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Sex with another man

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Coquille BC Canada Got Fucked by Big cock

I am 57 years old. 5’5,158 lbs with 40D tits. Firat Nation’s. My tits I Hide with tighter bras and loose clotting.

I been married for 31 years in July this year and been fucking on side for 4 years in our condo when my husband works. I prefer bigger cock because my husband never makes me cum with his smaller cock.

I been trying out different places on line off and on and found a 35 year old man with a 8 inch cock that said he is 7 inches round. I never had cock that round that big ever so I was very nervous but agreed to not to see his face and have darkroom sex.

My husband leaves our home at 545am weekdays. On August 25,2022 after he left I unlocked my condo door. Left it unlocked.

At 639 am my cell phone rings. It’s connected to the front door of my building. I buzz him up. I lay naked in my bed. My door is closed and my music playing. I hear my suite door open.

He comes down the hall opens my bedroom door and closes it behind him as instructed.
I here him undressing.

He comes into my bed and kisses me and starts licking my 40d tits and slowly goes between my legs eating my clothes and sucking on my pussy Lipps.

He then lifts up my legs. I had lubed my pussy well before he arrived so I was ready for his cock. He slowly started sliding his cock into me. I felt my pussy open wide as he slides his entire cock into me and was fucking me slowly at first and then for 40mins he fucked me hard making me cum so many times I can’t count.

I had him lay down and I fucked him for about 20 mins and cummed a few times.

I then sucked on his cock which was mainly his head and licked his shaft and balls and stroked his thick meat for about 15 mins until I felt him explode in my mouth. His cum was very thick and about 3 teaspoons of very thick cum which I swallowed and enjoyed.

At about 735 am he dresses kisses me and leaves saying nothing as I hear him leave our condo.

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    That was hot