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My sisters friend and I are alone in house part 2

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Me and my sisters friend are home alone and we are horny

So if you haven’t read the first part read it first
This is a true story

So as I told last time it alex birthday so all of alexes (my sister’s friend) family was going to parasnath temple from alexes house it was of 12 hours trek so it was secided to leave at 3 am so me and my sister left our home at 2 am beacause it was a
1 hour trip to alexes house but last time as we got house from alexe house I fell down and hurt my leg I told alex this and she told me that we will use it but it was nearly healed so as we reached their house we reached 15 minutes early and alex has told me to fall down
Again and fake to hurt my leg again so I did it as we reached their house I did it and then everyone was thinking how will I do the trek just then I told to leave me alone and go and right then alex tolld that she will stay with me because it was was her test after a bit of argument evryone agreed and then
I went to sleep and alex told me sleep in her room and then we both slept after 1 housr arond 4:15 am I got of to drink water after I dran water I noticed alex her beautiful hair her face he round boobs and curvy butt I stood dtill admiring her then I got on bed and layed thei facind her she was facing other side
And placed my hand on her butt cheeks and got closer to her and then I got my 8 inch cock on her butt and started rubbing soon I threw my hand over and slowly got to her breast I can fell her soft flesh from above her night dress then she woke up and turned towards me then she came closer and kissed me and also started to kiss her back then she removed her top and I started to suck her right nipples and fonde her left brest
With my hand and then I took of my pants and under wear and my 8 inch cock was now standing erect and then she took of my panties and then she was on top my my circling my tip with her tounge and then she started sucking it she tried deep throating and instants started gaging then after that I cumming she tried to drink it all but it didnt work adn some drops spilled out of her mouth then she then layed on top of mer her breast on top of my chest
Then my after sometime my cock was hard again and her reaction was already and gave a naughty smile and said we have a whole day and said we then she switched places and she was lying on her back her feets up in the corner of bed where I was standing with my cock in my hand and slowly I rubbed my tip of cock on her pussy lips
Then I tried to insert my cock in her but I didnt go and then she told me that I think it was too big then after a few tries I got frustrated and a pushed it inside with force in one push I went inside her broke her hymen she screamed in pain so loud and I bet neighbours must have heard us and then I started pushing in and out and she started moaning
After some time a cummed in her and she cummed at the same time and I fell on top of her and my cock slowly slipped out of her pussy and we both slept exhausted so guys rest of the day I will write in another story because my exams time portion have come out I am busy in studying thats why stories are comming late

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