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sexual torture for entertainment – first part

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My parents sent me to stay with my aunt in Texas as punishment for being alive and I got abused and raped as part of some sick entertainment. P1

I was an only child and my parents were always really strict we me, whenever I stepped out of line they punished me by slapping and hitting me before banishing me to my room. Getting a bad grade from school, talking back to them, being home one minute late, not doing my chores to their exact standards, even breathing loudly would set them off, they would punish me just for being alive, and I hated my life.

In my early teenage years I made it my mission to piss them off as much as possible just because I hated them and I wanted to make their life as miserable as they made mine. They soon realized that the slapping and hitting wasn’t fazing me anymore, I’d built up a tolerance to it over the years and there was nothing they could do to hurt me any longer, or so I believed.

When I was 15 I stole my dad’s keys and went for a joy ride in his precious 2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10 which cost him a shit load of money, my parents were quite wealthy but they never spent a lot of money on me, they had fancy clothes and I wore store bought cheap trash, I wasn’t worth anything to them, I ran his truck right in to the side of a bridge, it almost killed me but it felt so satisfying.

I was relieved when they decided to ship me off to my aunt’s ranch in Texas, finally I was getting out of this shit hole and away from them, but if I’d have known then what I know now, I would have begged them to not send me there. They weren’t sending me there to learn and maybe change my rebellious ways and make me a good little girl, no, they were sending me there to be punished, in the most horrendous way, and it changed me forever.

A couple of days later I arrived at the ranch, I got off the bus and began the long walk down a track, in the distance and as I got closes I could see my aunt had a big white house surrounded by large barns, horses were running free, the sound of cattle mooing sounded in the wind and a big red tractor was ploughing the fields, it was beautiful, like something out of a movie, I was greeted part way by my aunt Kathleen, uncle George and my cousin Jacob who had come to meet me.

My uncle took my bags and I hugged my auntie and Jacob, they were nice and welcoming, I haven’t seen them since I was about 4 years old but I was comfortable straight away. After a quick look around the ranch and the inside of the house Jacob was asked to show me to my new room, he was 18 and dressed like a cowboy, and he was quite handsome, he showed me my room and tossed my bags on to the bed and then left me to unpack and get settled, I was asked to get washed and changed and be downstairs at 8PM for dinner.

I got washed and changed and headed downstairs, it was dark outside and as I was heading downstairs I saw loads of cars out of the landing window all driving towards the barns which I thought was a bit strange, but what do I know, I’ve just got here, I headed downstairs to the dining room and my uncle pulled out a chair for me and asked me to take a seat as my aunt brought the food over in large serving dishes, “Are you settling in okay?” asked my aunt, “Yes, thank you.” I replied, it wasn’t normal for me to be this nice but I hadn’t seen them in a long time and I was a guest in their home so I put on a bit of a front, they said grace before eating which felt a bit awkward because it’s something my parents never did but I played along, “Amen. Well you must be hungry after that long trip, Kerry. Tuck in. Help yourself. Your aunt makes the best chilly in Texas.” Said my uncle, ending with a wink.

We had a lot of banter and a good laugh while eating, I got embarrassed when they started asking me about boyfriends and my relationships, it was an odd thing to talk about but it was probably the best family dinner I’ve had in a long time, it was nice to feel part of a family again, that someone actually cared that I existed.

I finished my dinner and then we ‘retired’, as my uncle put it, to the main lounge where we sat in comfy and expensive looking leather chairs, they poured themselves an alcoholic drink and my aunt gave me a soda, after a bit more banter it was getting late and I was feeling really tired so I said my good nights and started to walk towards the stairs, I walked maybe ten or fifteen steps when I suddenly felt dizzy and weak, I slumped against the wall on my shoulder, then the room started spinning, “Alright love?” asked my aunt, “Yeah – “ I replied, I started to walk again then my vision went foggy and I felt more dizzy, then I fell to my knees and I must have passed out.

As I regained consciousness I could hear the muffled sound of techno music that got louder as I became more alert, I wanted to rub my aching head but when I tried, my arms wouldn’t move, I quickly realized that my arms were bound at the wrists above my head, then I noticed my legs were tied together and I had a strap across my waist holding me down, I wiggled my body but I was bound too tight, I couldn’t move, I was laying on a metal table like something you’d find at a hospital or vets, I was in a large wooden structure that smelt like animals, there was a large dark curtain across the entire length of the wall in front of me and another stretching the width of the room to the left of me, they were really big like ones you’d see at a movie theatre, “Hello. Anyone. Somebody help.” I shouted.

