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Becca’s Belittlement: Part 1

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15 yr old Becca is going to meet her online boyfriend and maybe, just maybe lose her virginity! But online faces are never who they seem.

///This story was written as adult fantasy. The author does not endorse the described behavior in real life in any shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of the scenarios in this story should seriously consider seeking professional help.//

Becca Washington was the epitome of youth. Raised in a Christian home, only daughter of a politician and a registered nurse she was expected to do as she was told and not make waves. In a small Pacific Northwestern town where father was the mayor and mother was working 60 hours a week she spent most of her time with babysitters or by herself. Not having been put into sports she still had that thin layer of baby fat on her underdeveloped 15 year old body. Shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes made her believe she was nothing above average. At least until he had found her.

It had been in a chat group that admittedly she shouldn’t have been in, but lied and said she was 19 (seemed less suspicious than 18). Forced to always be good and care for herself gave her no time for boys, so recently in her spare time she had frequented an 18+ chat room to…experiment. Most of it was boring younger guys just looking to send her dick pics or weirdly aggressive old men that looked like her dad. She wasn’t interested in either. She just wanted to mess around, dream of being touched in a sexual way by a handsome man, despite being an absolute virgin. That’s where she met Aaron. He had messaged her a common “Hey” to which she sent the normal “Hiii” back but from there he politely chatted with her instead of sending pics or seeming creepy. Eventually they were talking about a myriad of kinks, ways to pleasure men and women, truly delighting Becca’s little innocent mind. She asked how old he was and he said 24 which made her pleased. Old enough not to be a “fuck boi” but not weirdly old. He asked her age and usually she would lay on the normal “19 lol 😉 ) but she liked Aaron and wanted him to like her, real her. So she said she didn’t want to scare him away or get him in trouble. Fearing he wouldn’t respond she apologized profusely and said she didn’t want to tell him.
After what seemed like an eternity of waiting he asked if she wanted to text but she knew that could get her in trouble with her parents so instead she had him download KIK (a messaging app) and there they talked.

Eventually he convinced her to feel comfortable enough to send nudes, he taught her how to open her little hairless lips of her pussy and show her virgin hole to which he sent back grainy images of his big cock, which made her pussy tingle for the first time. She was absolutely in love, she swore. No boy in her town was as respectful, smooth and romantic as Aaron. That’s what finally pushed her into meeting him. He was all the way in Tennessee but he helped her do the research and find a Greyhound bus that would safely take her to his city. She was excited, she’d finally get to really meet the man she loved. She never even worried about him not sending her a picture of anything but his cock, she was in love. He mailed her ticket which she easily got before her parents checked the mail. He helped her hatch a plan. She deleted everything from her phone, popped out the battery and threw it away right as both her parents went to work after she texted them she was spending a few nights at her friend’s house. Then hopped on the bus early in the morning on a Saturday, heading to Tennessee.

Now there she was, pulling up to the dead parking lot with a few other stragglers on the greyhound. It was around 9pm and she was just hoping Aaron had no problems getting there, she had spoken to him almost three days ago at the beginning of her trip and it was dark now, so she couldn’t even make out the faces of the few people standing by their cars. She was sure her parents were calling around for her whereabouts by now but Becca had covered her tracks. She would stay here for a week, maybe two if they really got along then would go home. No harm done, she’d probably make up some excuse about needing to rebel and road trip with a highschool friend. She’d get grounded for the summer but it was so worth it.

The bus parked in the Greyhound terminal and her and the few people on the bus scurried off, collecting their luggage then jumping in cars or grabbing taxis. Only a few cars, which Becca assumed were employees, scattered the parking lot. She waited about 15 minutes before the bus driver, an older black woman touched her on the shoulder. “You have someone coming for you,hun?” She asked, worry present in her features. Becca chewed the bottom of her lip, she was nervous Aaron had forgotten her. Right as she opened her mouth a man stepped from one the cars. “Sorry, baby girl! Your mom was fretting so much about getting the house ready for you. “ The man looked like he stepped out of a biker bar. A tall intimidating man with a gut, long salt and pepper beard and a leather vest. He wrapped an arm around Becca and shot her a wink. “I’m her dad.” He told the bus driver who looked at Becca for confirmation. It clicked to Becca at that moment. That’s why Aaron must have been so late! His car must have broken down and he sent his dad to pick her up. She relaxed and smiled. “Yeah! Just came back from Grandma’s.” She laughed and the bus driver smiled and waved. “Have a good night then. Drive safe.” Becca waved back as the man steered her to his car which was a heavily tinted Jeep Wrangler. She struggled to get in and he got in the driver’s seat. “Buckle up.” He stated as she clicked in.

“I have a gift for you.” The man said and Becca cocked her head. “From Aaron?” She asked and the man laughed but nodded. “Yes, from Aaron, but you have to close your eyes.” His voice was deep but no undertones of weirdness in it. She felt her cheeks grow red and she started to get giddy. A gift from Aaron? The man who if she felt comfortable enough with him she’d lose her virginity with! She nodded and closed her eyes tight. She heard the man shift, his leather pants squeaked as he fastened something around her small neck. “A necklace?” She said breathlessly, too excited by everything. “Hold out your wrists as well.” The man grunted and she complied easily, assuming matching bracelets, producing her wrists and she felt something click around them. She went to pull her hands back and although she could they were attached together.

