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Shagged a dirty old man in a caravan

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Me and my friend, both 11 years old, met this scruffy old man who lived in a caravan in a field and he took our virginity.

I was a proper pain in the backside when I was little, I was one of those kids who didn’t give a toss about anything, it was mainly due to my parents not being strict enough with me and my siblings, they basically just let us run riot, we stay up until whenever, ate whatever whenever, we never got told off or told to do things like clean our rooms or wash up, my parents didn’t care.

I was a scruffy girl as well, my family was poor and basically were hand-me-downs from my older sisters, the clothes were older than me and full of holes, I was a scruff.

I was only 11 when I lost my virginity, it was in a caravan in a field to this tramp who was about 50 years old.

Me and my friend, she was also a bit of a scruff, we were out one afternoon in the fields near my home, we’d been playing on the rope swing down by a river and we got totally wet and covered in mud so we stripped off and tried to clean ourselves and our clothes in the river.

We were naked and getting washed in the river when a man came out from the trees and asked us what we were doing, we were only 11 and not concerned about being naked or anything, this guy just stood on the river bank watching us, then he said he’s got some towels we can use and invited us back to his place.

We put our knickers back on and gathered up our clothes in our arms and walked through the trees with him, he was a dirty scruffy man, with a small grey beard and moustache, he wore jean dungarees and a torn white shirt but he had no shoes on, when we got the other side of the trees he pointed to an old crappy caravan sitting at the other end of the field and we walked over to it.

As we were walking across the field he helped to pull twigs and leaf’s out of our hair and he asked us questioned about how old we were, our names and stuff like did we have boyfriends and have we ever kissed anyone, I should have known then that he was dodgy but I just didn’t care, he told me friend she had nice boobs, they were only tiny though, I didn’t have any, I was flat chested still.

When we got to the caravan he opened the door, which was hanging on by just one hinge, and he went inside and brought out some towels, they were torn and dirty but at least they were dry, we dried ourselves, even though the walk had helped to dry us off and then he took our clothes and put them on the field wall to dry in the sun, we sat on some old crates that were outside the caravan with the towels wrapped around us.

He lit up a pipe and then stood looking out in to the field, me and my friend were just talking and giggling about random stuff when he turned around, “So you’ve never kissed a boy?”, we said no and he asked us if we wanted a kiss, we both thought about it then we said yeah, he came over and squatted down and gave us both a kiss on the lips, we went shy and blushed.

He kissed my friend after me and kept rubbing her arms, then he rubbed her boobs, “They’re very nice, lass.”, she blushed and laughed, he then pushed the towel off her and pulled her knickers down, “Let’s have a look at you.”, then he turned a little and did the same to me, pushed off my towel and pulled my knickers off me.

He separated our legs and rubbed our fannies, “You girls ever seen a dick before?”, we hadn’t so said no, he stood up and unbuckled the straps on his dungarees, then he pulled them down to his knees and his cock stuck out, we were shocked at what it looked like because we’d never seen one before, he let us feel it, it wasn’t fully erect it was like half way there.

“You want to come inside the caravan and have some fun, darlings?”

My friend was too nervous and she shook her head and said no, I was up for anything so I said yes, “I will.”, he told me to get inside so I jumped off the crate and climb up the step and went in to his caravan, he followed me in, “Won’t be long.” He said to my friend then he shut the door.

The inside of his caravan was a mess, it had a little sink that was full of dirty plates and moldy food, the floor and walls were all covered in dirty hand prints and green moldy stuff, there were holes in the walls and ceiling, there was a bed at the back with dirty shirts, “What are we going to do?” I asked.

“Lay down on that bed there.” He said, so I did, my bed at home wasn’t much cleaner than this so it didn’t bother me one it, it was a bit hard but bouncy.

He took off his dungarees and his shirt, he was a bit fat, he had a lot of body hair on his arms, chest and legs, he looked like he hadn’t had a bath in years, I watched him walk towards the bed scratching his balls, he put one knee up on the bed and then positioned me in the middle, he lifted his other knee up and then lifted my legs vertically, I felt like a baby about to have its ass wiped.

When he’d finished getting on the bed he separated my legs and put one either side of his waist, I noticed that his cock had grown really big by now, “What are we doing?” I asked.

“I’m going to shag you, darling.” He replied, I knew what shagging was but obviously never done it, I was a virgin.

I went along with it, he leaned down and kissed me all over, on the lips, on my neck, on my ears, on my nipples, my stomach and then he licked my fanny and it tickled, I was a bit confused but it felt nice when he licked my clit, then he wrapped his arms under my back and lifted my up a little as he leaned on me more, then I felt his cock push against my fanny, it hurt a little, then my whole body jumped and I yelped like a puppy shot inside my fanny.

