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Amy Tale/s – She-Man

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I say, you want me to blind date fuck spend the night in bed with someone? Janet says, yes baby, plllleeeease?

I was spending the night with Janet after work on a Friday. When I got there, Janet feed me, bustled me away to the shower, dried my hair, lotion, massage, kissing, rubbing, and pampered me on the bed. Janet was getting texts on her phone, but she got one that she replied to right away. I said, who was that? Janet said, nobody. I said, why don’t you respond to me right away when I text? Janet said, because I don’t have too.

I lunged for Janet’s phone and we got in a naked wrestling match. I was saying, show me who it is. She was going, no, and pinching and tickling me to get me to stop. Finally, she locked her phone and set it down and we started kissing and biting each other’s lip to assert our dominance. I knew Janet was up to something. Janet got another text, and she went for her phone before I could get it and she ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Janet comes back and sets her phone down and acts normal. Five minutes later she is dragging me out of the bed and down the hall into one of the guest rooms. There are candles going, snacks on top of the mini-fridge, lotions on the nightstand, and Janet had the room looking nice. I noticed the bathroom door was shut and the shower was going. I only thought Max was here tonight, so I asked, who is here Janet? She said, it’s a surprise baby. I said, you are not pimping me out again are you, that better not be Natalie in there wanting to shit on me or something (see Amy Tale/s – Party Time Pt. 2 (Interracial Foursome) and Amy Tale/s – Meet Natalie, for some of Natalie’s kinks)?

Janet goes, no baby, no bodily discharges, I think? I say, what does that mean? Janet says, nothing unusual, I promise baby. The shower stops and Janet knocks on the door and says, we are not ready, I will knock. I hear someone say, okay, but I cannot tell if it is girl or boy. Janet pulls the blanket back, leads me naked into the bed onto the pillows, and she lays down beside me and says, baby, please spend the night with my friend? I said, the whole night? Janet says, yes, they want to pamper and make love to you all night, will you do it?

I say, you want me to blind date fuck spend the night in bed with someone? Janet says, yes baby, plllleeeease? This goes on for a bit, but she convinces me that it is nothing weird like Natalie wanting to do a rolling brownout on me, so I eventually give in. Janet knocks on the bathroom door and says we are ready, and if you haven’t guessed yet, it is Less Than Beautiful (Carla). Apparently, Less Than Beautiful is in love with me. She has been having more lesbian sex with other girls since the first time she did me; but she has been telling Janet that no one feels and tastes like me, and that she is in love with me and my soft body, and pretty looks.

I am going to describe Less Than Beautiful in a little detail if I can from top to bottom. Just picture a lumberjack without the beard. She has black thick head hair that has a curly teased look and hangs a little below her cheeks, and it is sort of parted in the middle (she got the black hair gene in all the areas a body grows hair). Her face is more squared around the jaws and she has bushy black eyebrows, and from less than two feet away in lighting, there are tiny black hairs above her top lip. Not counting her shoulders, her body makes an almost straight line down the sides, with some hip curve, but slight. She is about 5’ 10” tall and big and burly (not fat, just no curves). Her forearms arms have black hairs more than most men I have ever seen, not bushy, just straight and sparse.

Less Than Beautiful’s lower legs (even though she shaves her legs and armpits thank god) shows dark pores where the hair grows, and her feet are big for a girl and not dainty, and no toenail polish, not that it would help. Big thighs, big calves, big arms, shoulders, and big hands and long fingers. She has a wide looking ass but considered with the package, it does not protrude out the side or back that much. Her tits are just there on a chest, and they look like they were formed in a funnel. They start on the chest and taper down to a pointy nipple. The nipples and areola sort of blend in with the tits, but there is some pale pinkish color.

The most defining sexual characteristic when Less Than Beautiful is naked is, her big hairy pussy. It has a large triangle area that looks a foot across the top of the triangle conservatively, but maybe more. Less Than Beautiful does shave the business area of her pussy, but last time, it had a 5 o’clock shadow already. She probably either can’t reach her ass, or doesn’t want too, but she has a hairy asshole, not a bunch, but there are black hairs. Less Than Beautiful’s pussy has a pungent smell like dirty pussy, underarm man sweat body odor, and maybe sweaty feet all mixed. If you linger in her big pussy, the smell seems to act as a pheromone (for only me apparently) drawing you in and you begin to like it. So, getting past the initial smell has a reward of a nice tasting pussy that emits an odor that turns you on, like an aphrodisiac, and her pussy is so different from any girl I have ever went down on.

