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A Wife Begins to Swing

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Jack punishes Trisha by fucking her in the ass. This is followed by Trisha’s first experience with another woman and a black man.

This story is a continuation of “Jack Preps His Wife for the Swinger’s Club

When they arrived home from their dinner at Ed and Vicky’s, Trisha told Jack she had to use the restroom and she sprinted inside. Ed’s seed was still oozing from her pussy and she wanted to clean up as soon as possible. She desperately wanted to take a shower, but she felt it would arouse Jack’s suspicions as she always did this in the morning and never before bed.

She cleaned herself as much as possible, but there was so much cum inside of her that she could not remove it without a shower. After leaving the bathroom, Trisha changed into fresh underwear, an old baggy t-shirt, and sweatpants as she wanted to wear the least provocative ensemble she could think of.

Trisha found Jack already lying in bed when she entered the bedroom. She kissed him on the forehead and hopped under the covers on her side of the bed.

Jack turned to his wife and said, “Tonight was fun! How did you like Ed and Vicky?”

Trisha said that they were both very nice and that she really enjoyed herself.

“You and Ed seemed to be getting along very well” replied Jack. Trisha was in a bit of a paranoid state and could not tell if this was simple small talk or if he was insinuating that he knew something. She decided to play it cool.

Trisha replied, “Yes, he is very easy to talk to and he has some great stories.”

Jack scooted over to Trisha’s side of the bed and cuddled up next to her. Trisha just knew that Jack was going to want sex tonight as he always got horny whenever he drank…and tonight they had consumed quite a few alcoholic beverages. Trisha was terrified that if they made love, Jack would discover that she and Ed had sex earlier that night.

When Jack kissed her on the neck, Trisha pulled away and told him, “Jack, not tonight please. I have a headache. I think I drank too much wine at dinner.”

To her astonishment, Jack said, “Ok babe” and rolled over to his side of the bed. Trisha found this strange as Jack never gave up on wanting to have sex so easily. She became very suspicious that Jack knew something.

As he lay back on his pillow, Jack said, “So, how was the closet?”

Trisha’s blood ran cold. She was almost sure that Jack knew what had happened. The fact that she was not 100% positive was beginning to gnaw at her. She was going to play coy until she was absolutely sure Jack knew. Trisha answered Jacks’ query by saying “It was really nice. I would love to remodel our closet to look like theirs. Perhaps we can get the name of the company they used for the job.”

Jack gave a wry smile and said, “It must have been a huge closet. You and Ed were gone for quite a while. I guess he was giving you a detailed tour.”

This was beginning to drive Trisha crazy. “He knows, I am sure of it” thought Trisha. She was not going to give up so easily and she said, “Well you know Ed, he wanted to show me all of the special features of the closet.”

Jack gave a slight laugh and replied, “I’ll bet he did.”

“What did he mean by that? Why did he laugh?” Oh God, he knows. He knows…

Jack then asked, “After your tour of the closet, did you get sick or anything in the bathroom? When you joined us back in the living room your cheeks were flushed, and your hair was a bit disheveled. You looked like you had just run a marathon.”

Trisha’s mind was melting. Trying to hide this from Jack was killing her, especially when she was 99.9% sure he knew what had happened from the comments he was making. She also felt guilty about cheating on Jack again, even though he said he wanted her to fuck other men, and for having sex with Vicky’s husband in her own home.

Trisha could no longer stand it and said, “Jack, I had sex with Ed when we were in the closet. He was coming on to me all night long. He was very charming, and you said that you wanted me to have sex with other men. This was not in my plans, it just happened.”

Trisha was expecting Jack to go off the rails and was surprised when his reaction was calm. Jack looked at his wife and said, “Yeah, I know. Vicky and I could hear you and Ed all the way in the dining room.”

Trisha’s face turned white. “Oh my God, Vicky heard that? She must hate me! I cannot believe she was still nice to me for the rest of the night. I need to apologize to her.”

