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Amy Tale/s – SB-04 (Delicacy of Queens’)

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Paige leans in again to Less Than Beautiful’s pussy and sits back up and says, it smells like that even after you clean it?

It is Sunday around 4pm and Aunt Bethany has been gone for about an hour. I am lounging on the couch in a nightie and Janet has fixed us a couple of cosmopolitans. Ken, Greg, Ethan, Emma, and Clair decided they wanted some more sex, so they have disappeared in a room having an orgy. I think Carla (aka Less Than Beautiful) is drinking straight bourbon, and she is staring at me with love in her eyes.

Paige darts in naked and jumps in my lap and puts her arms around my neck. I tell her I am not 16, and she cannot treat me like a jungle gym. Paige runs her hands into the back of my hair and pulls my head against the couch. She kisses my neck and mouth and says, I want to try that big black cock. I pull my head forward and say, darling, Greg’s 9” cock was almost more than you could handle, and Ethan is 3 inches longer and thicker than Greg.

Paige says okay, but I want to fuck a nigger, I never have, and I know you fucked that nigger’s cock, haven’t you? I said, just say black darling, I don’t like using that word, okay? Paige says, okay, but do you know more black guys? I answer, one or two; but what happens when you meet a guy and want to get married and you are so fucked up, you cannot be happy with one person? Paige bounces in my lap and says, I am not getting married; fuck, my mom has done it three times and she is not happy unless she is fucking other people. I am going to find me an open-minded rich guy like you and indulge myself. I pitied this girl for making me her role model.

I look beside me at Janet, and she is smiling at me; Janet not only loves virgin territory, but Paige is a monster in the making with the potential to outdo us. I say to Paige, big black cock is a delicacy of queens’ and you are still in the princess stage. Paige says, I really want to fuck a black guy. I want to see what it is like. I say, I know one guy with a cock about Greg’s size and another that has a cock about an inch longer and thicker. Paige says, I want the bigger nigger, will you hook me up? I say, I told you not to say that. I look at Janet and she is slowly nodding her head, yes, and smiling. I tell Paige to go find my phone and she trots her naked ass over to the counter and gets it. I ask her, are you going to put some clothes on? Paige says, I like walking around naked, please don’t make me dress, Ken and Greg have already seen me now.

Frankly, I kind of liked watching her run around naked, she has a tight little body, and her curves are going to fill in more in the next few years (she is going to look a lot like Janet, like a model). Watching Paige’s firm C tits and hairy little pussy was nice. Courtney sent me a text wanting to come over, but I don’t think that is good today, so I tell her I have guests from out of town. I tell Paige, we will see about your black cock fantasy next weekend, okay, but we have to work this week. Paige says, okay. Janet says, she needs to go, she has had enough fun for today. I ask, didn’t Carla ride with you? Janet looks at me smiling and says, no baby, she followed me, game on my Queen. I roll my eyes at her and she kisses me goodbye.

I order some food, and Carla is staring at me more and getting drunk. I liked what she did with Bethany, but now I think Carla feels I owe her. How can a lesbian feel you owe them for letting them eat nice pussy? There is more of a debt for other girls eating Carla’s smelly pussy. I am going to half to eat her rank pussy tonight before she will leave. Paige plops her naked ass on the couch and lays her head in my lap and I start playing with her hair and looking at my phone.

Time passes and the doorbell rings and Paige runs for the door naked and I say, wait, but she opens it. I can’t fucking believe it, but it is the same damn delivery girl that saw Courtney naked [see Amy Tale/s – Mistress]. It was just a coincidence that I called this place. This girl is watching Paige and I just think, fuck it! I say to Paige, get her a tip out of my purse. The delivery girl is probably 18-20, and she states, when I saw this order, I made sure it was me that brought it, this is my favorite stop. Paige gives the girl the tip and jumps around her neck, and she French kisses her, and she grabs the delivery girl’s hand, and she rubs it up into her pussy and says, thank you. The delivery girl fingers Paige for a moment, and then she smells her stinky pinky and sucks it and says, thank you.

I don’t want to encourage her, so I just let the delivery girl leave without finding out anything about her. I know for sure where she works now, and I can only imagine the rumors. We eat, the orgy crowd breaks up and eats, and after some bathroom breaks, I am looking at Carla again and thinking charity fuck. Ken and Greg are on the game console, and Paige is just streaking around and investigating everything. Clair says she is spending the night with Greg here. Now I need to take care of my pussy eating chore or Carla will not leave. Carla hardly talks at all, she waits. So, I stand up, and I say, come on Carla, lets fuck. You don’t have to tell her twice, and I only have one guest room that is not soiled with fucking because Clair and Greg live in the fourth bedroom part-time, and I don’t want stinky pussy on my bed.

I just collapse on the bed and say, have your way with me. Carla takes her clothes off. Carla undresses me and starts kissing me all over from head to toe, and I just close my eyes and dream of Jeanie. Paige runs her naked ass into the bedroom and says, miss Amy, was you going to leave me out? I said, no darling, but Carla really wants to fuck me. Paige says, wow, that is a big hairy pussy. Carla turns me in a way where she is on her side, but my back is to her and I am on my side. For instance, if the three of us were to daisy chain, I would be facing the wrong way. The advantage to this position is that Carla’s pussy eating technique is still effective, where she rubs your clit with her top lip and lick’s the inside of your pussy hole with her long ass tongue.

Paige says, girl you almost have to be a lesbian, don’t you? Carla just ignores Paige and enjoys my pussy. Paige fingers Carla, and she leans in to eat her and pulls back and says, damn girl you smell strong. Paige asks me, do you eat her? I say, yes, in fact, I am about the only one. Paige leans in again to Less Than Beautiful’s pussy and sits back up and says, it smells like that even after you clean it? I shake my head in secondhand embarrassment and I say, yes, and I tell Carla I am sorry. I tell Paige, it’s like this darling, it is another delicacy of queens’, you acquire the taste. Paige dives in and starts eating Carla’s pungent cunt, and I mean serious pussy eating. I start getting excited because Carla is doing me hard, and I am watching Paige, and she does not seem to mind the smell. Five minutes, and I get off and grab Carla’s head as she rubs my whole body with her bigger than man hands.

Carla falls flat on her back and Paige spins into a 69, and Carla starts eating Paige. Paige is working hard on Carla’s clit, and 10 minutes later; Carla has an orgasm. A few minutes after that Paige gets off. Paige comes over to me and I say, what did you think? Paige says, her pussy stinks, but I don’t know, the more I ate it, the more I liked it for some reason. I grabbed Paige and kissed her and said, you are Royal blood. I told Paige that none of the other girl’s would really go down on Carla. Paige said, at first, I did not want to because it stinks, but I thought, if you did it, I should at least try it.

I told Carla, looks like you can fall in love with another girl now. Paige says, oh I don’t want to date you, but I don’t mind eating your pussy; I kind of liked it, it was so different than the other girls. We went a few more times and I did eat Carla too. Carla just needed her Amy fix, and after she got it, she left.

Me and Paige took a shower, and I went back in the living room and talked with Clair and Paige ran in naked and jumped in between us. I went to bed and slept naked with Paige in between me and Clair, and she was in naked girl heaven rubbing us until I fell asleep. We get up Monday morning, eat, get ready, and it is off to work with my 16-year-old apprentice at the department store.

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