He was on top of me, his fat stomach pressed against my tiny little body, my legs were pushed so far apart my hips hurt, and he fucked me really fast on the hard and bouncy bed, I could hear and feel the caravan moving, it was swaying in sync with his thrusting, his hairy chest was pressed on to my face and he stunk vile, all I could do was close my eyes, hold on to his fat flesh and endure it while he forced his big manky cock in to my little virgin pussy.

After a few minutes he repeatedly told me he was coming, I heard him the first time, then he pushed his cock really far in to my fanny and I felt something warm inside me, and then he stopped fucking me.

He lifted himself off of me, I was relieved because his weight was killing me, I got up and left the caravan, my friend asked if I was okay, my fanny was bleeding a little but I was okay, shagging was fun but a bit painful, he came to the caravan door and asked if my friend wanted to have some fun, she’d sat outside and witnessed the caravan shaking and our loud groaning sex sounds, she was curious what had happened so agreed and went inside the caravan with him.

As I was outside putting my dry clothes back on, the caravan started to shake and my friend was screaming and groaning like it did, they were shagging as well, when they finished a few minutes later she came out and got dressed, we told him we had to go and we ran back across the field.
We were quiet for most of the walk home but then had a giggle about it.

We both enjoyed getting shagged that we kept going back every couple of days and shagged the dirty old man in the caravan, we had to stop about 4 months later because one day we went and his caravan wasn’t there, apparently he died of heart attack and the owner of the farm had his caravan removed from the field.

I miss that dirty old man.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itamv0

    Fucking hell! that was hilarious. What a blessing even if it didn’t take place, If it did well that man died a king having such young pussy. You did the best thing ever out of your whole life combined by you both fucking him before he died.
    I am hoping for such good luck myself before I die being blessed in that way. You young girls now a days are awesome! Make a older man’s dream come true girls, go out, find an older man and fuck his brains out.

  • Reply Jan Stein ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

    Hi dirty old men I’m available
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  • Reply Jacques Cousteau ID:y5csnhwguka

    Well I’m a fit 70 year old. Not dirty but that can be arranged. Do you like smelly men? Where are you based?

    • Jan Stein ID:1ejgg9yi3d6m

      Love them

    • Ginale ID:6i2omr8b0k

      I lik them they hav massive cocks

  • Reply Jan ID:1e42llfmxpen

    I’ve loved dirty old men since I was 14. I still like to fuck with them now I’m in my 30’s
    Old men I’m all yours
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    Badschoollady1 wickr0

    • Stalker68 ID:1dnhbvxjwl94

      Where you based jan im in swindon

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

      Jan I’m 55 and would love to fuck you

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    What a great experience for you and it must have made it so much sexier to be with a really dirty old man. Dirty in all ways by the sound of it. These sort of perverts are everywhere and giving kids great thrills!

  • Reply Leah69 ID:7z8avr15hk

    Some dirty old man, please fuck me hard!!

    • DOM55 ID:7zv2v6s4qk

      LOL Leah!

      A very much younger friend gave me my ‘screen name’ DOM55. She sees me as a dominant male but also calls me a Dirty Old Man ergo, DOM

      [email protected]

    • Rod ID:3ttk9i6zj

      Hi Leah,where are you from. Love to chat more email [email protected]. older guy 53 years old

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    • Sian ID:2nhm29loid

      I love old men over 70 still in my teens I have met a few since leaving school I like going to parks looking out for older men on their own and sit on the bench with them and make conversation I look out for short old men especially who dress nice baggy trousers flat cap types just love old cocks I’d love to work in a retirement home mmm

    • Horny teacher ID:55x8ywvqk

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  • Reply Leah69 ID:7z8avr15hk

    I would love to be ducked by a dirty old man!!

    • Ira ID:6dn5n1a6ii

      Fuck me then, im 16

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii

    God I wanna feel a virgin on my cock again

  • Reply Daddy ID:7yliw166i9

    That old man had the best 4 months of his life!

  • Reply Didi ID:16d432tuhri

    Weird story! Disgusting and absurd.

  • Reply Mmm ID:16d432tuhri

    You should be ashamed of yourselves! Disgusting. Why write such story about kids. Horrible people.

    • Nirmal ID:1ftmhgjhrb


  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:70f9hotdzk

    if this is true then her a very lucky man, more then 1 time girls under 18 came to me but i never dare do anything of fear of being sent to jail.

  • Reply billy ID:29kbzotghk

    how old

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:bo201mkjh

    Do you want to shag still

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      I love to share I started at 13

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      My dad’s thick hairy cock was my first. I was 13

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    Did you enjoy it