Jack took Trisha by the arm and said, “Calm down, Trisha. Vicky was not mad. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Ed and Vicky want to swing with us.”

The color returned to Trisha’s face, and she looked dumbfounded. “What?”

“Let me spell it out for you…Ed and Vicky want to swap partners and fuck. You and Ed got a head start tonight. As a matter of fact, Ed is president of an exclusive swinger’s club in town and they have invited us to join. I think tonight’s dinner may have been a little test.”

Trisha looked at Jack inquisitively and said, “What do you know about this club? Is it even safe?”

Jack told Trisha that after he found the video on her phone, he was upset and visited some chatrooms for cheated spouses. During conversations on these sites, the topic of swinging repeatedly came up and he met Ed. They had multiple chats which ultimately culminated in their dinner tonight.

“Ed says this is a very exclusive club. Sounds like it is mostly well-to-do couples in situations like ours. All couples in the club are married, and most are middle aged. So, what do you think?”

Trisha looked at him and said, “I cannot believe that Ed and Vicky are swingers. I would have never guessed that when I met Vicky tonight. She looks so normal.”

Jack laughed and said, “What are swingers supposed to look like? Hookers and pimps?” Jack laughed again and said, “You think you could get some girl on girlie action going with Vicky? That is something I’d pay to see!”

Trisha punched him in the arm and said, “You are such a pig!”

Jack lunged across the bed and started tickling Trisha. “I didn’t hear you say no! Trisha wants to scissor Vicky! Trisha thinks she’s hot!”

Trisha giggled and tried to pull away. Jack kissed his wife on the neck and grabbed a handful of tit through her sweatshirt.

“Jack, stop it” Trisha protested in a half-hearted manner.
Jack’s hands continued to roam Trisha’s body and he noted, “So Ed gets to have you tonight and I don’t get any? That doesn’t seem fair. Jacky want some too!”

Trisha squirmed in Jack’s arms and said, “Jack it is gross down there. I have not been able to shower since my thing with Ed.”

“So, what, you still have Ed’s cum in your twat?” Jack teased. You do have another hole I could fill…”

Trisha protested, but Jack was persistent. He sucked on her earlobe and then whispered in her ear, “Come on baby, let me take you from behind. You got to have your fun with Ed tonight. I am your husband. I love you.”

The thought of anal sex was something that seemed nasty to Trisha. Something that good girls did not do. But guess what? Good girls also don’t join swingers’ clubs and fuck random people and she was about to do that. She thought about this, in addition to what Jack was saying, and reluctantly agreed to his proposition.

“Ok Jack, I will let you do it but only under certain conditions.”

Jack became giddy. He always wanted to fuck Trisha in her tight little asshole, but she always refused. The closest he came during the 25 years they had been together was a few of his fingers going up her rump.

“First of all, you have to go very slow. Second, you have to use the lube from my sex toy bag. Third, if I tell you to stop, I mean stop. You got all of that?”

Jack rubbed Trisha’s leg and said, “Of course, hon. I will be gentle.”

Trisha replied, “If you aren’t, I am going to shove one of my dildo’s up YOUR ass and see how you like it!”

Jack puckered his face and said, “Oh baby, that sound sexy! You want to peg me?”

Trisha looked disgusted and said, “I don’t even know what that is and I am pretty sure that I don’t want to know. You are so gross.”

Jack blew her a kiss and began to take off his pants. He smiled at his wife and said, “Drop them drawers’ woman!”

Trisha gave Jack a disapproving look and opened her nightstand. She pulled out her pink bag of sex toys and retrieved a bottle of lube. Jack had put the lube in the bag when he purchased Trisha the large black dildo knowing that she may need some help to slide in that big monster.

Trisha slapped the lube into Jack’s hand and said, “Here, don’t forget to use this asshole.”

Jack smiled and said, “That is EXACTLY where I intend to use it.”

