My Mothers New Husband, Mr Honeywell

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My Mother and I get caught in a storm, and I learn what lesbian sex is

Mothers life with her new husband Mr Honeywell was one of two halfs, when he was home she told me one day when we were picking wild flowers in the fields behind the house that she felt she was just there for his amusement , but when he and his son left for the city each day my Mother and I went from being Mother and Daughter to almost Sisters, we would tell each other our secrets and as the days past Mother started to tell me more about her relationships with Mr Honeywell.
She needed not have bothered, I heard just about everything that went on in his bedroom, and her bedroom in the morning, the one thing about Mr.Honeywell was he did just about everything in his life at the same time every day.
His day was so predictable it was ridiculous, I would hear him knock on my Mother’s bedroom door at 6.30 am Monday through Saturday mornings, I would hear her say ” come in ” and five minutes later I would hear the bed squeaking when he would start having sex with her, then ten minutes later I would hear her start to squeal ,beg and then scream in that order as I later learned was Mr Honeywell pushing my Mothers ankles further and further over her head, while he pushed his cock further and further into her cunt.
Mother told me she had learned very quickly the more she begged for mercy and the more she squealed and screamed the quicker Mr Honeywell would cum, which meant the sooner he finished pumping his seed into her , then the quicker he pulled his cock out, , and quiet simply left, leaving her with a slightly bruised cervix and around 11 hours of the day to spend with me.
Mr Honeywell had two women that came in each day to clean, do the laundry, make the beds etc, and a woman that came in each afternoon to cook dinner, which basically left my Mother with nothing to do all day.
Mr Honeywells carriage arrived at 7.30 am to take him to the station, where him and his son George Jnr., would take the train to London arriving by 8.am, they would be in their office by 8.30, have lunch at noon, and then catch the 5pm train home, arriving back at the house in the carriage by 6pm in time for drinks before dinner.
Mother had married Mr.Honeywell in May so her and I had all summer to wonder the lanes and fields ,visit the village shops , chit chat with the folks that lived in the village where we now lived just outside of London.
One day when the sun shone very brightly Mother and I had been picking cherries from a local farmers orchard and we were laying in the hot midday sun eating the sweet fruit. I was laying on my back holding a cherry by the stalk with my mouth open when my Mother turned to say something to me and started to laugh. ” What are you doing Elizabeth” she said laughing, you look like your and she stopped and laughed again.
I looked at her laying next to me and I said “do I look like I am going to suck a cock” and she said
” Elizabeth don’t talk like that ” and she slapped my arm softly, but she was laughing at the same time . “Mother tell me the truth” I said, and she said “darling I always do”, and I said “ssshhhh, tell me what’s it like when a man puts his thing in your mouth.” ” ELIZABETH “she said pretending to be angry ” don’t mention such things, nice women don’t do that sort of thing” she said.
I rolled over and climbed onto my Mothers stomach, ,pulling my skirt up I knelt over her chest and she started laughing, I held a cherry by the stalk over her mouth, ” open your mouth Mother ” I said, “here comes Mr.Honeywells cock” and I lowered the cherry to touch her lips.
Looking at my Mother laying there laughing, for the first time I realized just how pretty she was, especially when she laughed. Her eyes sparkled, her cheeks were a wonderful shade of pink, and she had the most beautiful kissing lips I had ever seen .
Although she was 32 years old, almost twice my age ,when she laughed she looked like she was 16, and I leant forward and kissed her on the mouth and I told her how beautiful she was, and I said ” I hope I am as pretty as you when I have a daughter sitting on my chest asking me what it’s like to suck a mans cock “, and I rolled off her, and we both laid there laughing so hard we could not stop.
We laid there in silence for a while watching the puffy white clouds cross the sky, then she said” do you really want to know ? ” I felt as if something had touched my special place, I shivered and
said ” yes.”
” If it is someone that loves you it makes you feel so good to know your doing something so special and intimate that the man who loves you feels so good with what your doing it makes you feel so happy ,but if on the other hand it’s a Mr Honeywell pushing his cock into your mouth,trying to choke you and make you gag, then a trip to the dentist feels better , come on lets go,” she said sitting up. “Wait” I said , “what’s it like when a man empties his stuff into your mouth ” I asked ? “Elizabeth “she said, “don’t be so disgusting” and she stood up “, so are you telling me Mr Honeywell doesn’t spurt his stuff into your mouth “, I said looking at her standing over me, she turned away from me and took a few steps and stopped, before turning back to look at me.
I suddenly felt guilty for asking my Mother that question ,she look at me and sighed and said ” yes he does, every night when I am having my monthly curse, if you must know , he takes great delight in making me swallow it, it makes him feel special he says, now get up and lets go”.
I got up and we went off through the orchard in silence, I wanted to say I was sorry but I didn’t know how to and It was my Mother that first spoke. ” I am sorry I snapped at you Elizabeth” she said taking hold of my hand., ” your my only friend now, and I remember when I was your age, I had just started walking out with your Father to be, and I desperately wanted to know what to expect when I got married.”
She laughed and said ” I asked my Mother, your Grandmother one evening what it would be like laying in bed with my husband ” and she dropped your grandfather’s dinner on the floor, stood looking at me , said nothing then literally ran into the sitting room, probably to tell your grandfather his dinner was ready but he would have to eat it off the kitchen floor ” and we both stood there laughing.
