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Lesbian couple helped a Transwoman

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It was a good thing to help out a transwoman who just came out as lesbian.

I’m Amber (25yrs, Cis Female, she/her, white) and work for an NGO for trans issues. My partner Nina (29, Cis Female, she/her, white) works for a software company. We have been dating for two years now. We both have never been with a guy ever in our life.

Since I work for Trans issues so I have a lot of trans friends as well. I understand their feelings very well, what issues they face and the trauma they have to go through. Sometimes I bring some of my trans friends to our house, who are in need. Though Nina never said it directly, I guess she does not like me bringing them to our house. (It’s true, her Father made the down payment of the house and she is paying the installments, but I make it home 🙂 So our house.)

In general, she has a distaste for men. I try and make her understand that transwomen are not men. She is like, they are just men wearing dresses and makeup. If it would have anybody else I would have cut all ties but I love her very much and I’m sure I can get her around it.

Anyways, One day, my friend Paula (49, Transwoman, they/them, black) visited us for dinner. They were going through a tough time. They had come out as trans, a month ago. They were never married and dated only cis women before. It was tough for them. Still waiting to start the medications. So I invited them to show how a lesbian couple found happiness, they can too. They was new so didn’t shave, their hands and legs. Just a beautiful blue dress, a blonde wig, high heels, and awesome makeup.

It was fun night with casual conversation. By the end of the night, something happen that just made me special. Paula was so comfortable with us, that for the first time they came out as a lesbian. Oh my god. I was so happy for them. I stood up and hugged them. Nina hesitated, but she too joined.

Then something happened that changed the course of the night. Paula kissed me while groping my B-cup boobs.
“Paula what are you doing?” I asked pushing them away.

“Oh I’m so sorry, I just saw you guys so happy, so lesbian, that I too wanted it for me. But I guess, since I’m trans, you guys must be disgusted.” They sat down crying.

“No No Paula, that’s not the case. you know me I’m not transphobic.” I said rubbing their back.

“So what is it then, because I’m black?” They said.

“Paula….you know me enough to know I’m not racist,” I said.

“Then? Why are you not letting me touch you? You know, how hard it is to control the man inside me with his hard dick. I’m trying my best to change but you are not helping me, Amber.” Paula cried.

I looked are Nina, and she was like don’t look at me, ask them to leave. I widen my eyes saying no.

“Hey Paula, calm down, go ahead, it’s just a kiss right, here, place your hands on my boobs. You can squeeze it as much as you like. Ok? I know it is tough to get rid of your biology.” I sat next to Paula and kissed them, while they fondled my breast.

Nina looked at me in surprise and hit my hands from behind Paula. I away widened my eyes to tell Nina to shut the fuck up.

Suddenly Paula grabbed Nina’s hand and pulled her close as well. They kept kissing me while groping Nina, breast. Nina panicked and ran away. Paula started to cry again. “Oh my god, she is disgusted by me. I’m a freak for her. She does not think I’m a woman.”

“Don’t cry Paula, wait a min let me talk to her. You stay her.” I ran into the bedroom. And shouted at Nina. “What the fuck was that? Why would you do that them?”

Nina – “Are you kidding me right now? That person is still a man, urging for women’s bodies. Don’t you see it?”
“Wao.. Nina, I didn’t know you would dismiss Paula as a human and insult them. I’m just helping them to transit from one body to another, it will take time… you know that. But saying they is not a woman is really pathetic of you and dehumanizing Paula.” I shot back.
“No, I didn’t mean that, I mean, It’s odd, Amber, to see a man’s face with a woman’s dress on, kissing you.” She said.
“Aweee… you are jealous that another woman is hitting on me.” I giggled and made her laugh.
“No.. Not really but.. you know.”
“Hey, listen, Paula is in a very different place and we need to help them. Whatever it takes. They came out as a lesbian for the first time here. Do you want them to feel they are not welcome on our side of the spectrum?” I consoled her.
“You are right, I will try”
“Let’s go to our guest and apology. They deserve it.”

We came back to the dining space and sat next to Paula.
“Hey, Paula, we are sorry. You have to forgive me for my behavior. I was a little tired from work and it just came out of nowhere. Here, you can fondle my breast too.” Nina places Paula’s hands on her boobs.

Paula, accepted the apology and pressed one boob each of us both while taking turns kissing our lips. I was happy we could help.

But then Paula suddenly took my hand and placed it on their hard dick. I was not sure what to do. I just rubbed it from the top of the dress Paula was wearing.

