A Christmas Carol

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Ebenezer gets a visitor to his office, and she stay’s a long time

Good morning Mr Scrooge, I’m Bob Cratchits daughter Carol my father is poorly this morning and as sent me to apologise. The wrinkled old man looked the young girl up and down, he new she was eighteen from his employment papers, fuck she looked good bright blue eyes juicy red lips and what a pair of tits she must be DD looked just great for a good tit wank.

Humbug was his reply, more than likely too drunk with all that Christmas booze again humbug. Well young lady your just going to have to take his place for the day. She looked at him aghast, don’t fucking stand there looking at me girl, get the fires lit and stoked up, then we can test out your maths young lady.

All that coal better be worth it thought the old skinflint as he eyed up the girls arse as she bent over the old cast iron fireplace. Forty minutes later Carol sat at the high desk normally used by her Father, she was trying to be most careful she new what a temper Mr Scrooge had.

Two hours later, he reluctantly dug out two coins from his purse and sent the girl for two bowls of hot punch from the Pigs Head. While she was away he looked at her books they looked good very good, he took up the old quill dipping it into the ink two strokes and she’d lost two guinea’s. That will sort that young lady out.

An hour later Carol was stood in front of the old misers desk, look, look he was pointing out the error on the books….two guinea’s no choice that much money it’s Bob that will pay young lady
It’s a new clerk I will be needing after this. I don’t understand sir, I checked it twice….HUMBUG checked it look girl look, he’ll pay with his job he screamed. No sir please I’ll do anything.

He smiled inwardly, he had her. I hope that ghost doesn’t come back to haunt you Carol now come back to the rear room. He led the way with his tiny candle, Carol couldn’t see his hand down his trousers playing with a hardening cock. The candle didn’t show the full room, the tiny truckle bed yes, but the chains and hooks and large wooden frame weren’t visible.

Now young lady lets find out what your kind of ANYTHING means, remove your top…..but I….REMOVE YOU TOP…. do you want your father to loose his job…no I didn’t think I’d have to do this, her shaking fingers undid her top releasing her unfettered tits. They were big and firm, the nipples in this cool room were standing out for a full two inches from her massive white globes. Play with them, yes bounce them, pull those nipples.

His pants were now round his ankles, Carol living in such a tiny home had seen her younger brothers and her father’s cocks when they’d queued for the weekly tin bath but they weren’t like this. She couldn’t take her eyes from it, hanging semi hard between his legs fully nine inches long and growing, a hairy ball sack hanging low bigger than mothers Christmas faggots.

Now the skirt Carol, this time there was no hesitation her finger were quicker and defter, they shook this time with pure excitement. Scrooge could see the effect on her looking in her eyes, and he could also see by looking at her ripe virginal cunt, lips showing signs of swelling and wetness. He thought back to old Mr ripple’s wife his last fuck, such a pity he’d had to send them to debtors prison, he’d loved opening her arsehole and filling her bowels with hot seed.

He indicated for her to turn round, no girl slowly lets have a good look at you, that’s it yes stay there, now spread you legs, wider and bend. Her ripe hairy cunt and puckered arse came into view, wonderful now come over to me.
He’d pulled up a rickety wooden chair and sat with his scrawny legs spread wide proudly showing his 12 inch piece of cock meat….kneel girl you like the look of my dick I see, touch it play with it, play with old Ebenezer’s knob and balls. She weighed his ball sack squeezing gently, then she tried to get her hand round his fat prick…he laughed you’ll need two hand fully 7 inches round girl… rub it on those big tits of yours.

Pre-cum was pouring from his big mushroom head, he never said anything she wiped him all over her tits her nipples grew even more and her globes glistened with his wetness. Then she bent her head and kissed the tip her tongue snaked out tasting him…suck it girl that big old cock needs a good sucking… her tongue went the full length from balls to bell end, then again, she was teasing him, her teeth nibbled at his large heavy balls stretching the skin biting him hard… then she rose on her knee’s above his rock hard prick her mouth as wide as it would go she sank it over him, taking the first four inches.

She bobbed she gagged and bobbed some more her tongue was investigating under his foreskin, tasting him enjoying wanting every single inch she didn’t really know what to do but she could see he enjoyed it. While Scrooge just sat head back eyes closed loving the Cratchit girl. Her throat ached ten inches pushing to get into her gullet, then she felt it getting harder how she thought, then jet after jet of hot spunk was shooting into her mouth and throat…..don’t swallow yet girl want to see you mouth full of my sperm…..she smiled up at him mouth wide open spunk dripping from her lower lip over her tits…..now suck it harder keep me good and clean and hard.

While she sucked he started on her big tits, squeezing her fat mounds pulling on the red hard nipples, rubbing in his own spunk loving her attentions. Now girly it’s your turn, one knee on the bed the other stretched as far as possible to one side…..yes good now hands on your cheeks spread yourself wide…wider, wider. He was behind her his nose at her arsehole…musky almost ripe while her cunt hairs held the scent of sweat and piss, then he was lapping at her devouring her telling her how filthy she smelt and tasted…you love a tongue up your arsehole girl I’m going to have fun fucking your dirty holes.

Carol loved it she didn’t care that he was a filthy old man, ever since she had seen her mother getting fucked by father she’d wanted the same, she’d watched them many times through the thin curtain separating their rooms. Know it was her turn and she’d do anything for that big cock, she could hear herself begging for more…lick my muff, lick my dirty holes…..she was forcing herself back into him, he was having trouble she was so wet dribbling all over his face.

He stood up knowing it was time, he moved her so her arse was high in the air taking his meat in his hands he didn’t have to apply to much pressure for a virgin the entry was so easy, the girl was almost pissing her juices over his massive dick, 6,7,8 inches then he slowed allowing her to relax. Yes more oh yes so good, he took his chance pushing forward every last inch entered her willing twat he watched himself fucking her, he watch her pink anus breathing as he entered and then pulled back. He listened to her needs, begging to be fucked using the language of the gutter. He started to tell her what she had become and how he was going to use her.

For forty minutes he fucked her, he fingered her bum hole often enlarging it with no complaints from his employee’s daughter. He threw her on her back and fucked her more ordering her to do things…squeeze my balls, wet your finger and stick it up my arsehole….yes right up, harder…he was cumming and so was his new slut for what must have been the sixth time, and still wanting more. She loved Ebenezer filling her cunt feeling his hot juices flooding her pussy.

She once again without being asked sucked his big softening dick clean, she new he was spent but wanted to please. After a few moments he spoke, you can go home for your Christmas now girl. Tell Bob I wish you to cook and clean my apartments each evening, I will raise his wages and also pay you well…..I intend to look after his family and help tiny Tim…but mostly I will be fucking you and like always helping myself…….. All this was acheived without the aid of one GHOST.

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