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My abuse story Pt 1

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My childhood was riddled with abuse and shame.

I’m an adult now but my childhood was a story of abuse. I was groomed and abused by both of my parents. My father mostly but my mother did her part as well.

My father was almost 40 when he met my mother. She was just a 16 year old runaway teenager who he met thru her pimp. The story goes, he paid him off to purchase my mother. Shortly after she was pregnant with me. He kept her around for all of my childhood, treating her like shit the entire time.

As far back as I can remember, I had to listen to my father force himself on my mother in some way or another. If she wasn’t willing, he’d rape her. She was too scared and broken to leave and didn’t have anywhere to go if she did. He’d even let his friends come over and have their way with her.

When I was 6 I was forced to watch almost every time. Whether it was him and his friends raping her or her willingly having sex with him. I was forced. They were training me for everything that was to come.

The first time I was forced to participate I was 10. My mom came into my room one night and escorted me to the bathroom. I was told to undress and get into the bathtub where my father was waiting naked. He proceeded to fondle me and make me do the same to him while my mother sat on the edge of the tub watching. I had no clue what I was doing but the thrill of it all still made him cum all over my hand.

He made me do this to him 2 or 3 times a week. In the beginning he took it easy on me but after a month or so if I didn’t do it the way he wanted me to I’d get hit. I learned how to give a handjob real quick out of fear of a beating.

When I was 11 the oral stuff started. Once again it started in the bath tub. By now it had become so regular that being abused like this was what I enjoyed. I was once again escorted to the bathroom where one of my fathers friends was in the tub stroking himself. If I showed any hesitation I would certainly get beat so I undressed and climbed in the tub. This time mom left us alone. He told me to remain standing and proceeded to fondle my penis. As much as it pains me to say, I enjoyed it. I was almost 12 and puberty was beginning to set in and anything touching my dick felt good. Needless to say I was fully erect when he sat up and proceeded to put my penis in his mouth. He sucked me to completion and then made me jerk him off.

I was forced at first but then began enjoying what was happening. My libido was growing stronger and stronger and this was all I knew. I knew it wasn’t normal so I was ashamed that I enjoyed it but I did. I especially enjoyed when his friends would abuse me because they at least pleasured me as well. Well, most of the time. Sometimes all I got was a finger or two in my anus. Of course it hurt at first but I got used to that as well.

One night when I was 13, I was laying in bed and my father walked in and climbed into my bed. I could tell he was naked and I knew what he wanted so I kept my mouth shut. He spooned up behind me and I could feel his erection. My father wasn’t a big guy, about 5’7” and only about 5” in his pants and I could feel it pressing against my back. I had gone thru quite a growth spurt and was actually as tall as him now.

He pulled my pants down to my knees and pressed his penis against my ass. He reached around and began playing with my penis, which was hard and already bigger than his. Eventually I felt his fingers on my asshole and he then slid two of them inside.

“Be a good boy and I’ll give you a reward.” He whispered in my ear as he began to press the tip of his cock against my asshole.

As his tip popped inside me I moaned. Half in pain half in pleasure. Once inside he wasn’t gentle. He started thrusting hard and fast. It hurt so badly. I couldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to get beat or hurt more. I bit my lip as he thrusted against my ass. Just as I was about to cry out in pain, he made one last thrust and grunted. He pumped my ass full of cum. It felt so good when he pulled out. So good that for one moment I forgot that I just was raped.

“Get yourself cleaned up and come in our room.” He said while trying to catch his breath.

I laid there for a few minutes, my ass hurting. I could feel cum dripping from my hole and I feared standing up.

“Let’s go!” I hear him yell from down the hall.

I got out of bed, went to the bathroom and wiped the dripping cum and saliva he used from my ass and leg. It was tender and sore and it felt like I had to take a shit but I didn’t. I eventually made my way to their bedroom where I found my mom laying on the bed naked. My father was standing next to the bed, still naked and stroking himself.

“Get in here and close the door.” He said. “You did well in there. You deserve a reward.” He added while gesturing towards my mother.

“What’s the reward?” I said quietly

“You know what you need to do.” He said while sitting in the chair in the corner getting ready to watch.

I reluctantly walked towards the bed and stopped to look at my mothers naked body. She was an average size woman, nothing all that special. Normal size breasts, not overweight but not skinny. She had a furry bush. She was only a 31 year old woman but she looked older. I had seen her naked a thousand times but this was the best glimpse of her I had gotten.

I looked over towards my father in his chair. He was still stroking his cock but it was dark enough I couldn’t see his face. I looked back down at my mother and she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bed with her. I laid on top of her in a missionary position. My heart was racing and I was terrified. She was more relaxed than I was.

“Kiss me.” She said quietly. “It’s ok. You’re safe.” She added

I started kissing her and she slid her tongue into my mouth. It was my first kiss from a woman but not the first time I French kissed. Many on the men my father made me pleasure wanted to kiss. I hated it. This one felt much different and better. Having a woman’s lips and tongue was much more pleasurable. The kissing began to relax me and my cock got rock hard.

The tip of my dick was gently bobbing and brushing against her furry bush. She spit in her hand, reached down and grabbed my dick and pressed it against her pussy.

“Push it in.” She whispered

I did as she told me. I pushed my cock inside her. I couldn’t believe how warm and amazing it felt. I began to thrust slowly. It was only a matter seconds before I felt like I was going to cum. By the 9th or 10th thrust I felt a shockwave of pleasure go they my body as I shot my cum inside her. I immediately climbed off her and stood beside the bed.

“Good?” My father said as he approached the other side of the bed.

“Mmmhmm.” I nodded with my head down. I was still scared of what might happen.

“Go on, get back to bed.” He said as he climbed in bed.

I wasn’t even in my room yet before I heard my dad forcing himself on her. She had made a restricted yell as if she was being choked and he yelled at her.

“You fucking whore! Did you enjoy that?! Now you’re gonna get it!” He yelled

I wanted to go in there and help her but I knew I would get the shit kicked out of me. Instead I laid in bed listening to him rape her for the next hour.

The next morning he was already gone and off to work when I got out of bed. My mother was still in bed naked, as my father required her to sleep in the nude. It made it easier to rape her when she was hesitant I guess.

“You Ok mom?” I asked popping my head in her room.

“I’ll be fine.” She replied “…what about you? Are you ok?” She then asked

“I’m fine too.” I responded

“Did he hurt you last night?” She asked

“A little. I’ll be alright. Did he hurt you?” I responded

“I’m used to it. I’ll be ok.” She said quietly. “What about with me? Did you like that?” She asked

“Yes. It felt really good.” I said with a smile. There wasn’t much to smile about in our house and I never saw her smile but she returned the smile.

“That’s good. I’ll come make you some breakfast in a minute.” She said as she sat up.

As she sat up I got another good view of her breasts and immediately my cock began to tingle and blood started rushing towards it. My mother now turned me on. It scared me because I didn’t want to turn into my father. I didn’t want to hurt her the way he did. Even though she let his abuse on her and me continue, she did the best she could with what she had. I had a lot to think about after that night….

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