Less Than Beautiful may like me because I got her off last time eating her pussy. She may have trouble with girls eating her pussy because of the initial smell. Janet leaves the room and shuts the door. Less Than Beautiful is standing naked and I am naked in the bed, and she crawls onto the bed toward me like a bear coming to attack me (I am a little scared). She looks horny as fuck, and she wants to touch and kiss on me all over. Less Than Beautiful starts with my feet and toes kissing and sucking my toes, and she kisses up the inside of my feet and legs, and thighs, and kisses around my pussy and soft light brown pussy hair. She spends some time on my stomach above my c-section scar kissing and rubbing.

Less Than Beautiful moves to my breasts and rubs, kisses, licks, and sucks my supple soft beautiful bouncy boobs for a while. She kisses up my shoulder and neck, across my forehead and cheeks, and small nose and closed eyelids. She moves in and kisses me on the lips, and I relax, and I put my arms around her, and I pull her down to my breasts, and I kiss her real good. She kisses my ears and ear lobes, and I embrace and hold her fondly, and she lays her head down on my shoulder and does not move. After a few minutes, she works her way back down until she is between my thighs. Less Than Beautiful wraps her big arms around my waist and pulls me up against her chest and she is on her knees, and she literally devours my pussy. Less Than Beautiful was gifted with a long tongue that feels like 4 inches of it reaches into your pussy hole, and she can rub the top of your pussy wall with it.

Less Than Beautiful can rub your clit with her top lip, and still manage to tickle your pussy hole just inside with her tongue. My legs are limp and folded down over her arms, and my legs shake slackened with her movement of my body, and her attack on my pussy; I offer no rigidity. I point my red toenails straight and sexy, and she sees it and stops and rubs my foot against her face and kisses my lovely toes and feet. I am her dream girl, she can hold me like this eating my pussy and also rub my stomach and ass, and up and down my legs. She is literally trying to swallow me up in her big arms and mouth, and I am as limp as a rag doll in her arms, the softest substance she has ever felt. I let my body totally relax to increase her pleasure of touching me, as she holds my back against her breasts. I let my soft body merge tenderly with her.

Less Than Beautiful makes me moan and pant and I orgasm, and she continues to softly caress me, and lick up the nectar of my wet pussy she loves so much, and I offer no tension. She wants to do me again, and again, and I let her, and finally she gives a golden effort on my clit for a super climax better than the five before, that has me moaning and panting in pleasure. As I erupt this time, she runs her big, long finger inside my pussy and she stimulates the spot that is so unpredictable, and she will not stop, and I orgasm in succession for over two minutes and I squirt on her mouth and face and she catches most of it with her body as she pulls me off the bed and I am upside down trying not to pass out.

Less than Beautiful rarely talks, and she says, you taste good. She sets me down on my feet and I say, so you liked that? She says, yes, but your ejaculation barely has a taste. It is faintly salty and sweet, to no taste at all. I say, okaaaay. Less Than Beautiful takes me and rinses me in the shower and brings towels back but there is virtually nothing on the bed.

We climb in the bed and she lays on her back, and I 69 her and start to give her pleasure. I encounter her excitement, and the pungent smell is much stronger than before, and I begin to lick, and soon I become high with her strange pussy stink. I don’t know why, like a dog smelling shit I guess, but I want to smell and eat her stinking ass pussy. I press with my whole mouth and work the vastness of her pussy lips, and I zero in on her clit and go to work. She is still eating me, but sweetly as she focuses on my efforts in her pussy. She is used to pleasing other girls, but she has trouble with receiving reciprocation, and for her benefit, I soon remedy that, and she erupts in pleasure. Less Than Beautiful has big thighs and she clasps in upon me, but I continue, and she allows me the space. She experiences a handful of successive tremors, and relaxes back down, and for her further gratification, and for good measure, this time, I kiss in her inner thighs real softly.

I turn my body and move low on hers, and I kiss her thighs some more and work my way across the vastness of her big smelly hairy pussy with my lips kissing. I continue upward across her stomach and stop at her bizarre pointy tits, and I rub and kiss her breasts until I hear her moan some more. I kiss up her shoulder and neck and reach her lips and with much passion make her fill special with a kiss. She embraces me so tightly, and I melt in her arms and she wants to hold me so exquisitely. Less Than Beautiful turns to her side and gathers the back of me against her and caresses my soft breasts and we both fall asleep. There were no other words spoken after she remarked on my ejaculation. Less Than Beautiful woke me several times rubbing me, putting lotion on me, kissing on me, and giving me pleasure. I allowed her to fulfill her desires with as much of me as she wanted all night. I pleasured her again in the night, and she would rest and hold me tight, and I am sure when we parted in the morning she went home and cried.

I did not talk about it with Janet. It was for Less Than Beautiful alone I did what I did, and I am sure I have not seen the last of her. She is not attractive, but what turns you on about her is below the surface. Her pussy is intoxicating when you get past the shock of the smell, and she has such and gifted technique with oral pleasure on a pussy. I am sure that I have probably got her best effort and sweetest, and I am glad I can be more than her wet dream.

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