It was a hot day and we had walked a long way from home, the sky in the west was getting very dark with black clouds ,by the time we realized that we would have to hurry to get home it was too late, the rain started falling, and in a minute it was pouring. We ran towards a barn on the edge of the field, we were soaking wet by the time we got in the open door ,and although we looked around there was nothing we could use to dry ourselves off.
I was soaking wet, I undid the back of my dress and it dropped to the floor, standing there in my full length petticoat I picked up my dress climbed onto a bale of hay and hung it up on a nail in the wall, turning to my Mother I said “take off your dress and give it to me it will dry quickly hanging here it’s like a 100 degrees in this barn.
” I am OK” she said, “I am not that wet”. I said “your clothes are soaking wet, now give me your dress” and she said” no.” I said “why not “and she said “because”, Laughing I answered ” because what”, and she said “because if you must know I have no bloomers or petticoats on under my dress, that’s why not”.
I climbed off the bale of hay and walked over to where my Mother stood soaking wet and shivering , ” turn around” I said to her quietly, and she did as she was told, so I started to undo the buttons on the back of her dress. Undoing the last button I pulled it off her shoulders and it fell to the floor revealing my Mother was telling the truth , she was completely naked under her dress.
I climbed up on the bale of hay and hung my mothers dress next to mine, turning around I looked at her standing there naked with her back towards me , why it excited me I don’t know, it just felt like she was not my Mother anymore, as I said before I I felt she was now my sister and I could tell her anything.
“Mother” I called out , she turned slightly to face me and laughed, I had taken my petticoat and bloomers off, so I now stood on the bale of hay as naked as my Mother was, I jumped off the bale of hay walked over to a large pile of loose hay and dropped backwards on it like I was making snow angels . I don’t know why but I slowly opened my legs and I watched my Mother’s eyes as she looked at me.
She was standing there with one hand trying to cover her cunny and her other hand and arm across her breasts, I patted the hay and said “come and sit down ,were not going anywhere for awhile, look at that rain,it’s pouring down,” and with that a huge flash of lightning and a massive clap of thunder made the whole barn shake and my Mother screamed and ran to the pile of hay where I was laying and dived into it, rolling over she started cuddling me and we were both screaming and laughing like little children.
We both laid there, her head was snuggled resting on my breast, “why don’t you have bloomers on I whispered softly”. She rubbed her damp head of hair gently on my breast and kind of snuggled down like she was a little child and said “Mr Honeywell doesn’t want me to wear them”, he said I should be ready for,” and she stopped. ” Ready for what ” I said smiling to myself , she giggled , and said ” he wants me to be ready so he can fuck me whenever he wants” she said laughing out loud, “stick his big cock in me and fucked me ” and she rolled onto her back opened her legs and touched her honey pot,
” to be able to fuck me here” she said laughing out loud.
I don’t know why I did it , but I sat up and crawled on my hands and knees to my Mothers feet, I pushed her feet apart and crawled up until I was kneeling between her thighs. My Mother laid there with her eyes closed and she had put her hand over her cunny. I lent forward and lifted it off and she offered no resistance as I placed her hand in the hay by her side.
I knelt staring at her cunny, she had no hair anywhere down there. Why don’t you have fur down here I said running the back of my fingers up her slit and cunny lips. She shivered and said ” because Mr Honeywell shaves me, he doesn’t like me to have hair there”.
“Does it hurt when he does it I asked ” and she laughed, ” no he uses shaving cream and a tickling badger hair brush and a nice sharp razor , it’s a bit scary to tell the truth” she said ” he is normally pretty drunk when he does it and thats a bit worrying but it doesn’t hurt at all.”
I put a finger and thumb on each of my Mothers cunt lips and gently pulled them apart she opened her eyes and was looking at me but she didn’t say anything . ” Do you like him putting it in here ” I asked her ? “Not really” she said. ” Why not ” I asked her . She didn’t say anything for a moment then said “do you play with yourself Elizabeth” and I said “yes” and she said ” touch me where you like touching yourself “. I put my finger on her little button she said “that’s my clitoris” and she jumped and giggled when I rubbed it with my thumb .
“Thats the place women like men to lick” she said almost dreamily, “and when men have sex with woman if there cocks rub against it then we have a climax, have you you have that when you touch yourself “she asked. ” You mean like when you lay on your tummy and rub real hard on this bit ” I rubbed her little button with my thumb even harder and she squealed , “and you go all funny light headed and open and close your legs and lift your belly off the bed and your screaming into the pillow ” , and my Mother was laughing and saying “yes,yes,yes, just like that “, “well that’s something that never happens when Mr Honeywell puts his cock in me.”
“Why not ” I said , ” because he is only interested in himself and his own pleasure , I guess ” she answered sadly . “So do you touch yourself when your in bed” I asked her, rubbing her button even faster I could hear her breathing more heavily, but she didn’t answer. “Well do you”, I said laughing and she smiled weekly, “yes” she said , and I don’t know why, but I bent forward and my mouth found my Mothers clitoris and I started licking her there like a pussy cat licking cream.
Her whole body began to shake, I could here her making funny sounds and I felt her legs opening just before she grabbed the back of my head and cried ” lick me ,lick me I am going to cum” and in seconds she was shouting ” I’m cumming I’m cumming” and she lifted her bottom off the bed forcing my mouth onto her cunt, and screamed aaagggghhhhhh.

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