Continuing Change of DNA part three

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I am going to have my second litter I am almost a dog now and feel well about it

The next day, one of the bitches was let into an enclosure with a male dog. They immediately started playing with each other, and it was not long before she let him get on his back. He struggled violently before he got into her and she put in a little howl when it happened. He fucked her violently until they got stuck. Then he turned so that they stood with their buttocks facing each other. She let out a small whimper each time he sent a new jet of semen into her. Felt I got horny from looking at them, but I think the guard that suited me and so was. Noticed that she jerked a little in my dog ​​leash every time it was clear that human bitch got orgasm.
My maturity went to the top and I was released with a male dog, a huge German Shepherd. He started right away and smelled me licking my face and ass. Pushed me and did everything to get me down on all fours. I waved my tail and showed that I was ready and willing. He was downright beautiful and I licked him and sniffed at his penis. He just got more and more eager and eventually got on my back and I felt him looking for my hole. Then like an explosion he came in me and I felt he came as far in me as possible. He fucked me a little hard, but his cock grew and I felt his knot locked us. It was wonderful to stand like that just to feel him squirt in me. Stood so long and one orgasm after another came. Was much nicer to be covered this time than the first time. The body was now at all more adapted to being a dog. When we got loose, the guard took me and put me in the dog cage and gave me water and food. Got to relax there until the next day. Was then picked up and released in the enclosure with the male dog.
We were both horny, wagging our tails and barking at each other. He immediately tried to get up on me, but I just ran away every time he tried. He became more and more eager and more and more annoyed with each time I ran away. Finally he bit me on the neck and held me tight. I had then become so horny that I gladly let him go. Lined up calmly on all fours and waved my tail invitingly. He looked up at me and soon found my hole. He held his front paws tightly around my hips while pushing himself all the way in and fucking me hard. I felt that the tip of his penis was completely against the cervix when he started pumping semen in me while his penis swelled. I have never known it so delicious before. We both barked while we stood like this, and eventually became completely stuck in each other. He eventually turned and I was more or less pulled around the kennel. I felt like we not only fucked, but loved each other
When we got loose and semen flowed from me, he licked me with his rough tongue in her pussy. I licked and sucked on his cock and we licked each other in the mouth, delicious as kisses. I think those who watched me get covered understood that we loved each other. Eventually we lay down close together while holding our paws around each other and licking. We lay like this for a long time and cuddled with each other until the guard came and put me on a leash and rented me my own dog cage. Put me in a running rope there and gave me water and food.
I stayed at the center for several days before I got into human mode and had to go home. I have the chance to have a home office, so the first few days at home agreed to respond to emails that had piled up. But after a few days I stopped by the office, and everyone welcomed me back there and wished me well. That I had been to a research center for human dogs and been covered and maybe waiting for my second litter of puppies, of course no one knew.
The days ahead with work went very well, but I was at least once a week to check with the vet. Everything seemed to be fine. I got an update of various vaccines, but otherwise she said that everything was ok. I had developed more as a dog, the tail had become longer and many of the internal organs were adapted to being a dog.
A couple of weeks after the mating, I started to feel nauseous and clearly felt that the udders were growing. It was clear that the mating was successful and that I was pregnant again. The nausea went away so quickly, but it tickled the udders and I clearly felt that they were getting bigger. Luckily, I was in the habit of wearing relatively wide dresses, so it was not shown that the udders got bigger. If anyone saw someone bulging down my stomach, they probably thought I was putting on weight and getting walruses.

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    Keep going good story Gemma

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      Next part of the story is coming soon
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