Trisha rolled her eyes and said, “You’re an idiot.” Trisha pulled off her sweatpants and slid off her underwear. Jack had already rubbed some of the lube on his erect penis and was stroking as he watched Trisha undress. With her baggy shirt still on, Trisha crept back onto the bed and bent over onto all fours. There would be no foreplay tonight.

“Ok, let’s get this over with,” said Trisha.

Jack took position behind his wife and used his hand to rub her pussy. He could feel that it was slick with moisture. “So, is this from you or Ed?”

Trisha turned her head and said, “Will you shut up and just do your thing? I swear, you are such a jerk sometimes.”

Jack looked before him and saw his wife in one of the most submissive positions he had ever seen. She was staring ahead at the headboard, so he could only see the back of her head. He could see her pear-shaped ass sticking in the air just inches from his hard cock.

Jack used his hands to spread Trisha’s legs and told her to arch her back. As she did so, her cute little asshole appeared before him. It was tightly shut, and its slightly protruded tan color stood in contrast to the milky white skin of her ass cheeks. Jack leaned forward and ran his tongue around the periphery of Trisha’s puckered anal opening. Trisha jumped slightly as she was not expecting this.

Jack gently used his tongue to rim Trisha’s asshole and then he shoved it inside. The tightly clenched flesh of Trisha’s butthole was easily parted by Jack’s wet pointed tongue. She could feel the warmth of Jack’s tongue as it probed inside of her. As Trisha had never had anything other than a finger in her ass before, she noted that this felt kind of nice. She knew however that this was just a tongue and that a stiff cock was much bigger. Trisha wasn’t really afraid of anal sex because she thought it was nasty, she was afraid because she thought it would hurt.

With his tongue in her ass, Jack moved it in circular motions and Trisha closed her eyes. She was startled when she felt Jack’s hand rub her wet clit while he was giving her backdoor a thorough tongue bath.

Jack rubbed and pinched Trisha’s engorged clit as he withdrew his tongue. Trisha forgot her feelings of apprehension as lust was beginning to take hold. Juices began to flow in her vagina, mixing with the little bit of Ed’s cum that remained inside.

With his free hand, Jack stuck two fingers inside of Trisha’s cunt and could feel its lubrication. He no longer cared if what he was feeling belonged to Ed or Trisha. All Jack could think about was Trisha’s puckered asshole which seemed to be winking at him to come inside.

With his fingers lubricated by the mixture of Trisha and Ed’s cum, Jack slowly applied pressure to Trisha’s asshole. The muscles of her sphincter tightened in a protective reflex. Jack continued to push forward, and his digit breached her anus. Trisha gasped.

Jack gently moved his finger in and out of Trisha’s ass until the lubrication on his finger began to wane. Sensing the developing friction, Jack withdrew his finger and squirted lube into the palm of his hand. As he rubbed Trisha’s asshole in preparation for his cock, Trisha was horny. She wanted Jack inside of her.

Jack rubbed a generous amount of gel onto his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her back door. Trisha could feel the head of Jack’s dick begin to apply pressure to the muscles of her sphincter. She arched her back and spread her legs further apart in an effort to make Jack’s entrance easier.

As Jack’s member began to penetrate her ass, Trisha did all she could to relax and allow him access inside. Pain began to rear its ugly head when the full width of Jack’s circumcised mushroom head had spread the rebelling muscles of Trisha’s rectum. Trisha bit her lip. She wanted to tell Jack to stop, but something deep inside of her wanted to continue this journey. She wanted his cock in her ass. She needed to know how it felt. Her inhibitions were gone.

With a gentle push, Jack felt his cock pop forward as the widest part of his manhood breached the gates of Trisha’s ass. Trisha moaned. Jack could feel that his cock now had free reign inside of Trisha’s rectum. He grabbed her hips and began to oscillate back and forth.

The pain from Trisha’s backside subsided and was replaced with a sensation of pleasure. Jack’s cock seemed enormous in her ass and her muscles gripped him tightly as he began to pump. Trisha dropped her head and began to push back against Jack’s cock. She wanted him deeper inside.

