The innocent girls secret desire

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A boss girl who is always busy, found a hot paramedic on a party and had the sex of her life.

She was laying on the sofa right after her morning routine, soft chilling, musik was playing while she was answering her Emails. Her company blew up in the past 2 years and she was occupied with work, sometimes working more then 12 hours a day. Her apparment was big with many rooms, Although she had an extra room for work she always did her emails on the pastel blue sofa with a big cup of coffee next to her. She was an avid coffee lover and her morning wouldnt start without one. All of a sudden her phone rang, its her friend Ela.
Ela and Stacy were friends since a long time. Ela was a party girl. The total oposide of Stacy. While Stacy had to work for everything she has now, Ela was born in a rich family. Her dad owned a big newspaper publisher so ela never really knew the meaning of money and was happy to spend as much as she can.
Stacy picks up the call and gets greeted with a loud high pitch“ BITCH are you ready to go to Mikes Birthday party tonight?´´
Stacy answerd in a little bit of an annoyed tone “ I dont know Im busy with work ill text you later today if I can make it´´
Ela “ oh come on party pooper you know i have a Crush on Mike since years and I dont wanna show up alone, I need my girl to back me up and tell everyone how amazing i am (giggeling)´´.
But she liked ela a lot so she just answerd with an a shot “ I will see, but now i got to go I need to get to the office´´
She hung up the call and stood up from her sofa, getting on her way to the shower. Closing the door and taking of her black silki sleeping robe and revealing her nacked body. Her body was beyong gorgeous. It had the shape of an hour glass, her boobs being 85b followed buy a curve and then down to nice waistline. Her pussy looked like god himself sculped it. Perfectly shaved, You could say it is every mans dream to even get close to something this wonderfull. And her nice big round ass completed the whole package of a body just made to make mens head turn on the street.Getting in the shower turning on the water and starting to sope up those curves, stacy started to feel a sudden presure in her pussy, her mind came up the last time she had sex. It was quite a while ago cause she is a busy woman and she doesnt have lots of time messing around with other men. She slowly felt how her pussy started getting wet and just needed to releave the pressure. Slowly starting to touch her clit and moving her fingers in circling motion, starting to moan while doing it herself and thinking about the last time she felt a penis in her. Also twisting the nippels of her beautiful breasts. As she continued doing it her bathroom got more and more steamed from the shower. Slowly she came to an orgasm rubbing her clit faster and faster and moaning louder and louder, until the sudden releave of an orgasm came over her body and her mind started clearing again. Washing the sope of her body and getting out of the shower, Stacy stared to dry of her body with a towel and proceeds to go to the badroom to dress.
She puts on her black Nylon pantyhose, a black skirt that end right past her knees, and a white buttonup shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Black shying heels.
Arriving at work the first thing Stacy saw was her desk full with paperwork and files, While working Ela was bombarding her phone with texts about how much she wants to go to the party with Stacy, so she just gave in and said she will come. After work Ela picked her up with a new 911 Porsche.They drove to the Party of Mike, Mike is the same kind of person like Ela. Money,parties,and girls where his world. Mommy and Daddy are rich so why save up money thats anyways not yours.
As they got out of the car Ela Imediatly took Stacy’s hand and ran over to Mike .
“Hey there are you two, I was hoping you would come´´ said Mike in a cocky way
Ela answerd in a flirty tone “ Oh Mikey I would never miss the Bday party of such a handsome guy´´
Just as Stacy wanted to thank Mike for the invitation she was interuppted by a loud approching noice. An Motorcycle was coming closer to the house and stoped right infont.
Mike said in an excited tone “ There he is´´
With that he ment his best friend George, when you looked at him you got the definition of out of place. While everyone was wearing Suites From Loui V he came in a black leatherjacket, a white Tshirt,ripped jeans, and black biker boots.
Ela told Stacy they should go grab something to drink and of course while doing so, she posted countless Instagram stories.

