, one of the problems with Alternative Universe (Scifi, Horror, Fantasy, Alternate History) is you have to get the Worldbuilding out of the way. With Contemporary, you don’t have to explain the world, it’s just like our’s. Here, there be Androids, so you have to at least include their capabilities like shape-shifting. I like the fact that the language went completely apathic from the Android’s PoV. It doesn’t think, let alone feel, it just acts.