Jack could see that Trisha was aroused and responding. He had fully expected her to tell him to stop by now. Seeing that she was thrusting her body back against his, Jack took this as a sign to move forward. He slapped Trisha on the ass and picked up the pace of his thrusting. Jack had never smacked Trisha before, and she was shocked. He smacked her again, only this time harder and he thrusted deeper. Trisha grunted and the initial sting on her ass from the smack began to tingle with pleasure.

With a cock in her ass and a man smacking her, she felt like a whore. She did not care as she could only think about the newfound feelings that anal sex was giving her.

Trisha moved her hand to her clit and began to rub like a madwoman. Trisha could feel Jack’s balls bounce off the soft skin of her ass cheeks as he fucked her, and sounds of slapping flesh echoed from the walls of the bedroom.

As Trisha orgasmed, the muscles of her inner and outer anal sphincters squeezed Jack’s cock. This sent him over the edge, and he ejaculated his seed into Trisha’s rectum. After withdrawing his cock, Jack could not help but stare at Trisha’s involuntarily pulsating asshole. A few twitches later, Jack’s creamy white semen began to ooze out of Trisha’s gaping ass.

Trisha collapsed onto the bed. Her orgasm left her weak. As she lay panting and enjoying the warm post-coital afterglow that enveloped her body, Trisha could not help but to kick herself for all of those years of refusing anal sex. Even though Jack’s manhood was of average size at 6 inches, he felt like a bull in her ass. She could not fathom having anything bigger back there as she felt it would tear her apart.

A few days later, Trisha was home alone while Jack was away on another business trip. Her phone rang, but she did not recognize the number. Normally she would not answer such a call, but it had a local area code, so she relented. Trisha was surprised to hear Vicky’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Hi Trisha, this is Vicky. How are you?”

“Hi Vicky.” Trisha was a bit anxious about talking to Vicky. She had fucked her husband a few nights ago and although Jack had assured her that all was kosher, Trisha was scared nonetheless.

Wanting to get it over with, Trisha said, “Vicky, I am sorry about what happened between me and your husband the other night.”

Vicky laughed and said, “Honey please. Don’t worry about it. I was surprised it took him until the end of the night to fuck you. Besides, while you were humping Ed, I was sucking your husband’s cock under the table in the dining room.”

Trisha was flabbergasted at this news. “What?! Jack did not tell me that.”

Vicky cooed, “Indeed. I swallowed every drop of your husband’s load while my husband was pumping his load into you. I’d say we are even.”

Trisha fumed inside. My asshole husband was giving me shit about fucking Ed while he was getting his cock sucked by pretty miss Vicky? Oh, I am going to bust his balls! She wasn’t mad about what had happened, she was mad that he had given her grief while neglecting to share his little escapade. What a double standard!

Trisha replied, “Yeah, I guess we are.”

Vicky perkily noted, “Besides, I hear that you are going to be joining our little dinner club. I am so excited! You will soon find that there is no jealousy in our club. We all share everything and everyone. There are some members who are going to love meeting you!”

Trisha and Vicky continued their conversation for quite some time and found that they both really liked one another. Vicky invited Trisha over to her house for lunch the following day.
Trisha wore a cute spring dress and picked up a bottle of wine for her lunch date. She knocked on the door and was greeted by Vicky who promptly gave her a hug and welcomed her inside. As they walked into the living room, Trisha saw an attractive Indian woman sitting on the couch.

“Hi, I am Shivani” said the lovely woman on the couch as she stood and smiled at Trisha. Shivani was exotically beautiful and had an intoxicating British/Indian accent. With dark black hair and light brown skin, she was of North Indian origin and came from a wealthy family. She was petite, standing only 5 foot 2 inches tall and had a very slender body. In spite of her minimal body fat, she had perky tits which were obviously fake. They were just right for her body, however, as they were not obnoxiously large. Shivani told Trisha that she was married to Amit, was a mother of 2 younger children, and a family physician.

