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Licked by my german shepherd

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When I was 11 I lived in a nice neighborhood, but not in the sense that you wouldn’t get things stolen. Our neighbors seemed kind and we had no unlit streets, but every now and then a package would be taken before we got to it. One time my mom’s bike was stolen. It was because of this that I kept my bike in my closet. I know it sounds like an odd choice but I had a very spacious closet and a clean bike.

One day after biking home I was bringing my bike into the house. I was very hot from the long walk so I switched from jeans to a short skirt. I let my german shepherd, Ace, out of the doggy gate in the kitchen entrance and started to bring my bike into my room. As I started to open the closet, holding my bike with one hand, I tripped and fell over my bike. I had fallen to the right, so that my right leg was trapped under the bike and my left was on too. When pushing myself up, I found my left shoelace had become stuck in the gears and I wasn’t able to get up.

Ace walked over to me curiously, sniffed my bare knees (which had gotten a bit scratched up by the bike), and got in my way. I realized I couldn’t get up and my mom wouldn’t be home to help me until tomorrow, so I’d have to get out myself. At some point I managed to pull my right leg out from under the bike, but I couldn’t untangle my left shoe, so that I was on my hands and knees.

Ace started to sniff more aggressively, this time under my skirt. My underwear clung to my vagina from my bike ride, and he nudged his nose into them.
“Ace! No!” I reached out clumsily with my left arm to push him off, but it made me fall even more and excite him.

I soon realized I was totally trapped. My skirt had been pushed up my stomach so that my ass with only underwear on was pushed into the air. Ace was licked my underwear. His tongue was textured and warm, and very very wet.
“Stop it Ace! Off!” But he ignored me.
Ace started to paw at my thighs and ass, then tried to get on top of me. I wiggled my ass to throw him off, and it made him even more aggressive. He got fully on top if me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I couldn’t get with my trapped leg. With an enormous dog on top of me and one useless leg, I was powerless. I was just thankful my underwear were still on.

Unfortunately for me, Ace was a smart dog, and as he started to hump me he found he couldn’t touch anything but cotton. He got off and licked me again. His big, warm tongue rubbed all the way up my vagina, and I let out an involuntary moan. I’m guessing he knew he had to get my underwear off, so he bit them.
“Ow! Bad dog!”
In some way, he managed to pull them down to my thighs. He ran his tongue up my vagina, and parts of it went in. I shivered and again waved my ass to discourage him. It did exactly the opposite. He continued lapping loudly at my vagina. It was so warm, and it felt electric. It kept going all the way up and down my pussy, first it’s tip licked my moist insides, almost going inside of me in some places. It went quickly through my lips because of how wet I was from sweat. Then it made its way up, running up my clit wetly, making me shudder and shiver. I moaned so loudly, and so hard. I breathed heavily, tensing up my stomach with pleasure. And again, his tongue was so hot! But licking up all of my juices wasn’t enough for him.

He jumped on top of me and his big arms went fully around my flat stomach. He was so strong and his claws were scraping me from how strong his grip was.

Again, he started to hump. My vagina was wet with moisture from the bike ride and saliva from his pink tongue. I bent my head down and saw his cock. Ace’s red cock was massive, and it was dripping in pre cum. I couldn’t let him get it in me. I tried to push him off with my ass, and he loved it. His wet cock was brushing against my pussy, going up and down many times and drenching my ass and vagina in his liquid, until it went in. I gasped for air. It was very warm and once he got it inside of me he became even more excited. I tried to get him off once more, and his cock went deeper into me. It was so long, and so hard. I could feel how wet and hot it was. I hated what he was doing, but it still felt good. I continued, over and over to push into his dick, hoping in some way it could push him off and not in. I looked down again to see his enormous balls hitting the outside of my vagina. Pre-cum was dripping down and making a pool on the hardwood floor. He thrust into me over and over, and I could feel him getting deeper and deeper as his cock got larger.

He just continued, hot liquid pumping into me and dripping out of me and onto my skin and the floor, as I screamed and gasped. The outside of my vagina was drenched, as well as my stomach where his pre cum had ran down. All of that warm liquid made it easy for him to ram into me quickly, going in and out so fast. My clit was tingling from his rough tongue lapping at it and it was very wet with his and my juices. Before he did, I started orgasming. I shuddered so hard, tremors making my legs and my body shake violently. As I shook so much it was almost convulsing he kept fucking me hard and at the same fast place, my legs now wet and hot with pre cum and my entire lower half. The hotness of his liquid and his persistent thrusting made my many constant orgasms even more violent. I was moaning over and over very high pitched and very quickly, breathing and gasping loudly. Finally he finished and I didn’t experience what some of you describe as his knot. I think a human pussy is much different from a dog pussy and can’t be knotted the same way, or at least Ace’s red penis didn’t knot me. He pulled out of me, cum now unloaded into my insides and spilling out quickly. He sniffed me again, licking my clit. I collapsed from exhaustion and pleasure, but it was painful because my foot and shoelaces were still stuck in my bike gears. As I lay on my side I could hear his tongue licking up my juice and then he continued licking me. I didn’t even fight it anymore.

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      Wow! Did you know you were gonna do it before you went to sit?

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