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I shut my little sister up, again!

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She did it again. She pissed me off so she got what was coming to her.

I used my sisters virgin pussy as a stress reliever when she wouldn’t shut the hell up, that was three days prior to what happened next.

I had three days of peace and quiet, after I fucked her she spent those days downstairs on in her own room, she never bothered me, I was surprised and relieved that she didn’t tell mom what I did to her but she probably thought she’d get in trouble so kept her mouth shut, just as it should be.

It was a Sunday afternoon when mom asked me to look after her again, mom headed out for her weekly visit to my grandparents’ house to make sure they were alright and take them some medications, we had our lunch and it was a little after 6 o’clock, I ordered Kayla upstairs to get a shower because mom told me to make sure she got one at 6 o’clock before bed, it was school the day after.

She didn’t want to go and get a shower at first, too busy playing on her little electric piano at the coffee table.

“Don’t start, Kayla.” I grunted and I gave her a look of authority.

She protested but eventually fucked off upstairs to get a shower, I used the opportunity to get a chocolate pudding from the fridge and I sat and watched TV in peace.

After a nearly an hour she came stomping down the stairs and she bounced on the sofa as she sat down next to me, she was wearing her pink fluffy towel dressing gown and her hair was still soaking wet, she kept flicking her hair and water would spray on me, “Dry your hair!” I shouted at her, she shook her hair, wetting me some more, she was starting to piss me off again, I think she realized because she got off the sofa and sat on the floor by the coffee table.

She was quiet for a while, watching the TV with me, then she started playing with her keyboard, randomly tapping the keys making louds of noise.

“Kayla.” I snapped.

“What?” she asked.

“I’m trying to watch TV. Turn it off.” I said.

“No. I want to play it.” She replied, continuing to torment my ears.

I rushed to my feet, picked up her piano and tossed it on to the chair in the corner of the room, “I’m watching TV.” I snapped.

She stormed over to the chair, picked up the piano, walked back to the covered table and slammed it down, she grunted annoyingly, then started to bash the piano keys again.

By now I’d had enough, once again she wasn’t listening and once again she’d pissed me off, I threw myself on to my knees on the floor behind her, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, “Ouch.” She screeched, “Remember what I told you about what would happen when you piss me off?!” I reminded her, “Stop it.” I snapped, then I let go of her hair and went back to the sofa.

“Fucking arsehole.” She swore, rubbing the back of her head where I’d pulled at her hair.

What did she just say, what the fuck did she just say to me, nah, once again I threw myself to the floor on my knees behind her, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, “So I’m a fucking arsehole am I?” I asked, “I’ll show you a fucking arsehole.” I added, I swept my arm across the coffee table, knocking her piano off on to the floor and clearing the table top.

I lifter her and bent her over, pressing her head down on to the table top, “Ouch..” she cried, I lifted the back of her dressing gown up and over her back, she was naked underneath, “..Don’t.” she cried, I pulled my pants part way down and rubbed my cock until it was fully erect, “This is an areshole.” I said, then I pushed my cock in to her ass, it took a few pushes but then her ass gave in and expanded, letting my cock slide inside her.

I fucked her little arsehole while holding her head down on the table, she moved her arms around trying to push me off her, but I was too strong for her, she wasn’t getting away, she kept shouting for mom, but mom wasn’t here, her screams and cries only made me fuck her harder.

“Stop. I’m sorry.” She cried.

I was glad it hurt, she was going to learn, one way or another, that it was not okay to piss me off.

Her ass felt like a vice tightened around my cock, it was fucking beautiful, I pumped her ass for about 10 minutes and when I finally came, I came hard, her tight ass made it hard for my cock to ejaculate it was being squashed so tightly, I emptied my balls in to her, filling her with my brotherly seed once again.

“Now I’ll stop.” I said, pulling my cock out of her seeping areshole.

When I was done I pushed her off the table and on to the floor like she was nothing, “Don’t piss me off again. Are you listening?” I snapped, the little bitch was crying and lifting herself up off the floor, she wiped her eyes and nodded with her shoulders hunched up with fear, “I won’t.” She wept, then she walked off and made her way up the stairs, crying like a pussy.

Fucking hate the little bitch, but she’s got a nice pussy and a tight little ass, I secretly hoped she’d piss me off again, but not right now, I’d had enough of her for today.

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