The three women were having a great time and quickly drained the bottle of wine Trisha had brought. Seeing their glasses empty, Vicky stepped away to the kitchen to grab another bottle of vino.

With Vicky out of the room, Shivani turned to Trisha and said, “So, I hear you had sex with Ed the other night.”

Trisha was surprised by this comment and did not know what to say. She stumbled upon her words.

Shivani cut her off and noted, “Fucked him in the closet while Vicky was right in the next room. I love it!”

Trisha blushed and said, “I, I…err, I mean we…uh…”

Shivani interrupted her and said, “Don’t worry honey, I am part of the club. I have fucked Ed dozens of times. So, did he do his “signature move with you?”

Trisha felt relieved upon hearing this and became more at ease with Shivani. “No, it was really just a quickie. He turned me around, lifted my skirt, and took me from behind. It all happened so fast.”

Shivani nodded her head and said, “Yeah, I can see that. I guess you can’t really have an all-out fuck session when your significant others are in the next room. Still, that sounded pretty hot.”

About that time, Vicky returned with a new bottle of wine. The ladies continued their conversation, and the subject of plastic surgery came up. Botox. Lip fillers. Face lifts. The usual things that many upper middle-class women partake in. When the subject of boob jobs came up, Vicky and Shivani both noted that Trisha still had nice natural breasts. Trisha blushed at the compliments.

Wanting to stay engaged in the conversation, Trisha asked some questions about breast implants. To her surprise, Shivani pulled down the top of her dress and exposed her lovely tits. She lifted her breast to show her scar and heaped praise upon her plastic surgeon. Vicky soon followed suit and two pairs of lovely breasts were freely displayed in the living room. Trisha could not believe this was happening. A few feet in front of her were a well-respected family physician and a successful realtor with their tits hanging out like it was no big deal.

The ladies turned to Trisha and said, “If you are going to be joining our club, why don’t you give us a little sneak peak of what the boys are going to get to see. Of the 10 women in our club, only 2 have natural breasts. You will make it three.”
“So, 10 female members in the club. That means 10 couples and 20 total people” thought Trisha.

Those thoughts were quickly followed by the realization that two grown women were asking to see her breasts. The last time another woman had seen her tits was her roommates back in college. Feeling peer pressure and wanting to fit in with the women who were members of the club, Trisha pulled the fabric of her dress over her shoulders and exposed her bra. She reached behind her back, uncoupled the clasps, and allowed her natural tits to spill forth. While she was initially apprehensive, Trisha felt a sense of liberation to be in a roomful of women who were unafraid to be who they were.
Shocked again, Trisha could not believe it when Shivani reached over and felt her tits.

“I love how natural tits feel,” said Shivani. “So soft and supple. Sometimes I wish I still had natural ones, but my little rugrats sucked all the life out of mine.” Trisha was really beginning to like Shivani. In addition to being seductively gorgeous, this Indian goddess had no fear.

Shivani began to roll Trisha’s nipple between her fingers, and she felt it harden. Shivani looked Trisha in the eyes and lifted her free hand to caress Trisha’s other tit. Trisha was mesmerized by Shivani’s eyes as she felt them pierce her soul.

Without breaking eye contact, Shivani moved her face to Trisha’s chest and took a nipple into her lips. Trisha had never been with another woman and the soft, caring nature with which Shivani was treating her bosom was turning her on. Trisha closed her eyes and leaned her chest forward towards Shivani.

Shivani’s silken lips enveloped Trisha’s nipple and she gently sucked. Trisha’s nipple was so hard that it hurt. Trisha had never been with a woman before, but in a literal matter of hours, she was falling for Shivani. At no point in her life had any human being cast a spell on her like Shivani was doing now.

