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I fucked my drunk mom

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Teenage son fucks horny drunk bbw mom with his female dog after her work party

So to start of this is 100% true this really happened so i hope you enjoy. To begin im 16 years old im an olny child living with my mom she is 49 5’6 and kind of fat with shoulder length hair medium tits and a big ass we are both white we used to live with my dad but my parents got divorced because my dad cheated on my mom so she got pissed off and kicked him out of the house and that was three years ago when i was 13 after my dad left my mom got really protective of me so we got real close but what my mom didn’t know is i was a real pervert because i found porn early so i was already trying to get close to touching girls and my mom was always touchy as hell because she was over protective and i was a perv so one night my mom goes to a work party and takes me with because she needed a designated driver to take her back to the house seeing as it is around the corner so we go to the party and my mom gets super drunk and as im hanging around the party and i here somebody talking to my mom say “cece you haven’t had sex in 3 years” and i look up and see my mom blushing sloppy drunk say “his dad had a small dick and he thought i was to fat” hearing this gave me a boner because my dick was huge i am 10in so tonight i knew i had to fuck my mom so i wated until she got way to drunk and drove her home after the party and then got her to the house and took her to my room and sat her down she looked at me and said “hey how do you feel i know its hard losing your dad” and i look to her and say “im glad hes gone he didn’t deserve you and i want you to be happy” this got her sentimental which made her hug me but that triggered me to get hard wich poked her in the belly button and she looked at me confused and i said “im sorry mom i know this isn’t normal but your so hot!” She just looked at me and said “don’t worry to be honest i’m so wet right now your dad hasn’t fucked me with his little dick in ages and your here with this monster telling me im hot when you know im a fat bitch” i just stared at her confused as she undressed as i was staring at her sweatty tits and ass bounce out and she looked at me and asked why i was still dressed as i hurried to get out of my clothes and as my dick poped out she didn’t hesitate to suck it as she started to suck my cock i just sat there and held her head as she bobed up and down that went on for a bit until i told her “im gonna cum soon” and she spat out my cock and said “do it on sady’s face” now this may be a good idea to mention sady shes our 3 year old saint bernard at first this shocked me but then my mom called her over and she started licking my cock and i instantly nut on her face and she licked it up then I started telling her she was a good dog as my mom started frenching sady and licking the cum off her face soon my mom had sadie eating her out as she told me to please sady i lifted her tail and thought about which hole i was going to eat and decieded on her asshole i stuck my toungue to her ass and started to eat her shithole out and it tasted great i started to jerk my cock and went to town this went on 5 minutes until my mom said “enough foreplay now your gonna fuck me” i emediatley go for a condom and my mom stops me and goes “nope” and i got so much harder as i get in position to fuck my moms pussy she lays down and i start to penetrate and we both moan as i pump slowly into her as i do that sady comes and sits on my moms face apparently she wasn’t done getting her ass ate and to my suprise my mom eats her ass seeing that drives me over the edge as i fuck her pussy like crazy for half an hour as i get close to busting sady farts in my moms face and i stat filling my mom with a shit ton of cum after im done i say ” mom you are a fucking goddes” but she doesn’t say anything i look over and sadys fart knocked her out i look to sady and she is still horny so i call her over and start fingering her ass and as i do that she licks my cock getting it hard again when im fully hard i take my cock and and shove it in sadys ass and start pumping it feels so tight and dirty that i only last 5 minutes when im close i take it out and bust on my moms face sady cleans up my cock and i lay next to my mom naked sady cuddles with us and we fall asleep

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    That’s so hot I wish it was me

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    paragraphs please.. It’s very hard for me to read at this age.

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    Hot as hell. Your mom and dad must have fucked that dog too i wish i worked thr courage to fuck my bbw mom i jerked off to her getting ass fucked every night when i was a kid

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    wish i was you mom would wake up the morning with my tongue buried deep in her ass

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    Hey, where can I find ya? I wanna hear some more of this. Its very interesting to read these and hear it personally. 🙂 also keep it up

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    Hey give me ur socials im 16 maybe we can have a threesome

    • Me ID:7ylg8z2hrc

      Well foursome including ur dog

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    More please!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:i9p94zm

    you can get an infection having intercourse with your dog.

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      Why are you reading porn under zoo if you have something negat6ti say?