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Time to spill the beans I like younger boys

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Checkout my other post if you haven’t, it’s my first encounter with younger boys

Ever since I gave head to the 16 year old boys I was kind of hooked on sex with teens even though I’m older. I’ll tell you the reasons why. One they can cum an insane amount. Those little horndogs can cum and literally be hard again within 5 minutes. Two most of them are so horny that if you give them the chance to get off they take it without a second thought. Most teens end up fantasizing about fucking a girl and by giving them the chance to have fun I get almost a guaranteed cumshot. Now on to the more saucy part. The story with those boys didn’t end there we ended up exchanging contact info and making a group chat. We would play fun horny games on there where one of them would ask for a pic and I would send one then all three would send a vid of them busting a nut to it. I would then rate the best cumshot. We would also meet up in places at the school for a quick blowjob and stuff. Our favorite places were the staff restroom, between the dumpsters, or even the back seat of my car. This went on for a while before I kind of started craving a bit more younger boys and I tried visiting the middle school which was literally a block away from the highschool. One of the 16 year old boys apparently had a 13 year old brother who he showed my pics to.So I tried finding him. I ended up meeting up with him and adding him to the group chat after a quick blowjob. I have to say his dick was kind of cute for his size but apparently he jacked off three times a day according to his brother. He was super horny too. Anyway I’m off break now and I have to get to a zoom call so that’s it for now I’ll tell you guys about the first time I let one of them stick it in later.

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    The story made my cock so hard.
    Let’s talk on hangouts my email is [email protected]

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    New story soon I hope?

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  • Reply Psiberzerker

    Most places, 16 is old enough to consent to sex. Legally. I think you’re in the clear, for the most part. Also, you’re right about pretty much everything you said. I’m not a big fan of their inexperience, and lack of Endurance. If there’s 3 of them, then it kinda makes up for lasting less than 5 minutes, then recovering in 5 minutes. I know, these are broad sweeping strokes, and “Not all teenage boys,” but as a group. They make up for their lack of experience with a quick recovery, and they’re kinda cute. I rather prefer them in their 20s, to 30s, so I don’t have to buy them beer. They can drive pretty well bye then, so I don’t have to pick them up, they might even be able to hold a conversation at a College level. Maybe even have money of their own, to spend on themselves.