Shivani used her teeth to gently bite on Trisha’s nipple and Trisha instantly came. Her body trembled with electricity.
Shivani released Trisha’s nipple from her teeth and slowly moved towards her face. She put her lips onto Trisha’s and gently extended her tongue towards Trisha’s mouth. Without hesitation, Trisha opened her mouth and took Shivani’s tongue inside. Kissing a woman was so much different than kissing a man. It was like satin versus sandpaper. Trisha melted as Shivani’s tongue danced inside her mouth.

As Shivani pulled away from Trisha, a string of saliva stretched between the two women. Shivani slowly moved towards Trisha’s ear, and she whispered, “Can I touch you?”

Trisha’s skin became gooseflesh and she was ready to melt into Shivani’s arms. She loved the fact that this woman was asking her permission. No man had ever done that.

Trisha breathlessly moaned, “Yes” and Shivani wasted no time in moving her hand down to Trisha’s leg. Trisha ached for Shivani to touch her pussy. Shivani nibbled on Trisha’s earlobe and slowly moved her hands up Trisha ‘s thigh. She purposely stopped just short of Trisha crotch in an effort to drive her mad with desire. She could feel the heat radiating through Trisha’s damp panties.

Trisha pushed her hips forward in an attempt to engage Shivani’s hand with her genitals. Shivani gently rubbed the warm labia at her fingertips but pulled back as she wanted to remain in control. Trisha moaned and arched her hips forward as she was desperate for Shivani’s touch.

Sensing that Trisha was putty in her hands, Shivani gave her what she wanted and forcefully touched Trisha’s pussy. The increased tempo and depth of Trisha’s breathing told Shivani that what she was doing was working. The change of Trisha’s panties from moist to downright soaking wet was another clue that was hard to miss.

Shivani asked Trisha if she would like to touch her. Trisha had never thought about anything sexual with another woman before, but she was damn near willing to do just about anything Shivani asked at this point.

Trisha obediently replied, “Yes.”

Shivani stopped entertaining Trisha down below and took her hand into hers. She guided Trisha to her naked breasts and made sure to seductively moan in an attempt to encourage her to go further. Shivani’s bosom was firm due to her breast implants, yet her skin was soft. Trisha felt Shivani’s erect nipple and this aroused her intensely as she felt desired and stimulating to someone as beautiful as the woman before her.

Shivani caressed Trisha’s hair and gently pushed her head down towards her breasts. This was a pleasant change for Trisha and she could definitely tell the difference between a man and a woman. While her husband Jack would gruffly push her head down towards his cock with suggestions of a blow job, Shivani was gentle and encouraging.

Shivani’s dark brown nipples contrasted against the light brown skin of her bosom and looked delicious. Trisha kissed the nipple before her and then nibbled with her teeth. Shivani was not expecting teeth and gave a slight gasp in approval. This turned Trisha on to know that her efforts were pleasing to the first female she had ever sexually engaged.

Trisha sucked and gently squeezed as Shivani closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She was not expecting Trisha to boldly grab her pussy, but that is what happened next. Trisha wanted to feel Shivani just as Shivani had felt her.

Trisha moved her hand beneath Shivani’s skirt and was surprised to find no underwear beneath. The lips of Shivani’s pussy were slick with moisture. It was obvious to Trisha that Shivani was just as horny as she was. Trisha’s hand quickly found Shivani’s clitoris and breathless pleasure escaped Shivani’s face. Trisha had no idea what to expect next, but she was enjoying the moment. Shivani’s hands gripped the couch and she arched her head back in pleasure as Trisha’s fingers worked their magic.

While Trisha and Shivani were getting to know one another in the living room, Victoria let Calvin into the back door of the house. Calvin, or “Cal” as he was known to his friends, was a handsome black man who lived next door to Ed and Victoria. He stood just over six feet tall and had an athletic build, although you could tell that middle age had certainly greeted Cal to blunt his once elite physique. Cal was an engineer at a local petroleum firm in town and a member of the swinger’s club.