Panic set in quickly and I kept trying to free myself but it was futile, then someone walked through the curtains on my left, they were wearing long black waterproof overalls and a face mask with only his eyes and mouth showing, I couldn’t see who it was, “Hey. Help me. Please.” I begged, he glared at me for a moment before turning around and partly opening the curtain, what I saw I filled me with fear, there was a naked man strapped to a table just like the one I was on, he had wires attached to his nipples and his testicles and he was flinching and screaming, the cables were electrocuting him, he also had a silver device attached to his penis.

As I looked below his table I could see a machine beneath it humming away, it was a cow milking machine and they were milking his penis like it was a cows teat, I instantly knew I was in trouble, “Help!” I screamed, “Help!”, the man in the overalls rushed over to me and tied a strap around my mouth to shut me up, “Shut up.” he demanded, then he swiftly marched away and vanished behind the curtain, pulling them shut behind him.

A few minutes went by and then Jacob came through the curtains in front of me, he was wearing overalls as well but no mask so I recognized him instantly, I couldn’t speak I could only make loud moans of desperation which I did repeatedly to get his attention, he stood by the table and looked directly at me, I was so relieved, I used my head and eyes to indicate to the restraints, asking him to remove them, but he didn’t, he smiled at me and then picked up a pair of scissors and motioned them in front of my face, it really scared me, then he lifted the collar of my t-shirt and slid one of the scissor blades under it and started to cut.

He cut a line straight down my t-shirt and then cut my leggings, all the way down the legs and crotch, when he was finished he pulled them, ripping them away from my body, I was frightened and didn’t understand what the hell was happening and I started to cry, I wished him to tell me it was just a joke and let me free, but he didn’t, he cut off my bra and panties before ripping them away leaving me naked and bound on the table, he walked back towards the curtains in front of me and opened them, there was a large group of people, men and women, all sitting on benches and looking straight at me.

I watched as Jacob put on a mask just like the other man was wearing, he then turned to the crowd, “Ladies and Gentleman.” He said, then he turned to the side and pointed to me, “This is Kerry. She’s 15 years old and she will be the star of our show this evening.” He announced, the crowd began to clap, nod and chat amongst themselves as they looked at me, it was clear they weren’t going to help me, and having all these people staring, pointing and talking in front of me seeing me laying on the table naked and helpless made me cry even more.

Jacob disappeared behind me for a moment and when he returned he was holding a large thick vibrator, I may have been young and inexperienced with sex toys but I knew what it was, he looked at me playfully, I shook my head, and shouted “Don’t you fucking dare!” with my eyes, he then turned to face the crowd, “Now. This evening’s entertainment will commence shortly. Before then our star needs to warm up a little.” He announced, then he moved further down the side of table.

He loosened the restraints on my legs, I used the opportunity to kick my legs around and hopefully knock his fucking teeth out and maybe escape, but he was too strong and quickly pinned my legs back down, then he tied them up again, this time further apart, then he took the vibrator and banged it against my pussy a few times, then he slid it between my petals and forced it inside me, “Aarggh!” I screamed in agony, I was a virgin and the biggest thing that had entered me until now was my tiny fingers, the vibrator was really big and thick and hurt like hell.

Jacob strapped something around my crotch and waste which held the vibrator in place and then he hit the switch, I instantly felt the stimulation of it vibrating against my insides, “Ooooo-ahw.” I groaned.

“There we are. Let’s leave our star to warm up. The bar is now open so if you’d all like to get your complimentary drinks whilst I prepare the animals and the show will begin shortly. Thank you.” Jacob announced, then he walked behind the curtains and closed them, leaving me laying naked and helpless on the table with a buzzing vibrator up my pussy, stimulating my every nerve.

Why was Jacob doing this to me, what did he mean by preparing the animals, and where the fuck were my aunt and uncle.

This was far from the end of my sexual torture. And it was about to get worse and seriously sickening.

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    I love this it made me wet, many more parts to come I hope

    • M. Lovdahl

      Want to raise a taboo family like this if they misbehave we can torture thefm

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    Se pone interesante, ojalá q sean varios animales y penetraciones variadas