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Amy Tale/s – Cuntstruction Obesestruction

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I make Michael lay on his back and I feel sorry for him, as Molly blobs down on top of him, and Beatrice guides Michael’s cock into Molly’s fat pussy.

I lay Jim on his back, and me and Beatrice suck his cock together until he is hard. Beatrice cowgirls down and begins her ride on the dark side. I go get Michael, and I have positioned Beatrice and Jim so that she cannot see the door, but she knows I came in and sees Michael. I slap his 9” black cock on her ass and say, do you want two cocks, firecracker? Beatrice says, yes, and I say, let me get the lube. Jim is kissing her, and I bring Allen in behind Michael and Michael lubes and fingers Beatrice in the ass.

When I am sure Beatrice is distracted, I pull the ole switcharoo, and Allen fucks Beatrice in the ass. I move to the bed and kiss and rub her, and I block her vision to the rear. I reach under her and finger her clit, and Allen is rubbing her hot ass. I don’t think Allen has even recognized her yet, but he is getting suspicious. Jim is glaring at me; he knows this is going to end bad. Allen cums in her ass and I finger her hard and fast and she orgasms. All the shaking causes Jim to get off a few moments later. My arm is laying across Beatrice holding her to Jim’s chest, and I kiss her and I ask, did that feel good? Beatrice says, it felt amazing.

I move and Beatrice rolls and looks back, and Allen says, Mrs. Miller? Beatrice just closes her eyes and lays her arm across her forehead lying on her back. I kiss her and she says, a student Amy, I guess it is too late to complain now. I pull her arm down and say, look at him, isn’t he cute as hell, and he has a thick 8.5” cock. Beatrice says, yes, I felt it. Michael starts sucking Allen and Beatrice says, is he gay? I say, bisexual, come on, I will clean you. I douche both Beatrice’s holes and wash her off and we get out. Beatrice says, is the noise for the hot tub, Jim said it was? I say, jacuzzi but yes, come, I will show you. Beatrice says, naked, and she pulls her hand back? I say, yes, quit being a prude, they are not teenagers, and it is just two guys.

We walk onto the back porch utility room and they stare at us, and they say something to each other in Spanish. I say, do you speak English? One of them says, yes ma’am. I say, you better not slack off and blame not getting done on me, or Dave will let somebody else come and work and watch my ass. He says, yes ma’am. I get the swing out and hook it up. I convince Beatrice to get into it. I get her laid back and spread, and I sit on the stool, and I start to eat her firebush pussy. The Mexicans are talking in Spanish, and I look back at the Mexicans and say, she’s hot, right? The same guys says, yes ma’am.

Molly comes to the door, and I say, come in Molly. Molly says, damn, how many hot girlfriends do you have? I say, a lot, do you want to taste her pie Molly? Molly says, yes, and I get up and she sits and eats Beatrice’s pussy. The Mexicans are talking again, and I ask Molly, do you know these guys? Molly says, yes, as much as they work for Dave. Have you ever fucked any of his help Molly? Molly says, no, that would be bad for Dave. I finger Beatrice and Molly goes back to eating her pussy and we get her off. I walk over and take one of the guys by the hand and lead him in between Beatrice. Beatrice says, what are you doing? I say, shut up bitch, close your eyes and just let it happen.

I unbutton his pants and pull his 7” pecker out and it is hard. I push him close, and he fucks Beatrice, holding her hips in the sex sling and swinging her into him. He gets off quick, and I motion for the other one. He fucks Beatrice too and gets off. I tell them, you better do a good job on my jacuzzi, and you better not tell Dave about this, and you better not slack off, Comprende? The guy that was talking English says, si mamacita! I help Beatrice out of the swing and clean her again in the shower. I ask, did that feel good? Beatrice says, I had no control, I was just being used and fucked. Wendell [her husband] is boring, hell yes it felt good, it was thrilling, those dirty workers fucking me, and Beatrice kissed me. Fuck, this bitch keeps getting kinkier.

Molly said Harold and Irene were gone this weekend, which explains his voyeur absence. Michael and Allen were in our bedroom fucking, and Jim was in the living room. Jim said he could not watch them fuck. I take Molly into the bedroom and strip her, and me and Beatrice prime her obese ass with a pussy eating with me in a 69 on top of Molly, and Beatrice in between her fat legs helping me. Molly eats my pussy. We get Molly off, and I say, which do you want for your pussy, chocolate or vanilla, and I make the guy’s show her their cocks? Molly says, chocolate.

I make Michael lay on his back and I feel sorry for him, as Molly blobs down on top of him, and Beatrice guides Michael’s cock into Molly’s fat pussy. Allen fucks Molly’s ass, and me and Beatrice watch and rub each other’s pussy and kiss, and kiss on each other’s breasts. Molly gets double dicked, and she is grunting and moaning. I ask, how is it boys? Michael says, I am going to cum, and Allen says, me too, and they cum almost at the same time, and most of Molly’s fat rippling stops as the guys taper off their shivers. I take Molly to the shower and douche her pussy and ass and wash her.

I rub her big titties and kiss on them, and she is fun to squeeze, like a big plushy toy. Molly kisses me and licks and sucks my tits and I use the douche wand and water jet my clit and orgasm. Molly gets dressed and leaves fearing Dave will come and check on the workers, and I walk her out the back door. I walk over to where they are working, and I am still naked and I watch and they try and work, but mostly stare at me and talk quietly in Spanish. I say, what are you talking about? The guy says, about how hot you are ma’am, and how this is the best fucking job we have ever done. I say, well, don’t fuck it up, and I return to the bedroom.

I lay in the bed and Beatrice crawls on top of me and kisses me. She says, I need to go, and she gets up and dresses. Michael and Allen are still sucking each other, and I ask Allen, do you have to go home, or can you stay out another night? Allen says, I can stay, I just need to tell my mom I am at a friend’s. I say, call her and take a shower. Beatrice goes to the living room and says bye to Jim and leaves. Michael is staring at me, and I say, what do you want? Michael says, I want to eat your pussy. I spread my legs, and he dives in. Michael is a good pussy eater, and he gets me off in like 10 minutes. Allen walks in and I say, go get dressed, and I wash of in the shower and fix my hair and get dressed too.

I tell Michael me and Allen have somewhere to go, but maybe next weekend we can do something Sunday (that is his day off). Michael leaves, and I kiss Jim and say, I am going, please tell Dave thanks for his diligent work for me. I grab my makeup bag, and Allen grabs his bag, and when the cab arrives, we leave. Allen asks, are we going back to you place? I say, no, and the place we are going belongs to another girlfriend, and if she asks, you are 18, okay? Allen says, okay.

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