Victoria’s invitation for Trisha’a lunch date had ulterior motives and everything was pre-planned with precision. Shivani would seduce Trisha to introduce her to sex with a woman. Vicky knew that Trisha had no bisexual experience from her dinner conversation with Jack and she wanted to remedy that situation as the swinger’s club always had women pleasing one another.

Secondly, Vicky wanted to make sure that Trisha would not hesitate to have sex with other club members. This is where Cal came into play. Vicky was sure that Trisha had never fucked a black man, so she wanted to start Trisha off by swinging for the fences.

As Trisha was feeling Shivani’s womanhood, Shivani cooed, “Oh God Trisha, I need to taste you. I want you so badly.”

The thought of Shivani pleasuring her love box instantly made Trisha’s body ache with anticipation. Trisha was curious to see how another woman would treat her pussy. Surely, it will be much gentler than a man and she was sure that Shivani knew of ways to pleasure another woman that no man could ever know. Trisha told Shivani that she wanted her too and kissed her on the lips.

Shivani stood, straightened her dress, and took Trisha by the hand. They walked down the hall to Ed and Vicky’s bedroom. Trisha was familiar with the way from her prior escapade with Ed. Shivani led Trisha to the bed and instructed her to lay down. Moving forward with their plan, Shivani asked Trisha if she trusted her. Having just had this woman explore parts of her body that few other ever had, she felt completely at ease with Shivani and nodded her head in submission.

Shivani instructed Trisha to remove her clothes. She then opened the bedside table and retrieved a blindfold and restraints. She bent down to kiss Trisha’s lips and whispered, “Trust me.”

Shivani used the padded restraints to secure Trisha’a legs to the foot of the bed. They were arranged in such a fashion that Trisha’s legs were spread, exposing her pussy to the world. Trisha was not used to being fully exposed as she and Jack typically had sex beneath the covers. She felt vulnerable but trusted that Shivani would not hurt her. After securing Trisha’s arms to the headboard in a similar fashion, Shivani placed the blindfold over Trisha’s eyes.

With her vision obstructed and her extremities unable to move, Trisha was at Shivani’s mercy. She was anxious with anticipation, not knowing what Shivani would do next. Trisha found that by being blindfolded, her other senses were heightened.

She could smell Shivani’s light perfume and could sense that she was moving to the end of the bed. She felt the bed move as Shivani clambered onto its surface. Trisha trembled with desire as she felt Shivani’s breath inches from her labia. Shivani’s lips gently kissed the folds of Trisha’s pussy, and she could taste Trisha’s sweet precum. She ran her soft warm tongue up the entrance to Trisha’s body and stopped on Trisha’s swollen clit. Shivani worked her magic on Trisha’s most sensitive parts, causing her restrained submissive to squirm with pleasure.

Trisha felt the bed move as Shivani withdrew from between Trisha’s legs. Trisha wondered what was going to happen next. Her imagination ran wild as she was bound and could not see.

“Is Shivani going to place her wet pussy to my lips by sitting on my face? Is she going to use a sex toy on me?” Trisha was excited beyond belief, but also a slight bit scared.

She heard Shivani’s soothing voice in her ear. The hairs on her auditory canal bristled with sensitivity as Shivani whispered into her ear. “You need to trust me. No one is going to hurt you. I want you to relax. I have something special for you.”

Just then, Trisha’s heightened olfactory senses could pick up the scent of a man’s cologne in the room. She felt Shivani’s hand gently stroke her hair and the words “Just relax” repeated into her ear.

Once again, Trisha felt the mattress move as someone was ascending the bed between her legs. Trisha could tell this was a man from the heavier weight on the bed and the increasing intensity of the smell of cologne. She felt a pair of strong hands seize her legs, followed by the mushroom head of a rather large cock begin to spread the lips of her pussy. As Trisha was already heavily lubricated from Shivani’s cunnilingus, Cal’s 8-inch cock slid into Trisha without much resistance. Trisha’s body writhed and she moaned loudly as the muscles at the entrance of her vagina attempted to accept Cal’s girth.

