Taken advantage – Part 3

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I was in big trouble now. I was thinking that I am been used and everything has happened but still there is a big trouble. I had no one to share the problem. I spend 2 3 days thinking what to do and whom to contact. In the end I had no options left except to Richi. I decided to give my body to him and earn the money to pay off and then I will change my house and everything. Next day I went to him. We sat in the room next to department store. Richi was staring me like I was naked I front of him. I said I have a problem and if u can give me 3000$ I u can do whatever u want with me. I had no words to say to him. Then he said any thing. I said yes but only for 2 weeks. He said ok I will pay u but remember u said anything. I didn’t know y he was forcing on anything. I had no 2nd option. He gave me 3000$ on the spot and said what about now. I just bluffed him that my son I waiting for me some other time. So he said u have to come with me to the disco tonight. I said y to the disco?? He said I paid u and it’s my wish. I said ok fi9. I went direct to the office submitted the money and was relieved that at last I am saved from legal trouble. But now I was Richi’s slave.
I went to the store that night. Richi say me and said what r u wearing. I was wearing jeans shirt. He said come in I will give u a dress. I went inside. He told me to get naked. I started taking of my cloths. I was in bra and panty. He came forward and removed my bra and panty. Then he gave me a skirt which was small just covering my ass. And thong panty. Then he came behind me and started pressing my boobs and rubbing his dick on my ass. I wanted to remove his hands and just run away but I could not as I was bound. Then he gave me a beer and told me drink it. I had it once before. Then I headed to the disco. As we entered the atmosphere was hot. Everyone was high and dancing. We took a sofa and sat there. I was looking at the stares of guys. Then suddenly I saw my friend with her husband and 2 more couples. She saw me but was ignoring me. I just started drinking beer. Richi started rubbing my thigh. I was removing his hand. He said its ok everyone is busy. There where couples kissing and feeling each other. As my friend was there I was hesitant. Then I and Richi started dancing and he was pulling me and dancing. While dancing I felt fingers pressing my ass. Then we went back to the sofa. Richi gave me a kiss and went to bring beer. I then mean while I saw my friend who was not looking good. Was been carried by the other 2 guys and was been taken some where backside and her husband was busy in pressing boobs of the other 2 girls. There was something wrong. I went and followed them. She was not able to walk properly. She was wearing a knee length skirt. It was a corridor. There was no one there. Then placed her on the sofa and started undressing. She was totally unconscious. She was resisting but they where to low. Then they started undressing her. Then removed her skirt and then her panty. She was resisting but all was in vain. One guy caught her hands and the other guys started making movie with a mobile cam. She was trying to get free. Then One guy spreaded her legs wide and started licking her. He was moaning and shouting. Other guy was forcing her to kiss. Her resistance was very low as she was looking drunk too. The guy licking her pussy got up and inserted his dick. She shouted in pain. She was shouting in pain. The other guy was giving his cock in her mouth but she was resisting. Then Richi came from behind. He asked what r u watching. I said she is my friend. He said waaaaooohhh what a girl. Come on lets go there. I said no plz… no… He caught my hand and pulled me over there. The 2 man stood straight. My friend was in tears and weeping in pain. One guy asked watz the matter. Richi said if u allow me fuck this lady, you both can fuck Shilpa. I said no way and tried to get free. Those guys said not a bad idea and caught me. Richi left me and caught my friend. Those guys where animals. They just pulled my shirt and panty down. I was also quite high with alcohol. They laid me down and just gave his raw dick inside me. He was going hard. My hands where caught by other guy and he was biting my boobs. I saw Richi fucking my friend vigourously. Her legs where high in the air. Then the guys changed position and made fucked me in doggy style. His dick was big and was hitting my inner wall. My tears where almost out. After about 15 mins he cummed inside me. I just lay on the floor. Richi had already cummed over Shalini my friend. Then one guy spreaded Shalini’s ass and inserted his dick. She shouted in pain but her mouth was closed and her hands where caught. She was in great pain. Then after 5 mins of unbearable ass fuck he cummed inside her ass. Then guys got dressed and Richi told me to dress also. Shalini was unconscious and was weeping. Then Richi took me outside. The other guys where out of sight. Then I saw Shalini’s husband sleeping on the sofa and those girls where also not there. Then Richi brought me back home. While going back Richi said to give him a blowjob. I tried my best but was unable. He got furious and took me to the back seat and started fucking me. He took almost 30mins to cum. Then I came back home and slept thinking of my friend that what would have happened with them. Next morning I woke up. I was having breakfast as my ph rung. It was Shalini…….

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    I feel sorry for your friend Shalini even though she judged you without knowing all the facts even so she still don’t deserve it and neither did you although you appears to like being taken advantage of. Seek and you shall find.