Paula’s hands were inside our blouses. Invading her bras. I just kept quiet. Then Paula just stood up and wiped their dick out – “Please let me fuck you both, I think that will get the man out of me.” Paula just grabbed us by our hair and placed us on our knees. Well, I guess, we were sucking their dick. Which by the way was enormous. Bigger than any dildo we had. It was like 11″, thick, veiny, black, muscular dick. Our mouths opened automatically in awe, looking at its size. They shoved the dick in Nina’s mouth and lifted me up. Started to undress me all the while kissing me. Then undressing themself. Paula is very tall for a woman, like 6’4″, and huge build. Has a lot of fat around the belly and ass, but I guess that’s beautiful too.

Nina was sitting on her ass now, with a dining chair behind her. And Paula rammed the dick in her mouth. I was sitting on the dining table above Nina, with my legs spread open and kissing Paula. They was playing with my boobs and nipple. Their huge black hands around my pale white supple boobs.

Then Paula lifted Nina and bent her over the dining table. I was still sitting with my legs spread apart. They placed Nina’s mouth near my pussy and started to lift Nina’s pencil skirt. Pulled down her white, lacy panties, and spread her legs apart. Nina was looking into my eyes, she knew what was going to happen. And it was going to be her first time. I held her hands right. Paula spits on their dick and wiggles the tip of the dick on Nina’s pussy lips. They slowly started to push the big black dick inside Nina.

“Mother of god that feels awesome” Paula shouted tilting their head back with closed eyes. “See girls I told you I’m a lesbian. I just love pussy.” Paula started to bang Nina from behind. Shoving Nina’s head in my crotch with one hand while holding her folded skirt as a belt and riding her like a horse. Nina just gave in and started to lick my pussy.

Paula continued to fuck Nina for like 15-20 mins. Then they, lifted Nina to the dining table, lying on her belly, and pulled me close with my spread legs. Kissed my lips and held Nina’s head to their cock. Nina got the hint and started to suck the glistening dick. The taste was not new to her, she knew my cunt quite well and loved it.

Then Paula lifted me a little by my ass, they shoved that beautiful dick inside my wet pussy. My hands were behind me supporting my weight as my legs were in the air wide to accommodate the huge body of Paula. They continued fucking me for like more 10 – 15 mins. Nina was on the couch now next to the dining table watching her partner getting rammed while masturbating with her fingers.

Paula lifted me from the dining table and placed me on the couch. They dragged Nina to the edge of the couch and lifted her legs in the air. Then Paula fucked her pussy really hard. Nina tried to resist. So Paula started to choke her neck a little. Nina’s head was against the back of the couch and she was lying on her back. So the pressure of Paula’s hands was choking her. I was not sure if Paula was angry that Nina didn’t give in easy or what, they was pulling the dick completely out and bringing the hip back with force inside Nina’s pussy repeatedly as if to hurt her. I didn’t say anything as I was not sure. Nina was rolling her eyes, I asked Paula to stop choking her. They did. Then they did the same to me too. With my legs spread apart, and Paula’s whole weight coming down on me with every thrust, I was getting really fucked. They was choking me as well. I guess that was common in their community.

Then Paula rolled us over. Now our knees were on the floor and we were bent over on belly on the couch. Side by side with our holes open. Then Paula did something unexpected. They spit on my ass and tried to shove the dick in my asshole.
“Paula wait, we never did that.” I tried to cover the hole with my hand, still facing the other way.
“I need it, Amber, now I’m a transwoman and have to be with other transwomen so I have to learn to fulfill them too. Please, for me.” Paula said. That made sense so I removed my hands.
Paula tried again, spit on the asshole and shove the dick in me. It took a while before they got it inside my asshole. It hurt so bad. But I didn’t want to hurt Paula’s feelings.
They fucked my ass for like 5 mins. Then switched to Nina. She already had tears in her eyes, while with her tilted head, she looked me in the eye. I held her hands tight, and mouthed her “Take it in sweetheart”

Paula slowly shoved the dick inside Nina. The speed increased and Paula held Nina down by her neck with one hand while spreading her ass cheek with the other.
“Uuugh..uuugh…uuuugh” was the only thing Nina was able to say. I knew she was in pain, but we didn’t want Paula to think we are transphobic.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” Paula said, and pulled out of Nina’s ass and shoved the dick in her pussy before cumming inside her. “Aaagh..aaaggh”

“Paula why did you cum inside Nina..She is not on any pills, we don’t interact with dicks and cum.” I shouted.
“Sorry baby, old habit. I’m sorry. ” Paula stood up, as Nina was trying to push the transwoman’s juices out of her pink pussy.
I tried to bend over and suck the cum out, but I guess it was too late. I couldn’t suck all of it out.

Paula thanked us both and prepared to leave. They said, they would tell everyone in the NGO, what good people we are.

Though I was not able to walk properly to show her out, still her statement did bring a smile to my face. We did a good job today.

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