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G-Rated movie.. continues

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I sucked my first cock at a Disney movie with a dirty old man

I’m confused curious embarrassed scared ..excited…
I’m just a kid or a pretty sexy little boy girlish like that’s what the old man told me at the movie theater he also called me a faggot pussyboi cunt cock-slut sissy bitch queer boy.. as I sucked his cock naked in public like..at the theater.
And I never been so turned on horny ever. I actually fell in love with his beautiful cock. I wanted to keep kissing licking sucking it felt so hot in my wet mouth I can’t stop thinking about and how much I loved it and wanna do it again n again. I loved it when he came on my face in my mouth my belly. When he kissed me swapping tongues I felt wanted when he suckled my nipples I lost it.

I’m jacking off in the shower can’t believing I actually did all that with a complete stranger old fat… I should of felt disgusted I’m 15 he was like 60+ like a grandfather but all I could think of was his beautiful cock in my mouth… he said my lips my mouth was like a girl’s pussy for his cock ..a cunt for him to use. I fall asleep hard.

Three days later I got a package. Strange I thought i dint remember ordering anything. Opening it I was shocked to see three pair of panties …n pink lipstick…WTF .. And a note : Hi Billie the way you sucked me off moaning like a little girl telling me how much you loved my cock I thought I’d give you these hope you like them. I followed you home from the theatre so I could send these and so I know where you live in case you want to see me again I can pick you up.. and you can make love to my cock again like you told me over n over how much you love my cock 708 235 5478. Daddy

OMG.. I texted him telling him I could sneak out at night after 10 when my mom is asleep and how I was fantasizing every night about his cock in my mouth how much I fell in love with it wishing I could be your little cockslut… I’ll be at the corner 2night

He texted me back told me to wear a pair of panties.

I can’t believe how sexy soft silky these pink panties feel on me I’m looking in the mirror all 5’5 95lbs at myself my long hair petite body babyface I look cheap slutty like with my pink painted lips.. like a girls pussy he told me his very own girl cunt.. fuck I’m so horny i throw on a pair of shorts n shirt.

Standing on the corner it’s past 10 wondering if he was gonna show or if this is just a joke. An older pickup truck pulls up .. it’s him.. I giggle to myself opening the door looking inside he is completely naked all I can see is his beautiful cock standing up hard for me. I crawl in his truck has a full bench seat.

“ Hmmm my baby my little queer boy take off your clothes i wanna see how sexy you look in your panties fuck I love your pretty pink lips damn boy you are so cute sexy n young “
Pulling my clothes off I’m in my pink panties my little cock so hard I start to drool I’m leaning against the door my legs spread wide licking my lips.
“ Oooh god yes do you really think I’m pretty in my panties my lips are painted pink for you..just like a girls pussy a cunt for your cock.
Oooh fuck oooh yes my daddy use me like your girl “ I’m moaning begging pleading

Before he can answer I’m on him kissing him swapping tongues grabbing his huge cock.
“ Fuck boy slow down we’re still on the corner don’t you care.. fuck my perfect little slut you are tell me how much you love my cock as I drive around town letting everyone see you sucking me off”

My ass in the air I’m bent over bobbing my head up n down sucking making love to his/mine cock now. Telling him over n over how I’m in love with his cock..and I need his hot cum filling my belly… my mouth is his pussy his cunt to use I’m sooo horny i tell him he can share me if he wants use me abuse me anything as long as I can can make love to his cock.

I keep hearing horns honking I kinda look up and we are stopped at a red light I look over at the car next to us this other guy is smiling at us.
I look over at him licking my lips smiling as I go back down on my daddy’s cock bobbing my head my ass up n down.

“ Bitch did I tell you to flirt with that guy fuck i can’t believe what a cunt you are you want to suck his cock too don’t you just like a little whore well I guess we better find you more cocks to make love to “

“ Oooh daddy yes oooh fuck yes I want more I wannabe your cocksucking cumloving slut fuck my mouth daddy fuck it like a pussy a cunt seed my belly oooh daddy please oooh god I’ll be your sissy pussy cunt bitch”

Daddy parks his truck as he starts cummming I’m so fucking in love.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:4s0ccfwd3

    Oh you gorgeous dirty little bitch whore!! Make yourself available to all those nasty filthy predators out there. You won’t regret it!

    • BOOGIEMAN ID:e68j6zu4gca


    • BOOGIEMAN ID:e68j6zu4gca


  • Reply Lewd ID:y27qi5xa39w

    Lovely story. I’d love to hear more.

    Snap @ lewd1976