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My controlling Mother-in-law Pt-1

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My Mother-in-law hijacked my pregnancy. She made wants me to have the baby following old methods of delivery.

I’m Amber, (name changed) 25yr old. I’m 7 months pregnant with my first child. So it really shows. Before pregnancy, I had B cups, but during the pregnancy, it is like C cups. And also the belly and my ass has grown. So, everyone just looks at me differently. Overall I was a petite woman. My husband’s parents live 2 hours away. They too were going to be Grandparents for the first time. They were very orthodox and didn’t believe in modern medicine. She wanted me to have the delivery at home in a bathtub. I told my husband that it was not going to happen and he assured me that, the delivery will be in the hospital.
One day my MIL texted me to send her a pic of myself naked in front of the mirror. She said she could tell the gender of the baby by looking at my breast and my health by looking at my belly. It was quite a weird request. I texted back that I was uncomfortable. What if someone else sees it? She assured me that it was just to make sure I’m ok and the baby is ok. Then she guilted me into sending the pic. I stood there naked in front of the mirror with one leg in front of the other, a little tilted so that my belly’s shape was visible. And another hand on my head so that she can see the shape of my boobs. I was just keeping a mild smile on my face. It was awkward, but I send it.
She thanked me.
I took the opportunity of already being naked, so I went for a bath. When I came back I saw like 20 notifications and 3 missed calls. I checked my messages, and all were the family group chat, that I had created during our wedding, comprising of both families.
I was in shock to read the messages. People were tagging my naked pic and commenting on it, “Congrats”. I was mortified. My MIL had shared the pic in the group. The group even had my teenage niece and nephews. Oh My GOD!
I just sat there with the towel around my bust, on the bed. I knew my MIL didn’t like me very much, but this was too much. I’m a shy person, I have been with my husband only. And now everyone was able to gack at my naked body.

My husband came home from work and immediately consoled me. He was trying to call me, But I was too upset. He said sorry. “I will talk to mom and dad, if they want to check on you they can visit you but no more pics”

I was 8 months pregnant when my MIL and FIL visited us. It was the first conversation after that incident. She never apologized for it either. Just said I was a prude. She used to constantly touch my belly and my boobs. Saying just checking my health. One afternoon, I was sleeping near the pool, when I felt someone groping my boobs. It was my Father in Law. I woke up with a startle. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Don’t worry, I asked him to just check on your health, it seems fine. He knows what he is doing.” My MIL said from behind knitting while sitting on the kitchen counter. I stood up and walked to my room and locked it.

One day I was working in the kitchen when I felt a little lightheaded. My MIL saw and stood up and came to me. I kept my hand on her shoulder and looked down as I was trying to manage my breath. “You seem to be hot,” She said.
Then she lifted my dress up to my breast, (I was not wearing any panties as it was hot and making me up comfortable) and shoved one finger inside my pussy. Just like that very casually. My FIL was sitting right next to her watching my pubic hair-covered thick pussy. My eyes just popped open. My grip tightened on her shoulder. She then very casually, pulled the finger out and smelled it. “You need my juice, with ice probably.” Then she licked her finger and said -“Make it lemon juice. That will help”.
She let go of my dress. Did I stand there in shock, what just happened? My husband never took me seriously, so I stopped telling him about his mother and father.

Continued… (full story here: http://funstories.ga/2022/08/30/my-controlling-mother-in-law/)

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