She opened her eyes to find a pair of shiny stainless steel cuffs around her wrists, she glanced at the man, now absolutely confused and touched her neck which seemed like a collar of the same metal. The man seemed amused and flipped down the mirror in front of her so she could see herself. She looked into the mirror and was floored, her stomach sinking. She looked like Princess Leia all chained up. The worst part is on the collar in black it read “Daddy’s”. “Wh-what’s going on?! Let me go!” She started to get high pitched and screechy but a hard slap got her tasting her own blood and made her silent as the man explained as she started to drive, doors locked. “It’s me baby. Aaron.I told you I’d pick you up.” He chuckled, focusing on driving since the girl was frozen in fear as how fucked she was started to dawn on her. “B-but Aaron is 24! He likes to ski and is fit.” She started to whimper and tears slid down her sweet little chubby cheeks. “I know baby. But I knew to get you the training you deserve I’d have to fib a little bit.”

He glanced at her and grunted as she started to let out pathetic little sobs. Aaron looked annoyed and reached out with one hand and grabbed the ring hanging from her collar and yanked her up onto her knees on the seat, her face now close to his. “Open your mouth. You’re annoying me.” He stated firmly to which little Becca flinched and away and shook her head. “P-please just let me go home.” She cried. “Bitch, I said open your fucking slutty ass mouth!” He yelled and let go of the wheel for a moment to slap her again. That made it obvious to the 15 year old that she would be hurt if she didn’t listen. She opened her rosy quivering lips, choking on soft sobs as Aaron licked his lips, pleased. He leaned down some and spat into her mouth, Becca flinching away but a warning growl made sure she stayed in that pose. He spat again but this time on her forehead, some getting in her eye. She started to cry loudly as Aaron laughed. “Don’t wipe it off fucking little whore.” He grunted and let go of her. She shot back into her seat, pressing into it. She had no choice but so swallow that warm spit which slid down her throat, making her feel queasy.

“I have to fuckin’ piss.” He stated to which she gave no response. He grunted and glanced at her then seemed to have an idea.

She watched as his free hand went down to the bulge in his leather pants and slowly unzipped it. His dripping cock shot out of the pants as if by relief of finally being free of it’s constraints. It definitely wasn’t the same as the pictures she had gotten. This cock was large, red and angry looking. Much longer than the pictures and even thicker, like a long soda can. “Come here bitch.” He beckoned her and Becca let out a few cries. “Aaron please…no!” She cried and Aaron’s eyes grew cold. You’ll call me Daddy. Understand?” He reached up but this time grabbed a fist full of her hair. “Say it, cunt.” He demanded. Becca struggled but the more she struggled the tighter the grip became. Her sobs became louder but she was defeated and cried out. “Y-yes D-d-daddy.”

Aaron’s eyes almost rolled into the back of his head and he smirked. “Good slut. Now open your mouth. I’m going to teach you an important rule. Understand?” He asked and she said “mhm” which got a painful yank on her hair to which she quickly corrected her mistake saying “Y-yes Daddy.” She opened her mouth, her head painfully tilted up by Aaron’s guiding hand. “When I put something in your mouth, you swallow. Anything I put in your mouth. Got it?” He asked, eyes going darker and darker in lust. “Yes Daddy.” She whispered then flinched as Aaron spat on her face again, this time the spit distributing pretty evenly over her innocent little face. He spat a few more times in her mouth and then waited till she swallowed obediently.

He then pushed her face down to his throbbing cock, her mouth still open, unaware of what he was doing before it was too late. He shoved that thick cock down her throat, plugging up any way of breathing she had. She started to struggle but with the cuffs on and the man having a firm grip on her hair she couldn’t do much. “If I feel teeth, I’ll bite you back ten fold, you hear bitch?! Now swallow.” He grunted, focusing on the road as he seemed to drive down a more country road. She was in fight or flight mode and thought she might survive if she did what he said. It hurt and her throat bulged with dick. She started to swallow around the cock and Aaron groaned. Her breath was starting to run out and she felt bile rising from her throat as he pulled her head off his cock. She took one large breath before he placed his dick back in her throat. Tears and snot dripped down her face as she swallowed and sobbed around his cock. She didn’t think it could be worse but he started to pull out till the tip of his dick rested in her mouth but not her throat, enough for her to catch a breath through her nose. “My cock should never leave your mouth.” He then plunged his cock back into her throat. He continued to pull out a fraction then thrust her head back down, groaning and raising his own hips to meet her lips. She sobbed loudly and scrunched up her eyes as spit, snot and tears got all over her face as he face fucked her. She coughed and tried to pull back as puke rose from her stomach. She squealed and pulled back but Aaron didn’t let her budge. Instead he pulled out enough for her to breath, saying “Puke around my cock, slut.” Then pushing her head back down. He mercilessly fucked her throat as she puked around his cock, it seemed to make him speed up, smashing her face down into her own puke. After a few more times of puking it seemed she stopped. She still gagged but nothing left in her stomach to come up.

He pushed her head down into the puke again but this time didn’t let her up. She was calm for a moment but when he didn’t let her up to breath she started to struggle. He didn’t budge, but he did pant and groan and his huge cock twitched in her throat as he pumped cum down her virgin throat. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she started to pass out. Aaron pulled her head back up and she gasped for air but almost immediately shoved her back down, giving a few more shallow thrusts as he emptied his balls into her throat. But he wasn’t done. As soon as the cum stopped she felt a strong warm stream of liquid quickly fill up her little belly. She just sobbed and shuddered on him as he pissed down her throat. When he was done with her he just let go, letting the dazed girl lean back in her chair, a mix of fluids around her lips, puke on her clothes and cum in her belly and still coating her mouth and throat.

“What a good little toilet dumpster. I’ll have some fun training you.” He chuckled.

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    Love this!!! I can’t wait to read part 2.

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    Im only 14 tho, but my email is [email protected]

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      As I stated in the beginning. I do not support/endorse/encourage child abuse. This was pure fantasy. It is not safe for children to be on 18+ sites. Please do not encourage adults to message you (a “14 yr old”). I do understand and support age play but if your age is actually 14 you are putting yourself and the adults on this site in danger.

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      Fake bitch