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date night

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16 year old Tim and 15 year old Megan was finally allowed to go out on there date . Up until now Megan’s parents wouldn’t let them go but they got to know Tim and was comfortable with him taking there daughter out .
Tim just started driving him old rusty ford truck , they left to go out to dinner and then a movie . Megan needed to be back by 9 pm
They stopped at a local restaurant then to the movies . They held each other and a little light kissing . After there movie was over , they skipped out to the truck and kissed a little more before headed back to Megan’s house .
While driving back Tim got the idea of stopping at an abandoned farm house where the two of them could kiss some more . They both were virgins at this point and Tim was trying to be a little pushing but Megan stoped him by saying she wasn’t ready for any more than kissing yet .
All of a sudden , the truck door flys open and the large bearded man grabs Tim , and pulls him out of the truck . Megan sits quietly but scared in the truck while the men starts beating up Tim to the point where Tim gives up to the man . They the man ties up Tim and sets him on the ground behind the tractor on the ground .
Then he turns his attention on Megan . He yelled at her to get out of the truck and come to the back of the truck and sits on the tailgate . The man starts to yell at then for coming on to him property .
After a screaming Mach . He tells Megan to remove s as ll her clothes so they can settle this problem . Megan crying at this point asked the man if that can leave after she shows him her fresh virgin body . The man grinned as she took her clothes off . Meanwhile Tim was coming to from his beating and was starring at Megan’s cute little body but got glimpses of the old man large dick hanging out of his pants. Tim just know that he was going to force sex on Megan .
The old man walks up to Megan and starts tuching her tiny 15 year old body . He pushed her to the ground and yells at her to suck his dick . To her it was big and scary . She looks up the the man and told she has never done anything sexual before . The old man grabbed her head and shoved his dick in her mouth and started mouth fucking her .
After a few minutes of that , he grabbed her and threw her in the back of the truck , held her legs open wide and tuned his tongue all over her pussy . After he hot her wet from his spit he pulled her out of the truck and bends her over the tailgate . At this point Megan was in a state of shock was was limp . She tells him that she’s 15 years old and is still a virgin and to let her go .
The old man didn’t listen to her and with her bent over the truck starts to line up his dick to her tight little hole . He rubs it there for a few seconds before shoving his dick up her virgin pussy with out any remorse . Megan starts screaming historically and the man pumps away . After a few minutes Megan passes out the man stops and looks over at Tim for a minute before sticking his tongue in Megan’s butthole . Tim yelled at him to stop and the man stands up and pushed his hard dick into passed out Megan’s butthole after a few pumps , he was finished .
The man unties Tim , told him to get her in the truck and leave . Tim did just that and drives straight to a local hospital .
At the hospital , Megan had a exam and rape kit done just as her parents arrived . The doctor can in to tell he that she had two stitches in both her vagina and butthole .
The police for the old man and after awhile Megan recovered .

Now this is a true story
I was Megan. That was a vary bad experience for me . Some may ask why I told my story here . Some people may find pleasure with stories like mine but remember it happens in real life

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  • Reply Terri

    I am sorry for all this happened

  • Reply AP

    Not to be unkind but don’t go stand outside a car dealership and tell people about your car crash so they won’t buy a car. Don’t stand outside a grocery to explain to people how you were give bad food choices when young that made you obese to convince them to go hungry. And don’t come to a site of erotica stories and explain that because you were raped people should feel guilty reading porn.
    I’m sorry very bad things happened to you but you shouldn’t be here, you should be seeing a therapist.
    You are letting this define you to the point you are telling other people how they should live their lives.

  • Reply Just this once

    If this was your story, why did you tell it in the third person perspective? Also your spelling leaves a lot to be desired, also proof reading can reveal a lot of issues