“Relax”, Shivani again whispered into her ear, and she kissed Trisha on the cheek. This comforted Trisha as she trusted Shivani to protect her. The man between her legs began to increase the intensity of his thrusting. With each push, his pelvis rubbed against her clit and his large manhood deeply penetrated her vagina. Trisha’s body quivered and she coated the dick inside of her with generous amounts of cum from her orgasm. She felt the strong hands above her grab her breasts as his pace sped to piston-like quality. Tisha could hear the squeak of the bed and the labored breathing of the man on top of her.

The room suddenly became blindingly bright as Shivani pulled off Trisha’s blindfold. When her eyes adjusted to the light, she could see a handsome black man on top of her. This initially shocked Trisha as she had never slept with anyone other than Caucasian men in the past.

Still restrained, Trisha tilted her head to look downwards and saw a large black cock rapidly pumping in and out of her pussy. The contrast between his skin and hers intrigued Trisha. As Cal was approaching climax, he thrust deep and hard. Trisha’s thoughts of fucking a black man were abruptly interrupted as another orgasm rocked her body and she screamed, “Oh shit!”

Cal pumped another time or two and then quickly removed his cock from Trisha’s stretched pussy. Trisha watched in amazement as the black man between her bound legs stroked himself and aimed his cock at her body. He grunted as his cock jerked powerfully and strong jets of cum shot forth and landed on Trisha’s chest. Trisha as fascinated by the milky white cum as it shot from the hard black cock in front of her. She secretly longed for it to hit her in the face, but her disappointment was soothed as she felt Shivani’s tongue eagerly clean the man’s seed from her bosom.

Trisha’s chest was heaving as she attempted to catch her breath. The man leaned forward to kiss Trisha on the forehead and said, “My name is Cal. That was wonderful. Thank you.”

Her head spinning from all that had just happened, Trisha could only stare at Cal as her mind could not formulate a coherent response. Cal left the room and Shivani began the process of freeing Trisha’s binds. Trisha could feel that the duvet beneath her was soaked from a combination of her body sweat and juices that had freely flowed from her pussy. She sat up and saw that fresh folded towels had been laid out for her on the opposite nightstand. Shivani told Trisha that she looked beautiful and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. She started the shower for Trisha and told her it was ready for her use.

A bit dazed from what had happened, Trisha walked to the shower. The hot water cascaded over her body and began to restore her senses. Trisha felt like she was losing her mind. Not long ago, she was a suburban housewife leading a typical middle-aged life. Within a span of just a few weeks, she had been spit roasted by two random men, had a quickie with her husband’s friend, her first cum facial, her first anal experience, her first sexual experience with a woman, and her first experience with a black man. None of this was planned or anything that Trisha purposely set out to do.

With the hot water continuing to awaken her, Trisha thought about her escapades over the past few weeks and how they made her feel alive. They stimulated feelings within her that she never knew existed. She wanted to explore them further and see where they took her.

Trisha dried herself with the towels and put her dress back on. She returned to the living room to find Vicky and Shivani sitting on the couch. Shivani rose and gave Trisha a hug.

Vicky took a long sip of wine and said, “I hope you enjoyed lunch. We are excited to have you join our club.”

She rose from the couch and walked over to Trisha. Trisha was still slightly apprehensive around Vicky due to her fling with Ed, but those feelings quickly subsided when Vicky kissed her.

As she withdrew her soft lips from Trisha’s, Vicky noted, “You will soon see that us girls need to stick together.”

Trisha looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was nearly 4:30pm. She needed to get home to catch the girls before they headed off to soccer and dance practice after school. She thanked Vicky and Shivani for the lunch date and told them that she really enjoyed herself. Trisha stared at Shivani as she said this and was happy to see that Shivani returned the favor. She felt like she was falling for Shivani despite the fact she had only met her a few hours ago. Perhaps it was just the excitement of her first female sexual encounter. Whatever it was, she liked it and wanted more.

To be continued…

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