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Sucking my Mum (Cont 2)

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At the studio and beyond with a love life

Word got around about .Susan. and everyone was chipping in some offering their scene pay but we hadn’t realised how much it would coct Mary’s deal had been the scene to buy the legs then payment by views for the training which was like bloody wi fi

So life carried on as they say. We had the studio doctor in for his usual inspection, obviously we have regular STD checks and need a supply of viagra at hand, sometimes a couple of long scenes a day can be punishing for the men. He chacked me over and reckoned I had reached my limit size wise.
We had a new girl join us had to bring her birth certificate Mary will take on young ones as you know but insists she knows waht catagory to put them in.
This one trotted in NO breasts even her nipples were tiny, the face of an angel with a blond pony tail. Turned out she was 24!!!
So she was put with Angela on a seduction scene
Once again Mary had called me in to ask my advice about that one. I know I was still 19 and everyone had said “don’t approach Mary” I thought what the hell if she slaps me down I can’t see her sackiing me.
So next time (and it was pretty regular) I went right at it and asked! something like
“Mary you know we used to make a joke about my extra half inch”
“Yes I do and still reckons I could”
“So your the hottest woman here” “Norma took over another site, I was her second in command so to speak so took over”
So why do you keep your distance from everybody?”
“Billy First I’m 49 second I’m the boss I need to keep the staffs respect”
“Well Damn the 49 and second i think you know I’m as in love with you as near as any woman good god woman I’d kiss your feet! and what happened to Norma? she claimed 39 and didn’t have a patch on you”
She leaned over the desk our eyes met “OK Tonight at my place I can’t promise anything like whatyour expexting”

Tonight couldn’t come quick enough and when it did I was shaking like a leaf as I rang her doorbell A maid answered and asked me to waith in what I suppose was a drawing room This was one hell of a big house)
The maid led me and left me to the door of what turned out to be a lounge cum bedroosm and there she was. Her make up and hair immaculate dressed in a sheer silk robe, calf length with a tie at the waist accentuating her figure
“Shall we have a drink”
I nooded and agreed to G & T
“Billy this will be my first time for a long time I’m sure I will be clumsy and awkward can we go slow?”
“Oh god yes Mary the slower the better”
“Well I suppose we better get the really awkward bit over now If you cn undress and get in I’ll follw”
I stripped and slipped in between the black silk sheets and lay on one elbow watching her
I expected sexy lingerie maybe cut away bra matching thong even suspender belt holding sheer silk stockings but there was nothing!! She stood wonderfully wonderfully naked posed like a greek statue before giggling “Well that wasn’t to bad” before climbing into bed,
We embraced and kissed gently as first then tenderly i kissed her eyes and cheeks before back to her lips she just held me I stroked her breast first one then the other. Then kissed each nipple licking, nibble even sucking, had she had a boob job? maybe I didn’t care they were perfect. Sliding down to her belly kissing each before reaching the holy grail of her mons . She was so smooth she parted her legs letting my tongue in searching between the labia lips for her cliterous , it was there as if waiting for me. I made love to it, soon she was wet her beautiful body trembling her breath coming in gasps as she fondled her breasts.

Back up to her once again kissing her whispering “Ready”
“God yes”
I moved she parted her legs for me and my throbbing cock entered her gently at first our eyes locked she smiledand I took her took her whole body at that moment she would never be anyone elses It wasn’t over of course we hardly slept all night every position every movement but it was those initialminutes that we wont forget.

So tomorrow what would it bring I was on tenderhooks how would she be how would both us either of us act. After 8 years employer/employee now one night a lover?
Fortunatley something got in the way. We have cracked it for Susan, word had got around our clients and some of them chipped in after hearing the story so
Mary invited them in for our special presentation and more than that the girl keeps her virtue. In addition to the presentation of the cheque the one and only copy of the scene to destroy
We all had kisses and cuddles all round but I couldn’t take my eyes off Mary who seemed to be busying herself with anyone or anything but me

Later in the day she called me in , she was standing her side of the desk “what are we going to do?”
I said “I think there is only one question to answer. Was everything we both said and did last night the truth? when i told you I loved you that was the truth, when i told you that to me no woman loved better than you?’
“Yes everything I said and did was true!”
“But you have told one lie haven’t you?”
“About yourself to keep us horny men away from you and to keep this stupid “respect’thing”
“Yes I took Normas age seemed a good thing
to do it doesn’t mean much difference beteen you and me though!!”
I turned locked he door lifted her onto the edge of the desk she didn’t resist but parted her legs as I found her deep into here “SO 49?” “NO!!” “39?” “NO!!” “TRUTH?” “38 my darling!!!!!”

I gently kissed her and her unlocking her door “This evening”

The new girl given the name of Julie was with Angela,Pretty basic The girl sitting demurely on the settee Angela explaining as she sheds her blouse and skirtJulie gasping as she sees the cutaway black bra and being invited to suck the areola its an ugh moment she was playing a 10 year old child but she suckedthen the bra came off and she was gaced with a drooping scrawny full breast then being kissed by a toothless all women. Then her head gently forced down between Angelas legs to kiss her belly and discover her sparse grey haired cunt All this time Angela has been encouraging her cajoling her and in the end cuddling and carressing her
The boys cut a successfuly scene.

Back at Mary’s that evening the maid didnt need to show me the way and this time Mary did have a pretty matching bra and thong taking my breath away “i thought this would be a suitable outfit to discus things in”
“Like hell it is!!! I carried her to the bed pulled aside her thong and nuzzled into her perfectly shaped and perfumed vulva Reaching up I managed to unhook her bra and she wriggled out of her thong. Her legs parted and i began to work on her protruing cliterous “I’m ready” she gasped and I plunged into her I parted her cheeks and tentantelywhispered “have you ever…….”
“No but if your gentle I’ll try anything for you”
She was wet so I withdrew and gently probed her bud. I had licked it before and wondered at it so deserving of the description looking like petals ready to unfold. She trembled and
gasped as my cockhead found its way in then I pushed helping the shaft deeper and deeper. her hands clenched the held my shulders before witha long sigh her hips moved to meet mine and we were fucking. her eyes wide her mouth little squeels as we reached a familiar rythym. I gently withdrew and reentered her vagina a final push toallow my love juice drain into her wonderful body.
We lay for a while just hugging then showered lay in night clothes
“Yo asked me what we should do”
“I want to marry you!”
She was quiet she didn’t laugh as I was afraid she might she just kissed me “the age gap?”
“I don’t care if you don’t”
“Your job?”
“I’ll have to leave or maybe supervise hee obviously”
“Our famiilies?”
“Theres only my Mum and she’s never been richer or happier LOL”
“”I doesn’t seem to stand in our way then!
So we went back to bed

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    I had married my mom, bearing my child in her belly. Old is gold.