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Mi little sister

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when I was 17 and my sister was 12 she was slim and we had already played with sitting on my hard cock and she would say what’s that and I would say sit down but up until then it was all with clothes on both me and her and it was like that for a couple of years until I was 16 and one day when I was looking at the pictures on a camera we had. I found some very hot pictures in a camera we had of her sucking a paddle and with a very short skirt from there on I said I have to fuck her and it did not happen until one day I arrived at night a little drunk I saw the door of her room a little open and I turned on the cell phone to see and I found her in her room and I found her with a very short skirt. I took out my penis and put it in her hand and masturbated a little bit with it then I passed it over her lips and then I went to her ass I climbed on top of her I pulled down her shorts and tried to get inside her it was very tight and it was very tight. It was very tight and the more I pushed the more she moved the more I was afraid of waking her up and when I was about to come I stopped and pulled up her shorts and went to my room and finished after that I tried one more night but that will be for another story.

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  • Reply Anton

    How lucky 🙂

  • Reply Tj

    That’s hot email me at [email protected], I loved fucking my brother all the time until he moved away, it started when I was 22 him 9

  • Reply Johnny

    Did you ever get to fuck her pussy?
    Asking because I popped my 13 year d sister’s virginity. Since then she turned into a nymp.
    She has pulled trains with my friends.
    One weekend she got fucked 45 times.
    Next day she was walking funny, mom asked her what was wrong, she said she had bad cramps.

    • AP

      Pretty close to how my sister turned, except her cherry had been popped about four months before. She would do most anything and any one after that. She got off on hard sex and getting ganged. It was hot to see as she got more & more extreme.

    • Jack rubi


    • Hornydom23

      Damn I’d love to hear more about that. Email me [email protected]

  • Reply peter

    I am sure your sister wont say no to fuck her go ahead.

    • Jack rubi



    Keep going do part 2

  • Reply Jack rubi

    Mi mail [email protected]