The party was going on and Ela got more and more drunk while Stacy was just a little tipsy from the 3 glasses Mojito. All of a sudden her phone rings its her assitent Maria, of course something went wrong at work. So she went to the front of the house where the music wasnt so loud and talked with Maria.
She started to get nervouse, Stacy was a little arogant and didnt like it when her employees dont work her way. After hanging up she heared a deep voice behind her asking “ Troubles at work?´´
She turned around and saw George standing behind her with a cigarette in his mouth.He took out the package of cigarettes and offered her one. Altough she doesnt smoke very often she took one to relax her mind.
“What can I say its not easy to run your own company´´ Stacy said in an arrogant tone while rolling her eyes. “What do you work?´´ she asked him.
George replied while looking in her eyes with a sharp and quick “ Paramedic´´.
He gave her a little smile and said “Im George pleasure to meet you´´
Stacy looked at him and instandly saw something about him that just pulled her in. She answered with “ Stacy, the pleasure is all mine, but my friend is waiting for me so, got to go“
She walked past him and smelled the most manly colonge ever. Back at the party she was looking for Ela but she couldnt find her anywhere, Stacy looked around and saw George again. Her arogant way would forbit her to go talk with him, after she just pulled back from his attempt to flirt with her, but his looks and his beheavior pulled her close to him and excited her in a way she never felt. He was just sitting there annyoed cause all those rich people would look down on him and Mike was nowhere to be found. Stacy went to him and stared a conversation. They where talking for a little and Stacy got more and more turned on by him. After some time he grabed her hand and ran his fingers on her face, telling her “ Lets get out of here my place isn’t far´´ They got on his bike and went to his appartment, being just a normal paramedic his appartment was far from being as big as Stacy´s. She sat down on the couch while he went in the kitchen and made her a glass of Jack and Coke. “ Thats the closes thing to fancy i have´´ he said.
Stacy couldn’t stop thinking of him being naked, cause she could see from the clothes that he is good builded and could fuck her good.
She was dripping wet thinking of him pushing his cock inside her. After they cheered their drink to meeting eachother, George put his hand on her tigh she felt the cool metal of his rings and it gave her chills all over her body. Her pussy got even more wet and her nipples got hard. All she could think of was his hard cock in all her holes.He grabbed her and took her to the kitchen table, while she was hugging his waist with her legs and started to kiss him like she would hate him. He placed her on the table and stared kissing her neck, while she was moaning.His hands ripped open her shirt, exposing her hard nipples. While she grabbed him and went on her knees and slowly opened his ripped jeans to suck his hard cock.She was shocked by the size of his dick, never did she even dream of such a hot cock. George grabbed the back of her head and stared mouthfucking her, she could barly breathe, but she loved the way he used her mouth like a men.
Stacy started gagging and the more she gagged the more it turned both on, George then continued to pick her up and turned her around so her big ass is facecing him. He then pulled off her skirt and the pantyhose, he slapped her bare ass hard with his hand, then he pulled her hair and whispered into her ear“I will make sure you forget all the frustration of work ´´He then went behind her with his fist still full of her hair, and shoved his rock hard dick all the way in her wet pussy. Stacy wasnt able to say anything the way he just said that and how he just grabbed her hair left her speachless, and also that big cock in her made her unable to think about anything else then her secret desire of being fucked like a whore. George was fucking her like an animal, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. Stacy was moaning in extasy of his hard cock streaching her tight wet almost unused pussy out.
He pulled her on her hair and trew her on the couch, smiling at her in a way only the devil could smile. He slapped her hard in the face and told her she is his property now, Stacy was shocked. How could a paramedic, a person who job is to save lifes and help people be such a animal in bed. It didnt bother her it made her only more horny, he fucked her in a way she only saw in porn and she just dreamed of being fucked like a whore. He grabbed her throat and chocked her while keep on fucking her so hard and deep she didnt know if it too painfull of too much pleasure. Stacy didnt moan anymore, she was just screaming. His dick being so big and fucking her so deep and fast, he slapped her again in the face even harder then last time. he grabbed her hips and turned her around. she was again in doggy and expecting him to enter her pussy any second again.He reached in his drawer and took out a bottle of lube, grabbin her hair again and pulling her head back and said in the most evil tone ever “ Now you just stay like that and be a good girl for your owner´´.He spilled some lube on her asshole and then on his dick. Stacy was terrified and scared, she never had anal and she didnt plan to had the first time with such a huge cock.
“I dont know if this is a good idea´´ she said.
George just slaped her ass as hard as he could and left a mark in the shape of his hand on her ass, That was what she wanted. A men who puts her in her place and takes her the way he wants. He shoved his dick inside her, first slowly while holdin her hips. Stacy almost couldnt handle the pain, she felt like his dick rippes her open. But she loved it. He then went harder and stonger and reached with his hand around her to rub her clit while fucking her tight ass and streaching it out. Stacy couldnt help it anymore and came. Her whole body was shaking and she was screaming from the bottom of her lungs. Never did she think she will find him on that party. The men she always wanted in bed, the man who is a good person for the world, but fuckes her in bed like a cheap whore. Thats all she ever dreamed of and all she ever wanted. He then pulled out and shot his cum all over her face, he came so much it almost coverd her whole face. To impress him she pushed the cum with her fingers down in her mouth and swallowed it, they then drank a little more and went to bed. The next morning Ela called Stacy telling her that she gave Mike a blow job, Stacy wasnt jealous at all, she got fucked better then Ela will probably ever be. But she didnt tell her.
” OMG thats so good for you, I called an Uber and went home, I was done” she told her.
She didnt wanted anyone to know what happen, she didnt wanted that anyone knows her secret little desire.

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